Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 13, 2001


Lincoln-Sudbury High School, Sudbury, MA


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Joe Loyall, Debbie Finnigan, Ray Labbe, Jennifer Nicoletti, Art Palmer, Ann Riedl

Other Attendees: Mike Broderick, Ned Santee, Dan Spiewak, Tom Sweeney


Meeting started at 7:12 PM


Secretary Report (Joe)

        Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and accepted with one change to correct the spelling of Debbieís name.


Treasurerís report (Dan for Josh)

        Financials are in good shape, current balance sheet was provided to attendees.

        Moving to Quickbooks for the accounting software.


TD report (Debbie)

        Jamie Marcoux is losing JWU for a few weeks. Needs to change some dates.

        Higher level tournaments are frequently missing a team or two to fill. Coeds are filling really early. Lower levels are filling fine.


Referee report (Ned)

        Ned thanked the TDs for running referee friendly tournaments early in the season, such as friendships, when referees werenít plentiful.

        Things are going well. No rule disputes except for those on the meeting agenda.

        A referee problem did occur at a Womenís C+ at KJHS, where it was obvious that a referee didnít want to be there. A lot of problems happened at that tournament (discussed below). The referees were talked to about this and the matter has been settled.

        Some referees donít speed the coed tournaments along, taking too long between matches, taking frequent breaks. This makes the tournaments run longer and costs the TDs extra money. Ned said that some referees are better than others are at managing time. It is important for TDs to pay attention to this.


NERVA report (Judy)

        Nothing to report.


Ratings report

        No ratings chairs present. No report.


Newsletter report

        Deadline for the next issue is December 1. Tom Farmer needs to mail out a ďto doĒ list.


Rick Pierce committee (Ann)

        Ray, Ann, Tom Sweeney, and Helen Taylor are the committee. Nomination deadline is Nov. 21. Have received very few nominations.


Web Update (Tom Sweeney)

        Weíve had 11,000 hits, with a lot more hits from outside the region.

        Twelve other regions are using our referee test.


Registrar report (Judy)

        Things are going well.


Old/New Business

        Renaming CR tournaments. The minutes from the last minutes indicate that tournament renaming at B- and above pertains to all tournaments. The next tournament draft will rename the Coeds.

        ďNo FoodĒ policy at North Meadow Health Club.Some board members believe that NMHC is banning food from the entire building, while others believe that NMHC is only banning food from the gym while allowing it in the common lounge area. Debbie will talk to Paul Santos to get this straightened out.

        Nationals Gift Survey. Debbie received eleven responses: seven positive and four negative. The negatives are overwhelmingly saying that the money should not be spent on a smaller group of the constituency. We donít have enough information or enough feedback from the membership to make a decision one way or the other now. Debbie will try to get more information.

        National rating mappings. The board believes that the ratings used last year seemed to be pretty good. The ratings committee, especially Shirley and Paul, needs to meet with Dave Castanon to create the Nationals mappings in time for the Winter newsletter (deadline December 1).

        Men attack at RC B-. Some board members believe that we should go with the USAV rulebook. Others believe that USAV doesnít pay tremendous attention to RC and point the decision to allow attacks at Nationals last year. In any case, Yankee voted last summer to allow men to attack from behind the attack line at CR B- and above this year. Some board members believed that this obligates us to stick by the rule this year and not revisit it again for next year.


Motion (Ray/Jennifer): Continue to allow men to attack from behind the attack line at CR B- and above tournaments, but allow the referee chair to define the language of the rule implementation.

(4 for, 0 against, 3 abstain)

Motion carries.


Ray Labbe will conduct an informal poll to ask the membership about the 10í attack rule at CR B- and above.


        Rating changes. Ray is of the opinion that menís ratings changes are well published and womenís are not as well published.Ray will talk to Paul and Shirley and try to get the ratings changes made more public.

        Tournament conformance. A TD didnít have his facility conformant for two tournaments (the first was a friendship) and didnít collect memberships at the friendship. He was looking for a TD the day before a tournament. He changed the cost of a tournament causing a problem with a team captain. His memberships are late. Judy will write a letter to the TD and run it by the board prior to sending it. The letter will state that the TD will be limited to three tournaments at the spring draft as a probationary period. If these tournaments are run without incident and according to Yankee rules and policies, he will be able to draft as normal starting in the fall.

        The spring tournament draft is on November 30.

        Tom Sweeney introduced an updated version of his new Yankee Qualifier and Championship proposal. The board discussed the points of the proposal, making some changes and clarifications. The new system will be used for qualifiers and championships this year. There will be two sessions of the upcoming tournament draft on November 30. The first will draft up to qualifiers. The second will draft tournaments during qualifier season. They will have separate skeletons.


The next meeting will be on January 9, location TBD. We will try to publicize the agenda beforehand, via the BAVP, along with the names and e-mails of board members for people that want to express an opinion on any of the agenda items.


The annual meeting will be February 28.


Action items:

        Tom Farmer to send out a list of newsletter items to the appropriate people.

        Debbie to contact Paul Santos about NMHC and their policy on food at tournaments.

        Debbie to try to get more feedback about Nationalís gifts.

        Shirley and Paul Bradford to meet with Dave Castanon about Nationalís mappings.

        Ray to conduct an informal poll about men attacking at B- and above tournaments.

        Ray to talk to Shirley and Paul Bradford to get ratings changes made more public.

        Judy to compose a letter to Don Cohen.

        Tom Sweeney to update the qualifier/championship description for the spring draft.

        Joe to update the Yankee Rules and Policies document.

        Joe to publicize the next Yankee Board meeting agenda prior to the next meeting.