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Use this form to recommend a rating for another Yankee player. Your recommendations by themselves may not automatically trigger a re-rate. However, your opinion will help quantify players who need to be considered for re-rating. 
After you fill out the form, hit submit at the bottom of this page and the recommendation will be mailed to you.  Once you receive the e-mail, please forward it to the ratings committee for their consideration.  The correct e-mail for the ratings committee will be contained within the e-mail message that you will receive. 
For your reference, the current ratings are on this page.

Where was the Player Evaluated?

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Please enter the information below for the player whose rating you'd like to make a recommendation for.
Use the Comments column to include any intangibles that support your assessment. For example, "dominated the tournament", "sets from all over the court", "roofed everyone", "runs a great offense", "has great court sense", "smart player", "unstoppable", etc.

Players Evaluation:

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