Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 7, 2003


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Art Palmer, Joe Loyall, Brett Crandall, Ann Riedl, Debbie Finnigan

Other Attendees: Tom Farmer, Lora Loyall, Tom Sweeney


The meeting started at 7:11 PM


We welcomed Brett Crandall, who was appointed to the board to fill a vacancy at At-Large.


Secretary Report (Joe)

·         We reviewed the minutes from the last meeting and accepted them.


Treasurer Report (Judy for Josh)

·         Judy handed out a financial report. We’re doing well. The report showed that we made money on championships last year. However, Judy doubts this, since we didn’t receive revenue from qualifiers last year (TDs ran qualifiers as regular tournaments) and we subsidized championships. There is a deposit listed as “Questions to be answered” that is not a Yankee deposit. Judy will sit down with Dave Castanon and Dan Spiewak and examine the books.

·         Everything is now in QuickBooks. We’ve also changed banks from Fleet to Cambridge Savings. David, Dan, Joshua, and Judy will be getting together and going over the ledger line by line.

·         Judy will talk to the Bookkeeper to make sure that checks are gotten out and checks deposited in a timely manner.


Registrar Report (Judy)

·         We are 200 members ahead of where we were last year at the end of December.


TD Report (Debbie)

·         We’ve had more requests for expansions of tournaments this year. We’ve also had a lot of coed teams wanting to play that haven’t been able to get into tournaments. We need to reexamine the draft skeleton once we have final numbers this year.


Championship TD Report (Tom Sweeney)

·         Tom handed out a report about the qualifiers and how many teams have signed up so far.


Referee Report

·         We’ve had some complaints from TDs and referees that assignments are not being communicated well (e.g., Friday night calls for assignments on Saturday). Judy will talk to the referee chair.


NERVA Report



Ratings Report (Ann)

·         No complaints heard this year about uprates. The committee is doing a great job.


Newsletter Report (Tom Farmer)

·         Tom Sweeney will create an explanation article about the qualifiers and championships this year for the newsletter.

·         This will be Tom’s last newsletter.


Web Editor Report (Tom Sweeney)

·         Started work on a referee rating sheet so people can comment about referees at a tournament.

·         The USAV referee test and scorekeeper recertification test are cranking along. The test has been modified so that one can only take it twice now, because some people have taken it using bogus e-mails over and over to get the right answers. People only have to correct their test in order to pass, but they have to provide the rule. Apparently this was too hard for somebody.


Old Business

National Mappings

·         One of the higher level players requested that we allow an A- player play on National BB teams. Brett believes that we haven’t been as competitive at BB and even at B in Nationals as before. He believes the mappings could go up. Tom Sweeney has heard that some teams that won BB regionals in their regions have played B at Nationals.

·         We could state both point maximums and a maximum level for tournaments. For example, +4 and no higher than B+.

·         The board decided to go one more of the highest player at each level except women’s B level. Judy will suggest this to David.


Using national mappings locally

·         Using Yankee mappings for USAV tournaments locally. Tabled until next board.


Nationals’ gifts

·         We did not do gifts last year because we didn’t know how much money we were going to lose on Championships under the new system. It turned out that we didn’t lose as much as we might have expected and instead might have made money.

·         We discussed what else we might spend the money on. Art suggested facilities upgrades for TDs. Tom Sweeney suggested Yankee anniversary jackets or sweatshirts for all members that play. We discussed this idea. We also talked about getting NERVA to help subsidize this.



Freeze date(s) for Ratings

·         Should the ratings freeze date be pulled back to 2/14?  Letters can go out on 2/14.  The list of rerates will be posted to the BAVP.


Motion (Ann/Judy)

Change the effective date for final ratings letters to go out to 2/14.

(6 for, 0 against)

Motion passes.


Qualification method for teams to champs

Tom Sweeney (Championship Coordinator) mentioned several possibilities:

·         Rate teams based on their position in the tournament. Teams that don’t break pool will be based on their pool play record. Larger tournaments weighted more.

·         Only teams that broke pool would receive Yankee Championship Points. Back fill with teams by pool play record.

·         Base strictly on pool play.

·         Based on percentage. 30% in this qualifier, 70% in another. Take 30% out of this qualifier and 70% out of the other.

·         Invitational only. Yankee Championship TD makes the decision.

Tom recommended that we use the first possibility, which is the qualification method from last year.


Motion (Judy/Ann)

Accept Tom’s recommendation and use the qualification method from last year.

(5 for, 1 against)

Motion passes


Team withdrawal and refund policy

·         Last year we allowed refunds up to 14 days before the tournament. In previous years, we had a single date by which to withdraw. This year we intend to go with a single date. February 24 for everyone participating in qualifiers to withdraw with a full refund. After that, a team can only withdraw if the spot gets filled. For championships with no qualifiers, the withdraw date will be April 1.


Determining pools (seeding teams)

·         Tom is going to assign teams, to split qualifier teams across pools.


WBB tournament(s) needs to be added to schedule

·         Art is waiting for days available. Melissa will run it. If Judy can switch something, she will run it. Another thought is to change the WBB that is there now to a qualifier and run the championships later in May.


Other team and roster requirements.

·        It is prohibited for teams that register as a qualifier team to declare themselves as non-qualifiers at the gym. Tom will decide a way to handle it.

·         If a team leaves in the middle of the day, it is treated as if the team never was there, as if it were a 4 team pool.  Any forfeit wins are not considered.

·         A team that shows up with an illegal roster (e.g., player that played on another qualifier team) plays, but can’t break pool. The player will be sanctioned for 6 months.  Wins and losses count for other teams, but that team is treated as 0-8.

·         Qualifier teams who register after February 14 will only be allowed to enter as qualifier teams if the tournament still has slots (even after backfilling with non-qualifier teams).


Payment of TDs for qualifiers

·         As soon as Tom assigns teams, the TD will be paid within two weeks (right after the withdrawal date). Team checks will be deposited on April 1 and May 1 for tournaments in those months. Postdated checks will not be accepted.


Qualifier roster checking for TDs

·         This will be handled like last year.


·         Judy will essentially run championships and Tom will handle qualifiers. Judy will send Tom where the championships are and how many teams.


Rick Pierce report (Ann)

·         The Rick Pierce went well. The only glitch was that the sound system that was not loud enough for the place.

·         The committee got a lot of nominations - 50 or so - with somewhere between 12 to 24 unique ones. Some of them had a lot of e-mail.


Election report/Nominating committee

·         Need an election chair. Nominate Paul Bradford. Judy will contact Paul. Ballots will either go in the newsletter or in a separate postcard mailing.


New Business –

·         Debbie wants to start the grass roots effort earlier this year, in April or May. Order Tshirts this summer so we have them in plenty of time. Debbie will send out notes to TDs mentioning scramble tournaments. TDs that run scrambles will get an extra pick in the first round of the draft.

·         Ann will have a referee report next meeting.


The next meeting will be March 12. It’s the annual meeting and must be announced in writing to the membership.  It will be announced in the newsletter. Joe will send Tom Farmer an agenda. Nominations for Yankee Board elections will therefore be open until March 19.