Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 27, 2002


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Shirley Van Allen, Joshua Wachs, Joe Loyall, Debbie Finnigan, Jennifer Nicoletti, Art Palmer, Ann Riedl

Other Attendees: Dave Castanon, Tom Farmer, Steve Webster


The meeting started at 7:25 PM.


Secretary Report (Joe)

·         We reviewed the minutes from the last meeting.

Motion (Judy/Shirley): Accept the minutes.

(8 for, 0 against, 0 abstain)

Motion carries.


Registrar Report (Judy)

Judy handed out membership numbers, which don’t include summer. Numbers are up from last year by 41.

Memberships did not decline because of the new championship system.


Treasurer Report (Josh)

Switching Yankee’s bank account over to Cambridge Trust is in process

Don’t know about status of switching over to Quickbooks because the bookkeeper is currently traveling

All financial obligations have been met. All the checks have been cut except for one.


TD Report (Debbie)

Debbie distributed a spreadsheet with tournament statistics. She will update it with new membership numbers now that she has them (see the registrar’s report). Debbie invited all attendees to send her comments.

Only a few tournaments were canceled this year. There was a question asking Ann how many tournaments she helped fill. Not many in spring, more in the fall.

The statistics will be used to help set up the skeleton for the Fall draft.


Referee Report (Steve)

Steve passed around a recruitment report. He isn’t sure whether the incentive packs were enough of an incentive or not. Guaranteeing that clinics ran made it easier to find clinicians and getting clinic money back was nice (for clinic attendees that become referees). He saw an increase in involvement for those that got certified; because they had everything they needed to referee (shirt, cards, etc.).


Ann said that people who took the clinic but didn’t get certified are good targets for next year. Steve said also those that got accredited to be 2nd referees.  Judy pointed out that there are many more men than women referees. Ann asked how many rating events were at women’s tournaments. Steve explained that there are more middle level men’s tournaments. Joe pointed out that we lost more referees this year. Steve explained that referees this year were encouraged to be active, so of the total numbers this year (101) more are active referees this year than of the 106 two years ago.


Jennifer asked whether there is anything more that we need to do different next year. Steve replied that he’s not sure that there’s anything more that we need to do. Art said that he is thinking about restructuring his leagues to practice refereeing. Shirley suggested practice refereeing at high level practices. Steve explained that two main steps that have helped referee recruitment are splitting the clinic into two parts and the incentive program this year. He suggested that we continue the incentive program and that we give shirts to new regional referees.


Ratings Report (Shirley)

The women’s final ratings will be published in a day or two. They would like to have the same women raters next year.  Paul Bradford sent a suggested list of men’s raters for next year. They do not want to specify low/middle/high raters, but believes that they should have the same representation from different levels as before, even if they don’t break them into levels. The women’s final list for summer rerates is done. The men’s will be done in a few weeks.


Ann said that we need more C- level players.  She suggested that Debbie reenergize the grass roots effort.


Newsletter Report (Tom Farmer)

Tom mentioned that the spring and summer issues of the newsletter would be combined as had been suggested by most of the board due to the brevity of the spring issue and in order to include Nationals results.  Al Morel would be writing an article on Rolf and Amy Anderson.  Shirley offered to revive the Observer column from the early days of the Yankee newsletter.


NERVA Report (Dave)

Dave went to nationals for the meetings. It’s kind of weird what they’re doing. They’re having financial troubles and there is a perception that the regions cost the national organization money. Regions said fine, they would split from Nationals. Nationals are splitting off into a corporation and will meet in October. They might end up being an NCAA type organization. Nationals will serve as the professional governing board and regions will serve as the amateur.


They’ve shelved electronic registration. One idea is that people would register with them and they would provide regions with membership lists and money. This didn’t go over well, because regions would lose control of membership.


We are sending a high-performance team to nationals this year. Cynthia Souza is organizing it.


Connecticut is still a hole in the ocean. Nothing south of Hartford is visible. Maine still exists and are trying to get their finances in order.


There are no major rule changes this year. One question that comes up is whether we will ever play pursuit (chasing around the antennas). This is unlikely because we have space issues at nationals (not all courts have the space). Also not all the courts that we have can accommodate it. Dave explained that many changes are made because of the Olympics. During the last few years, we’ve seen changes from the last Olympics.


Dave suggested that we need to revisit the nationals mappings. We sent 20% of the teams and therefore should have had 20% of the final 8 teams. We didn’t this year. Judy explained that a subcommittee is working on this.


Web Editor Report

Joe read a report from Tom Sweeney.


New Business


Championship Forum. Thanks to Dave Castanon for moderating. The forum was well attended, 15 attendees out of approximately 2000 members. We had a discussion about the championship forum notes. Joe should send a message to all attendees and ask whether anybody wants to be anonymous. If they do, then we will make them “player 1” etc. Otherwise, the names will stay. Then send it out to the BAVP and request feedback. Joe will collect the feedback from the BAVP. Dave thinks that one of the big sticking point was qualifiers in January.


2002-2003 Rules & Policies. Table until after we settle championships.


Fall Draft. Debbie will send a note to BAVP announcing that the draft will be in early September and that anybody interested should be ready to attend. Anybody who is new will be paired up with a mentor, and should contact Debbie.


Other New Business


·         Steve said that right now there is not a lot of outreach from adults pulling people out of Juniors and college, to pull them into Yankee. Joe suggested a package to be sent to high school and college coaches each year, with a letter saying that there is an adult organization for their members to play after school, pointers to the website, and an introduction to Yankee. Dave suggested a team membership for college teams, allowing them to participate in two non-championship tournaments in the fall prior to their season.  Shirley will spearhead for “Chiquita Bananas”. Steve sees a lot of coaches and can help in distribution. Shirley will send a note to the BAVP and Joe will start the effort of putting together a coaches’ package.


Next meeting, Wednesday, September 4, site LSHS


Draft date Tuesday, September 10, site LSHS


Meeting adjourned 8:56