Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 4, 2002


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Joshua Wachs, Joe Loyall, Debbie Finnigan, Ray Labbe, Art Palmer, Ann Riedl

Other Attendees: Dave Castanon, Tom Farmer, Lora Loyall


The meeting started at 7:12 PM


Secretary Report (Joe)

         We reviewed the minutes from the last minutes and noted two minor changes. The minutes were accepted with these changes.


Treasurer Report (Judy for Josh)

         Dan had to go to Rome for a couple of weeks. Judy got the financials a few days ago. There are some problems that need to be fixed before they are ready to be released. Will have this cleaned up before next meeting and ready to go.


Registrar Report (Judy)

         We discussed putting a box on the application to allow people to opt out of the paper newsletter. It is going to be a lot more work to track those people as members but remove them from the mailing list. This is not going to be worth it if only a few people do it. We discussed how this would satisfy notifying the membership about things that the Yankee Volleyball Association By-Laws require (such as notice of the annual meeting).We agreed that it would, if we e-mailed the newsletter to those members that opt out, which would require even more administration, maintaining two distribution lists and having someone in charge of e-mailing the newsletter upon publication. We did an informal poll of the attendees to see who would opt out if the option existed and two attendees indicated that they would. No one chose to make a motion.

         Art asked whether a stack of membership forms could be available at the draft for TDs that run early tournaments. Judy indicated that the form is on the website. Art will print a bunch to bring to the draft.


TD Report (Debbie)

         The Fall draft is next Tuesday, September 10. Art, Judy, Debbie, and Ann will be there. Debbie will take notes for Joe, who will be out of town.


Referee Report



Referee Recruitment Update (Ann)

         Ann would like to continue to offer incentives the incentives for new referees. Judy and Dave need to get straight who is paying for the shirts for new referees. Steve needs to provide enough clinics, even if there arenít going to be but 4 people there, because Yankee will cover the cost. Steve is hesitant to offer clinicians for clinics in November, because he says the clinicians wonít commit. Art wants to run one in RI. Heís going to contact Steve to try to get a clinician. Western Mass and NH would also like to have clinics. Ann has gotten e-mail from people in these areas expressing interest. Ann has a clinician available for Western Mass, but needs a place to have it.


Ratings Report (Judy)

         All of the ratings letters went out. Two were returned. She posted them to the BAVP.


Newsletter (Tom)

         The newsletter is set except for schedule. He is ready to drop the schedule in and send it out when it is done. It is currently 24 pages. He will have a slip in page for the registration form.

         Tom had trouble getting Nationals photos from Judyís webpage. But got a bunch from some other people.


Web editor report (Judy for Tom Sweeney)

         Tom has received lots of e-mails asking for the new schedule.

         The hits on our summer tournament page was down about 40% this year.Generally we've seen about 5K hits, this year only 3K.  I think a good chunk of that is due to the fact that many tournaments now have their own sites, so people are going directly there instead of using ours for directions and the like.

         Work has started on the on-line referee tests again.  They were very well received last year by the regions that used them, and this year most if not all of the regions will be using them and paying us for their use.  This year, for the first time, National and Junior National referees will be able to take the test on-line too.

         We're also working on the on-line scorekeeping test, but with less success due to the format of the test which is not at all web friendly.

         The web page has been up and running without any problems.  The page is up to date except for some link requests from other new volleyball related sites.

         Tom Farmer asked where he can we get Nationalís results that are not on the Nationals site, such as Coed. Tom Farmer is going to contact Tom Sweeney to see if he has them.


NERVA Report (Judy/Dave)

         Rulebooks are in. Dave brought a bunch to the meeting.

         Insurance is going up.

         NERVA is still debating whether to break off from the national organization. The biggest impact is that we would have to run our own championships (i.e., in place of Nationals).


Old Business


Judy thinks we have 3 choices:

  • What we did last year (possibly with some tweaking)
  • 2 weeks or some variation
  • No championships at all


Judy thinks we shouldnít have championships at all.Itís just for bragging rights and people donít remember. Ray thinks championship tournaments are more memorable.


Judy would prefer not to run championships, but Tom Sweeney has volunteered to do so. However, itís important for him to receive a stipend.


Dave asked whether there was a lot more work with 2002 championships over 2001 championships. Judy responded that there was. In previous years, it was a couple of weekends of work and then not a lot of work during championships. In 2002, the work started before the first qualifier and then there was a lot of work steadily through the qualifying and championship seasons. The biggest problem was having to take checks for two full months. The administration was too much.


Dave presented a fourth option: Go back to the system of 2001, but with drafting of qualifier tournaments. This option eliminates two problems: that of forming championship teams too early and that of not being able to run tournaments during qualifiers.


We discussed the pros and cons of this option. All checks for championships would have to be in by March 1, so that would eliminate much of the administration of 2002, but qualifiers would be drafted allowing additional tournaments to be drafted throughout the qualifier and championship seasons.


The key is to try to keep what is good from the systems of the last two years and get rid of what wasnít good. Good: Extra tournaments in the spring. Bad: Taking checks over a long period of time.


We decided to address the fundamental parts of the options and decide on the most important parts.


Motion (Art/Ann): We do have championships.

(5 for, 1 opposed, 1 abstain)

Motion carries.


Motion (Art/Ray): Championships happen over 2 consecutive weekends.

Discussion: Artís reason for liking 2 weeks is a reduction in administration. He believes that any system that spans over a long period will limit playing time. Dave and Judy believe that the administration burden would be greater with the 2 weekends, because you have to guarantee a spot for any team that shows up. Thereís a large possibility of having an odd number (for pools) of teams and of having enough teams that championships would have to be run in multiple sites.

(1 for, 5 opposed, 1 abstain)

Motion fails.


Dave asks whether it is necessary to have a March 1 cutoff for all levels or can we have different deadlines for different levels, i.e., only those that we know will have several qualifiers? Art would like to have an April 1 date.


Motion (Judy/Joshua): No qualifiers will begin before March 1.

(7 for, 0 against, 0 abstain).

Motion carries.


Judy will look at things off-line with Tom Sweeney to work out a skeleton, team numbers, dates, etc. and come back with some recommendations.


Fall Tournament Draft

Art will send a note to YankeeTDs and to the BAVP to remind about the draft next week.The draft will be held in a classroom at Lincoln Sudbury.Debbie and Judy will look at the skeleton for the draft before the draft on Tuesday.


Ratings Conversion

Daveís concern is that our team definition is very loose. Our conversion between B teams and Nationalís B are redone every year, as we see what other regions do. So, it is misleading to say a BB team is a bunch of BB players, because itís not every year. Separating the teams and player ratings is a good thing because the player ratings will stay the same, even while the team levels change.


Motion (Joshua/Judy): We keep the individual player rating levels and the team rating levels as they are now.

(6 for, 1 against, 0 abstain)

Motion carries.


Motion (Joshua): Make the player ratings match the tournament ratings one year from now.

No second.


Rules and Policies

Motion (Art/Judy): Accept the 2002 Yankee Rules & Policies as the 2003 Yankee Rules & Policies.

(7 for, 0 against, 0 abstain)

Motion carries.


Grass Roots

Debbie would like to revive the scramble tournaments and provide T-shirts with numbers.

Don and Judy will supply gym space. The TD would run the tournament, but the Grass Roots committee would put together teams and collect money. Art has some questions, e.g., will Yankee guarantee that scrambles fill?

Ray liked the clinics before. Ann indicated that they are time intensive and they will have to find clinicians.

Dave asked when were they looking to run these tournaments. Ann replied that they would like to run them early. They want to run one in September, because they have to join Yankee. They would bump past Yankee members in favor of newbies.

Judy will donate prizes. She has a lot left from last year. Yankee will compensate if the gym doesnít fill.

We discussed whether referees will and should donate their time and whether the scrambles could be used to allow new referees to practice. But if that were the case, then we would have to wait until November to run them.

Debbie will put together a proposal. She will ask Don, Judy, and Art about gym costs. We could start the tournament at 11 and have a mini clinic from 9-11.


Dave mentioned that if we run these as leagues (in the eyes of the USAV) then it would reduce the costs, because it would only cost $6 per person for the USAV membership. If people want to join Yankee full time by the end of the day, then they just pay $26 more and become full members.


We decided to post a note to the BAVP to ask people about providing designing and providing T-shirts. Maybe have a design contest.


We discussed advertising the scrambles to reach new members. We are looking at BSSC, colleges, and YMCAs.


We discussed how to draft scrambles. People that want scrambles will get the first pick and we will have no more than two in this skeleton.


Rick Pierce

Rick Pierce nominating committee:

Pauline Jurasinski

Daryl Bullock

Tom Sweeney

Ann Riedl

Patty Desmaisons


Next meeting will be November 4, site TBD.


Meeting adjourned 9:15