Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Art Palmer, Brett Crandall, Debbie Finnigan, Ann Riedl, Jennifer Nicoletti                   

Other Attendees: Tom Farmer, Tom Sweeney, David Castanon


The Annual Meeting started at 7:12 pm

·        No New nominations to the board

·        No bylaw changes

The Annual Meeting ended at 7:15 pm, then the regular Yankee board meeting started


Secretary Report (Judy)

·        We reviewed the minutes from the last meeting and accepted them.


Treasurer’s report (Judy)

·        Dori Senerchia is the new Yankee accountant

·        Dori and Dan have offered to do the accounting next year as well

·        David C, Judy K and Dori will discuss any and all accounting issues prior to the next Board meeting


Registrar Report (Judy)

·        We are 200 members ahead of where we were last year at the end of December.


 TD Report (Debbie)

·        All is well


Referee Report (Judy)

·        Ned Santee will be stepping down as referee coordinator for next year

·        The board is currently looking for a replacement for Ned

·        Some in-region referees got the chance to be critiqued by out of region referees; they were also video-taped and shown these tapes for learning purposes; the in-region referees commented that this was a very good experience for them to learn and grow; this was held at JWU

·        Referee recruitment (Ann) – not as big a push as last year, the incentive program is working really well, hope to get the number of new referees from Steve by the next board meeting; thought they got a few new referees


NERVA report (David C)

·        Nationals are in a strange pattern

·        USAV has downsized the budget and depend of corporate sponsorship (which has been lacking lately due to the economy)

·        Very few dictates and communications coming from USAV

·        New effort by USAV – electronic publication that can be signed up through Yankee.org and USAV website; David wanted to know if it would be a good idea to signup the whole region and this was declined because people can do it easily themselves if they would like to get this publication via email, will put this information on BAVP and in the next newsletter

·        Nationals wanted to have the region support them at 100/member or make their own organization, regions stated they would do that instead and everyone backed down; they thought the regions should support a Professional National Team

·        The Americas Cup was canceled due to budget constraints

·        The electronic National registration is difficult to use and cumbersome. David to let nationals know of this, if we go to a true electronic submission – we will need to find a way to David and Judy verify the players on the roster

·        USAV is requesting that we request that members put a DOB or SS# on the NERVA for their ability to track people and not have duplicates


Ratings Report (Ann)

·        Few complaints; dealt with the few issues that came up well

·        Paul has done a good job

·        Need another person on the lower level men’s rating team


Newsletter (Tom F)

·        Need a new newsletter editor – a few people have expressed interest; need to have someone to take over

·        New newsletter out in June/July timeframe (after nationals)

·        Tom is willing to help train them

·        Judy will send membership card once they are requested


Web Editor (Tom S)

·        The site is quiet and working well

·        70, 000 hits and on the front page in the last 6 week;s 16, 000 on the front home page; probably due to the scorekeepers exam, membership numbers, champ/qual rules, etc

·        PAVO will take the on-line tests next year


Election Report (Judy)

·        Paul will tally the votes

·        Postcards will be mailed to the membership so they can vote – remind Ray to do this

·        Nominations close 1 week from today

·        Elections close June 15, 2003

·        Vote via post cards or on-line


Championship TD report (Tom S)

·        MC filled up quickly

·        All is ok

·        -4 below level of tournament for champs (send out to BAVP as a reminder to check their roster)

·        Teams that go in as a qual team then drop forfeit all their games and the other teams in that pool do not get the forfeit wins.  Need to think about this next year – because this could effect which teams make champs in some cases

·        Many compliments and thank yous on the jackets, there have been a few complaints; the card system is working out well, TD’s are being great about giving card to players; 1300 jackets ordered (100 of which were ordered after the fact in medium)

·        Champ prizes on the way

·        Board appointed TDs are all set to run champs

·        A few complaints about how team get ranked for making champs


Old business

National mapping

·        It is on the web and it is correct

·        The items talked about at the last meeting were implemented where appropriate


Grass Roots (Debbie)

·        Art (in Nov), Tom and Judy (in Sept/Oct) have volunteered gym space for next year’s scrambles

·        May use extra jackets as prizes instead of t-shirts


New Business


No disciplinary actions this year


Update stipends next year – it will be up to the new board and it is time to update the amounts


Brenda Freese Memorial Tournament

·        Request to make it an annual event – the proceeds go to a women’s engineering scholarship at UMASS Dartmouth and the Meningitis Foundation; this year’s event is on Oct 5th, 2003 and will be 2 levels (CC+ and CB)

·        Motion (Judy/Jenn): I move to approved the Linda Frees Memorial tournament as an annual event (6 for, 0 against)


The next meeting will by on May 8th, 2003 at 7pm and the site is TBD.


Meeting ended at 8:42pm.