Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 9, 2002


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Joshua Wachs, Joe Loyall, Debbie Finnigan, Ray Labbe, Art Palmer, Ann Riedl

Other Attendees: Tom Farmer, Mike Broderick, Tom Sweeney, David Castanon, Don Cohen, Steve Webster


Meeting started at 7:12 PM


Secretary Report (Joe)

        Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and accepted without changes.


Treasurerís Report (Josh)

        Reviewed the financials. Weíve had $12K in revenues and $5K in expenses

        We are moving the financials to Quickbooks


Registrars Report (Judy)

        Memberships are right in line with last year

        People on championship teams (for quals or champs) still need to be full day members (Non-qual teams can have one-day)

        TDs have been great at getting memberships in


TD Report (Debbie)

        Reports are coming in pretty good

        Debbie requested that TD report on the web report which teams are champ teams and which are not. Tom mentioned that the web report will have slots to indicate which are champs and which are not, and what the point differential is

        Debbie will send out a message to YankeeTDs to tell them that there will be new information that needs to be filled in, including whether teams are championship teams or not, their standing, point differential, and won-lost record

        Planning to have a page on the web showing championship standings.


Referee Report (Steve Webster)

        Have not gotten a NH or Western Mass clinic yet.

        There are 88 total referees in the region, 6 new referees in the region, 3 of these are new referees.

        Steve doesnít want to rate new referees at qualifier tournaments. He just announced some new referee rating tournaments. Donít rate at lower than Menís C+.

        We discussed whether we should have another level of referee (a C/C- referee) who doesnít officiate at C+ and higher tournaments. Consensus was that it is important to maintain USAV referees at all levels of Yankee tournaments.


Report on Referee Recruitment (Ann)

        Referee recruitment is going well. 33 people have taken the first half of the referee clinic. 17 have taken the second half.

        We have three new referees. New referees have gotten their referee packages and their refunds okay.


NERVA Report (Judy)

        NERVA board meeting coming up on January 23

        Will discuss financials at this meeting

        David Castanon distributed USAV guide books

        Have to develop a strategy for working with Maine

        Nothing much coming down from Nationals. One of these days they are going to try to automate registration. California has a system that is a possibility. Thereís a lag between getting registrations locally and getting them in globally.

        Nationals tournament is going to run as planned. Currently need 35 courts.


Ratings Report (Joshua for Shirley)

        There have been a few complaints about the national mapping for womenís B being too low, but results at Nationals seem right, so we left it the same. David pointed out that last year we put in 50% of the Womens B and had 5 of the top 8 teams, which is just about right.

        Shirley made a list of nominations for deputies that can re-rate immediately at tournaments. The ratings chairs approved these.

        Art wanted to make sure that deputies geographically cover all regions. Need western Mass, RI, NH, and Maine. Josh suggested that we add Art back to the raters e-mail list (he somehow slipped off) and he can make his suggestions there.


Newsletter Report (Tom Farmer)

        Newsletter should be in the mail next week.

        Current qualifier/championship tournaments (as of Monday, January 7) are in the newsletter, but it also has a pointer to the web for updates.

        What should go in the next newsletter. Tom will send out a list and a due date.


Web Editor Report (Tom Sweeney)

        Have done about 500 web referee tests nationwide.

        6000 hits on webpage since last meeting.

        Started to do the scorekeepers test on line, but a lot of it was fill out sample sheets kind of questions. So decided to punt. Will still have scorekeepers accreditation test online for champs.


Old Business

        The suggestion was made to change the individual ratings of players similar to the way we did with tournaments, to conform to Nationals. Since there arenít enough letters for all the levels that Yankee has now, this would require compressing some levels. Changing the tournament names made sense because we were overloading tournament names. For example, there was a Yankee B level tournament and a USAV B tournament, but they were quite different levels. Now Yankee B and USAV B are close. The same team can play Yankee B and B at Nationals. In contrast, itís still important to maintain the gradation between 10 point players and 8 point players, even though they can play the same tournaments.

        Championships losing money. Weíve never made money on championships (usually lost maybe $1-2K). However, this year we are not running qualifiers, which in the past provided revenue that partially subsidized championships. There is a concern that the new championship system might lose quite a bit of money. Judy is going to get some estimates of how much we might lose to see how bad it might be. We have some surplus and could absorb a modest loss for one year.

        Nationals gifts. Debbie did a poll about Nationals gifts and got a few, but not many, responses. People were either overwhelmingly for or against it. If weíre going to take a big hit on champs, we might want to eliminate gifts. Judy is going to get some numbers and take a look at it.


New Business

        We discussed having more awards for service to Yankee. David mentioned that there are plenty of national awards, but our region has been remiss in nominating anyone. Steve will get a list of awards and ask for nominations. Dave said that we would need to lobby somebody at Nationals, because these people will have never heard of whomever we nominate. While Ann thought this was good, she also thinks there is a need for additional Yankee awards. She believed that there were a lot of people nominated for the Rick Pierce this year that she thought were deserving of an award, but not the Rick Pierce. Ann will run with this.

        Moving annual meeting. Art suggested that the annual meeting should be more like a corporate annual meeting, i.e., held after the books are closed, where the financials are presented and people that havenít voted can vote. We could even have a banquet. Judy reminded Art that Yankee used to have an annual banquet when there were fewer members, but attendance trended down after several years. We discussed whether the annual meeting should be moved after championships. However, we couldnít decide what would happen there, especially this year when there is no election, so Art withdrew his suggestion.


Qualifier update and discussion.


Tom Sweeney made some recommendations for changes and clarifications:

         If a player gets re-rated, the team captain can remove any player from the team. Whoever is dropped is eligible to play on another team at that level. This does not pertain to immediate re-rates. Voted unanimously for.

         Tournaments in January and February and the first weekend of March are first come, first served. Registration is still through Judy. Voted unanimously for.

         Allow teams to change their designation (non-champ to champ or vice versa) up to the day of the tournament before the first round of play. Team representative must hand a check to the TD when they submit their roster. No penalty for switching. Voted unanimously for.

         Require rosters to be submitted in advance, but can be changed up to the first round of play. Voted unanimously for.

         Checks in to Judy by March 1 will guarantee a single slot in a qualifier. After that, they will be first come, first serve. If there is no slot in the tournament, Judy will tell them that they have to pick another date. If too many checks show up, e.g., April 20 W C, we will add tournaments. Voted unanimously for.

         Drop the penalty for teams that sign up as championship teams and then show up as non-qualifier team. Voted unanimously for.


David pointed out that running A/AA level qualifiers actually reduces chances for these teams to play, since we never ran qualifiers at this level before. There arenít enough teams at that level. We decided to have only a Mens A/AA and Womenís A championships, but no qualifiers. These tournaments will have a Ė9 point minimum. The qualifiers will become regular tournaments. There are two Menís A/AA on back to back weekends. Possibly keep Artís on Manís A/AA on 4/20 and change Timís on 4/27 to a womenís C.


Compensating TDs for tournaments that donít fill. Yankee will guarantee 4 teams per court, or will make a decision to cancel the tournament, for all qualifiers.


The next meeting will be February 28. This will be the annual meeting.