Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 11, 2002


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Art Palmer, Joe Loyall, Jennifer Nicoletti, Ann Riedl, Debbie Finnigan, Ray Labbe

Other Attendees: Tom Sweeney, Tom Farmer, Lora Loyall, Cathy Kiley


The meeting started at 7:15 PM


Secretary Report (Joe)

         We reviewed the minutes from the last meeting and accepted them.


Treasurer Report (Judy for Josh)

         Yankee lost $10K on champs last year, compared to $6K the previous year. Yankee subsidized more last year. This was a healthy loss since we still have $31K in retained earnings.

         We are using a new bank, no longer using Fleet. We are looking for a new accountant, and probably a new bookkeeper also.

         We will try to get Dan to come to the next meeting to explain the financial statements.


Registrar Report (Judy)

         Registration is a little ahead of last year, because we started tournaments earlier. There is a little trouble with getting entries from one of the TDs so far. Art had a guy join at one of his tournaments, who said that he had played the previous week and not been required to join. Judy will e-mail the TD and tell him to do a better job.


TD Report (Debbie)

         Debbie handed out a tournament report. She will update it with the coeds and e-mail it to the board. Fewer tournaments are canceling this year than before, partially because there are more people, including some TDs, who are pulling teams together like at scrambles.


Referee Report

         Weíve come up short refs at quite a few tournaments, because of the college season.


Referee Recruitment Update (Ann)

         Planning to have a clinic in NH, one in RI, and one in Boston, but havenít scheduled them yet.


NERVA Report



Ratings Report (Judy)

         Shirley is no longer head of ratings, but she will remain on the committee. We need a head of womenís ratings. Judy suggested that the head should be someone who would be at lower level tournaments, since thatís where the bulk of the membership is. Judy suggested Ann.


Motion (Judy/Ray): Ann will be made female ratings chair.

(6 for, 0 opposed, 1 abstain (Ann))

Motion carries.


         Ray mentioned an e-mail that he received from a Yankee member, describing five things that happened at tournaments she was at, but thought that they might not have happened had there been more raters there. Ann said that she would be at more tournaments.


Newsletter Report (Tom Farmer)

         Judy gave Tom kudos for the most recent newsletter (25th anniversary issue). Bob Desmaisons heard from a few of the old time members who liked the issue.

         Article submission for next issue is November 30. Tom need articles about the Rick Pierce awards.He will hold the printing until December 15 or 16. Championship information will be in there. Draft information will be in there. It will include a followup article on the scramble.

         The newsletter will include the announcement of Yankee Election Nominations. The nominating committee will be Jennifer Nicoletti, Joe Loyall, and Ray Labbe.

         Tom Farmer will resign after the next issue, but will help oversee the following issue.

         Joe will put an advertisement on the BAVP for a new newsletter editor.


Web Editor Report (Tom Sweeney)

         The USAV referee test and now the score test are up on line. Hasnít been announced in this region yet. The new scorekeeper test is not there because its too hard, but the recertification scorekeeper test is there. 28 or 29 regions are using them, at $100 apiece.

         People like the schedule all being on one page now.


Old Business

GrassRoots Scramble

         Debbie handed out a budget for the scramble. She inquired whether T-shirts should be given to only new members or to all scramble tournament players. Debbie, Tom, and Jennifer think we should give them to all players. The cost is close to $1300 per tournament. We are going to order 200 so that we have extras to sell at tournaments.

         Memberships canít be discounted. One-day memberships can be treated as league memberships, which will be $6/person. However, people that want to join as full members will still have to pay the $32 fee. The $6 is included in $15 fee. If they join as a full member on that day, then they pay an extra $26. Debbie will check with Dave Castanon to make sure that this is the way it works.


VP and Board Opening

         Shirley has resigned because of personal conflicts.


Motion (Judy/Jenn): Art will become Vice President.

(6 for, 0 opposed, 1 abstain (Art))


         The board discussed people that could fill the At-Large vacancy and settled on two qualified primary candidates: Beth Boulay and Brett Crandall. Judy contacted both. Beth declined the nomination and Brett accepted it. The board appointed Brett Crandall as At-Large member.


Old Business


         Tom Sweeney will agree to be championship tournament coordinator. Judy will be the assistant coordinator.

         We agreed last time that qualifiers will not run prior to March 1.

         We came up with two main suggested ways to run qualifiers and championships:

Option 1: Run all qualifiers for a level on one weekend. Saturday, Sunday, and multiple sites if you need to. Then run championships the following week. Then that level is done, even if it is the first week of March.

Option 2: Run championships similar to two years ago, but draft the qualifiers and run qualifiers as regular tournaments.


Motion (Joe/Ann): These are the two options that we will consider.

(7 for, 0 opposed, 0 abstain)

Motion carries.


The board discussed the differences between the two approaches and summarized the pros and cons.



Option 1: Champs would be close to qualifiers.

Option 2: There would be more dates for qualifiers (more chance to avoid conflicts). Smaller change to whatís familiar.



Option 1: Some championships would be done early. There would only be one weekend of qualifiers, so some folks could have conflicts.

Option 2: (None that we could think of).



Option 1: 1 for.

Option 2: 6 for.

Option 2 is the way we will run qualifiers and championships this year.


We will have a skeleton for January through March, then another skeleton for qualifiers. Then the draft will be opened up. The first picks will be the qualifiers. TDs will have a limit of 15 teams per level, but a TD can fill his/her gym.


Working out the details of championships:

         What are we going to do with odd numbered pools (e.g., 4 team pools)? We will ask TDs to be consistent. TDs will be required to run the same format in the instance of 4-team pools (3 games to 21 points).

         Checks will go to Tom as championship coordinator, made out to Yankee and can include preferred dates.

         Only TDs approved by the board can run qualifiers.

         Art will send a synopsis of this to Yankee TDs prior to the draft.

         Qualifiers will be TDs discretion as to what they charge.

         Rosters. Show up at the qualifier with a roster. This is the same as last year. Add as many as you want, but only drop one. Other details about the rosters will be worked out by Tom and Judy.

         Joe will summarize all of this and send out to board for checking, and then Art can send out to YankeeTDs.

         We will run championships for Womenís C- to Womens BB, and regionals; Menís C- to Mens A, and regionals; and Coed C- to Coed BB. Same minimums as before.

         Checks will have to be in by Feb. 14.


Pierce Committee Report

         Rick Pierce committee is Ray Labbe, Tom Sweeney, Ann Riedl, Patty Desmaisons, and Daryl Bullock. The committee got lots of nominations. They are meeting in person to go through them.


New Business

Pay Yankee Membership on-line (Art)

         NVC uses a service to do online membership. They had eight members do it. It costs 6% + 50 cents. The company adds on the fee, so the member would pay it. Art thinks this is better than Paypal. It accommodates putting in whatever information that you need. Refunds would have to be handled by Yankee, but member would lose the fee. Art thinks that we can use it for championships if we wanted and brought a couple copies of the information for the board to look at.


US Open News

         New deadline of 3/26 for the coed and the top and low end age groups. Menís 30s, Womenís 35s, Menís way-olds, and coed are all early this year. The regular deadline is April 15. The dates for all levels are out and they are different this year. Nationals are being held in Minneapolis this year.


Nationals Gifts

         Do we want to give gifts for Nationals? Tabled for next meeting.


Paying for membership for 2 to 3 years out at a reduced cost

         Judy doesnít think we can. There might be an increase in fees next year. Ref fees might be going up. Custodial fees are going up.


Next meeting, Tuesday, January 7, site TBD.