Yankee Board and Annual Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Dean College, Franklin MA


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Joshua Wachs, Joe Loyall, Art Palmer

Other Attendees: Tom Farmer, Tom Sweeney


Meeting started at 7:35.


We reviewed the Membership Meetings (Article VIII) section of the Yankee Bylaws describing what needs to be covered at the Annual Meeting. Among other things, the annual meeting is a forum in which Yankee members can bring up items before the membership.


Joe had a message from Dana Stuart Gerlach which had two items that she wanted discussed at the Annual Meeting. The first was to publicly thank Judy Katalina for volunteering her gym and her time to support the Menís B and Menís A/AA the weekend of February 23-24.


The second was inquiring about the requirement to have accredited scorekeepers at championships, when there was no on-line test. Tom explained that the USAV scorekeeper accreditation test is currently off-line but will be up soon.


There was no other new business from the membership, so the Annual Meeting was closed at 7:47.


Secretary Report (Joe)

        We reviewed the minutes from the last meeting, but didnít have a quorum to vote on accepting them.


Treasurerís Report (Josh)

        Checks to tournament directors were not going out very rapidly. Judy has worked with the bookkeeper to get checks out more rapidly. Checks will be prepared in advance, except for the final amount, so that as soon as the information is available, the bookkeeper can fill in the amount and mail the checks.

        1099s have gone out.


Registrars Report (Judy)

        We currently have 1590 members. Last year at this time we had 1490 members. Judy believes the earlier qualifiers are the primary reason we are up in membership from last year.


TD Report (Judy for Debbie)

        Nothing really to report, except for championship news (below).


NERVA Report (Judy)

        A NERVA board meeting was held on January 24, 2002. Tom read the minutes from the NERVA meeting. Representatives from Maine were in attendance and there was a good conversation about resolving some of the issues with Maineís interaction with NERVA. All Maine members are subject to a rerate when they become Yankee members.

        Nationalís entries are going through the Yankee registrar. Menís BB and A levels are saturated so they will be being cutting off entries at 48 teams.

        NERVA taxes are way behind and this needs to be fixed. NERVA is bringing a new accountant on board soon.


Ratings Report (Judy for Shirley and Paul)

        The letters for the final ratings changes for 2001-2002 went out the day of the meeting. The menís ratings changes have been posted to the BAVP. We need to also post the womenís on the BAVP.


Newsletter Report (Tom Farmer)

        The deadline for the Spring issue is March 8. Tom is going to distribute a list of things he needs.

        The 2001-2002 season is Yankeeís 25th year anniversary. We discussed that it would be nice to include something in the newsletter commemorating the fact. Bob DesMaisons had first made the Yankee Board aware of the anniversary. Tom Farmer talked with Bob and, while Bob did not want to write an article himself, he offered his assistance to whoever might want to write an article for the newsletter. Bob was involved since the beginning of the creation of Yankee and has a complete collection of newsletters and other material produced during the first 25 years of Yankee. Since Bob lives in Chelsea and Tom lives in Rhode Island, they had not been able to connect and Tom was looking for a volunteer to write an article for the newsletter. It was also mentioned that Marty Avedisian, one of the original founders of Yankee, lives in Somerville, near Tufts, and might also serve as a source. Joe offered to contact and meet with Bob and, with his help, prepare an article for the newsletter.

        Tom is looking for a new printer. For the first three newsletters under his editorship, Tom has had three different printers. He wasnít happy with the last one that he used.

        Tom is aiming to get the Spring issue to the printer by March 31. The next issue is scheduled for July.

        Josh asked whether we could and should let people opt out of receiving paper newsletters, but just get them from the web. We discussed this for some time and decided to table it for a later date.


Web Editor Report (Tom Sweeney)

        The Accreditation tests are being prepared. The scorekeepers one should be done this week. It has been prepared and has been reviewed by a Nationalís scorekeeper (Donna Robert).

        We have had some server problems. The server company got hacked and it brought down some of their servers. Josh and Tom suggested that we might want to look into getting a backup server place. It would probably cost a couple of hundred dollars extra a year, but would help ensure that the webpage is constantly accessible.

        Web hits keep growing steadily.

        We discussed whether the TD report that TDs submit should go straight to the BAVP list. Most TDs post their reports to the BAVP at the same time that they submit them anyway. We can automate this process now that the BAVP is using Yahoo groups. After some discussion, we decided that it would be useful, so Tom and Josh are going to make it happen. Tom will also send out a note to all the TDs so that they know they donít have to send their reports to the BAVP anymore.

        Josh reported that the BAVP now has 700 members.


Qualifier and championship update and discussion

        Judy reported that close to 350-400 hours has been going into the qualifier and championship work, not counting going to tournaments. Much of this has been sending and responding to e-mails.

        There are a total of 61 tournaments. Three of these have had to be canceled: two on January 19 and one on February 16. All but 10 of the qualifying tournaments are full. We have 529 entries so far and only one more day for entries to be guaranteed a spot. Menís B, Menís BB, and Coed BB tournaments still have spots available.

        Judy and Tom will make sure that a list of all qualifier entries gets posted on the website. They will then send a note to the BAVP announcing that the list is on the website.

        We can still use some more TDs for championships.

        There is a problem with the Coed C qualifier on March 23, originally scheduled to be held at Lincoln Sudbury High School. Judy has lost the gym for that day and is looking for a new gym. If she canít find one, she might need to reschedule that qualifier.

        TD reports have been pretty good in getting to Tom. There was one week that all the reports were late, but other than that everythingís been great.

        Tom has divided the standings page on the website to allow one to select a level and see the standings for just that level. Tom has been getting a lot of questions about the qualifier and championship process. Many of these have been inquiries from teams about whether they qualify or not. Tom has been very good about responding to these and to the public discussions on the BAVP.

        Teams can pull out of a tournament up to 2 weeks before the tournament without penalty, or later if there is a waitlist. Judy is expecting that some teams might pull out of some of the later tournaments once they know theyíve qualified.

        Tournament Directors are sending in wonderful roster reports. Tom is keeping these for historical purposes.

        We discussed the end of the year rerates in the context of the new qualifier/championship system. This year we stayed with the March 1 cutoff for freezing ratings, but with qualifiers being held much earlier we wondered there should be a different date. People are committing to teams earlier and teams are playing earlier to try to get more chances to qualify. However, there is some concern that if teams qualify in the early tournaments, then their players have a greater chance of being bumped up. This causes a catch-22 for teams. We discussed at length how things are working so far and decided that, since we are at the cutoff date. We should revisit this issue at the end of the year when discussing how the new qualifier/championship process worked.


Old Business

        We decided to not have Nationals Gifts this year. The discussion of this was held at the last meeting and the decision was made because of the increased cost of championships this year and the loss of some of the qualifier revenue.

        Accredited scorekeepers will be required for championships only. The accreditation test will be on the web soon.


New Business

        We discussed the updated Yankee Rules and Policies document. Art had some suggestions and questions that we discussed and clarified. We didnít have a quorum to approve these at the Executive Board meeting (and had failed to raise them during the Annual Meeting), so we decided to try to approve them via e-mail between meetings.

        We tabled the issue of womenís ratings at menís tournaments and a suggested change to the policy made by Art because we didnít have a quorum.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24.