Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 24, 2002


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Joshua Wachs, Jennifer Nicoletti, Art Palmer, Joe Loyall, Ray Labbe, Ann Riedl, Debbie Finnigan, Cheryl Van Allen

Other Attendees: David Carter, Tom Farmer, Tom Sweeney, Lora Loyall


Meeting started at 7:13 PM.


Secretary Report (Joe)

        We didnít have a quorum at the last meeting. Minutes from that meeting were reviewed and accepted.


Treasurerís Report (Josh)

        We are looking at changing banks. Josh is going to compare some banks, including Cambridge Savings and Citizens. Judy and Art have good experience with Citizens.

        Judy requested a full financial report at next meeting, including championship financials.

        Dan Spiewak is still switching over to QuickBooks.


Registrars Report (Judy)

        We currently have 1752 members. At the end of April in 2001, we had 1681. At the end of April in 2000, we had 1659.

        We have had a few complaints about not allowing one day members at qualifiers and championships. Championships have always required full memberships and Yankeeís stance is that playing in championships is a privilege associated with Yankee membership. Dave Carter suggested that people be allowed to be one day members at qualifiers, but not at championships. We decided to table that and other championship suggestions until we discuss how to run championships next year.


TD Report (Debbie)

        Some TDs are getting reports in immediately, others are coming in Wednesday or so.

        Debbie will do another end of year report to look at how many teams to consider next year for the skeleton.

        Judy suggested we might have a subcommittee do the skeleton.


Referee Report (Judy for Ned Santee)

        Ned has accepted the position of referee assignor again next year.

        Dave Carson has been dealing with scorers lately.Tom said that a chunk of new accredited scorers came in on Monday, but he hasnít checked since. Championship teams must have accredited scorekeepers on their rosters.

        Ned is going to try very hard not to use player referees during championships.


Report on Referee Recruitment (Ann)

        Referee recruitment has been pretty successful. Ann expects that we will have more new referees this year than last. The numbers are


People who signed up to take a Yankee clinic (not counting recerts): 55

People who attended the first night of a Yankee clinic (not counting recerts): 46

People who attended both nights of a Yankee clinic (not counting recerts): 41

Yankee people who tried to get certified: 23

Total new refs from Yankee this year: 17

Total new refs: 24 (includes 5 from Maine, 1 transfer from Missouri, and 1 person who had been away for a few years)

Huge thanks go to Steve Webster for coordinating all the clinics, which were excellent. Thanks also to Ned Santee, Ditmars Veinbachs, Dan Greene and the other clinicians.

        Ann says the referee packets worked out well.

        Dave Carter commented that he passed the up referee (R1) evaluation, but not the down referee (R2). One of the reasons was that he didnít transition from side to side during play. In the clinic that he attended, he was in a gym where you couldnít transition because the poles were shared. He suggested that in the future the clinics be held at places (and leagues) where there arenít shared poles so the down referees can transition.

        Josh asked whether there is a rant or rave list for complaining about or commending referees. There isnít, all such comments should be sent to Steve Webster and Ned Santee.


NERVA Report (Judy)

        We have 46 Nationals entries. One got returned because Nationals isnít going to run an A/AA tournament. There was only one entry and it came from New England. We have not heard that any teams are not being accepted, so Judy thinks all will be.

        We have received not a single complaint and not a single inquiry about nationalís gifts.


Ratings Report (Shirley)

        Rerates are still happening. The ratings chairpersons are keeping a list of people of people that are going up over the summer.

        There was some discussion about the ratings committeesí makeup for next year. There are some committee members that are more active than others and some people that are not members of the ratings committee but should be. Paul, Shirley, and Judy will get together and decide who should be on the ratings committee. They will likely keep the womenís committees as they are, but make some changes to the menís.

        Shirley asked whether we are planning to change the names of individualís ratings. This was discussed in the January meeting and we decided that there werenít enough individual levels with the names changed. We reviewed the discussion from January and reached the same conclusion, to leave the individual rating names as they are.


Newsletter Report (Tom Farmer)

        Tom Farmer mentioned that the upcoming issue of the newsletter is going to be the 25th anniversary issue. We talked about official date.The first newsletter reported it as June 28th, 1977. An article about the first 25 years of Yankee is going to be in the next newsletter. Judy has a picture to go with the article with Marty Avedisian, Nancy Sullivan, and Cal Porter.

        There was some discussion as to whether we should have a party.

        Tom Farmer asked Judy to send the current membership list to the print house.

        Josh requested that we take a look at adding something to the membership application to opt out of getting the paper newsletter. Tom Sweeney mentioned that we should make sure that the bylaws donít lock us into sending the paper newsletter, i.e., for communicating important information such as board meetings and annual meeting announcements. We discussed sending the newsletter via the web, i.e., we could still publish announcements in the newsletter and send a link to the newsletter to people via e-mail. We would need to get peopleís e-mail addresses from the applications and maintain membersí e-mail addresses in the database.


Web Editor Report (Tom Sweeney)

        The website has had over 30,000 hits in last two years. Recently, there have been many hits on the qualifier and championships results.

        The Summer schedule is up on the web.

        The qualifiers stuff has been busy. Many teams waited until Tuesday (the deadline for adding players to championship team rosters) to make their roster additions.

        The host company, ReadyHost, had some issues, but they have been resolved over the last few weeks.

        We are being asked to provide web tests for all National and Junior National referees next year. We are getting paid for this.


Old Business

        We reviewed the updated Yankee Rules and Policies document. We made several changes that clarified rules and corrected mistakes.


Motion (Judy/Shirley): Change the ghost rule from experimental to full.

(9 for, 0 against, 0 abstain)

Motion carries.


Motion (Joe/Ann): Approve the Yankee Rules and Policies as edited this evening.

(9 for, 0 against, 0 abstain)

Motion carries.


        Art would like women who play in menís tournaments not have their rating be lowered to less than the tournament level. He thinks that it would cure an abuse of dropping a guy in favor of a woman to get the extra point. Tom Sweeney argued that at the lower levels, having a woman be able to play frequently affects whether a team would be able to play or not. He also believes that it would affect the lower levels more than the upper levels.


Motion (Art/Josh): A woman playing at a menís tournament should not be rated any lower than the level of the tournament.

(2 for, 7 against, 0 abstain)

Motion fails.


        Tom and Josh are going to investigate backup web server hosting. They are authorized to spend up to $100 for a backup host. If it is going to cost more than that, they will come to Judy with a recommendation.


New Business

        Shirley got copied on a lot of complaints about the MIT Beanpot tournament, which had a lot of teams, and, in some playerís opinions made a lot of money but gave crappy prizes (T shirts that were Large and Medium only).We discussed the way MIT runs tournaments. It was reported that Dave Castanon has said that MIT runs these tournaments so that their club teams can play high level teams and he had estimated that MIT makes $1200 profit on these tournaments. Some of the profit from the Rick Pierce tournament goes into the scholarship fund for RP. The Beanpot is a USAV tournament, so there was some discussion of whether it falls under Yankee jurisdiction. The BP is cheaper than regional tournaments in other regions (It was reported that tournaments in Philadelphia costs $175, with 1st place getting $500, 2nd getting $250, for both menís and womenís). MIT tournaments are cheaper but also get more teams.


The USAV guidebook gives a guideline (something on the order of 10% should go toward prizes). Shirley will draft a message to Dave Castanon mentioning that she got a rant and that perhaps MIT should give back more in the way of prizes. She will run this by Judy before sending it.Judy will send the organizer of MIT tournaments information about her prize supplier.


Qualifier and Championship Update

        Work team at championships Ė The current championship rules say last place in pool works the semifinals. Judy thinks 3rd place should work instead. If there is a tie to break pool in second place, should 1st place work or should last place work?


Motion (Judy/Josh): In the event of a play-in to break pool at championships, the lowest seeded team that has already broken pool will work the play-in.

(7 for, 2 against, 0 abstain)

Motion carries.


Motion (Shirley/Jennifer): At Yankee championships, the highest placing non-playing team will work playoff games if necessary.

(7 for, 2 against, 0 abstain)

Motion carries.


        Judy wants to discuss what has happened so far in qualifiers and championships and then hold an open forum after it is all over in which all people interested can attend and comment. Ray passed out a spreadsheet of the current qualifier/championship situation.

        Judy has lost one team and it was Artís. Judy has lost one check, and it was Shirleyís. There were only two cancelled qualifiers, both early in January. There were only 4 or 5 tournaments that didnít fill. Yankee only had to subsidize two tournaments, and that was because we wanted to expand from 6 to 10 teams. Judy doesnít currently have much in the way of waitlists.

        Tom Sweeney said that we greatly exceeded, in some cases, the tournament draft skeleton guidelines. We had more teams than the draft rules say is possible at many levels. We had a 25 team Coed C on one day.

        Complaints and problems that Tom Sweeney has heard about:

-         People are having trouble with the IR rule.People have suggested that we just be able to keep a superior roster and just bring a team that fits in the tournament on the tournament day.

-         Complaints about not being able to play as often because of committing to a team.

        Art suggests that we need to address qualifier and championships right after Nationals because people tend to disappear during the summer. Judy and Tom Sweeney will plan a forum with a moderator (maybe David Castanon).The next board meeting will be scheduled later after Nationals so that Judy and Tom Sweeney can plan this forum.


The next Board meeting will be June 27.

Adjourned at 10:10