Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 8, 2003


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Art Palmer, Joshua Wachs, Joe Loyall, Debbie Finnigan, Ann Riedl

Other Attendees: Lora Loyall


Meeting started at 7:06


Secretary Report (Joe)

        We reviewed the minutes from the last meeting. The suggestion was made that the secretary should put the names of who votes how in each motion. We will do that from now on. The minutes from the last meeting were accepted.


Treasurerís report (Judy)

        Dori had a mess to fix with the books. It has taken a long time to fix up.

        An audit by the IRS is proceeding well. Most questions have not had to do with Yankee, but with others. Bill and Dori did quite a bit for this. Itís almost over and is going well.

        Yankee is currently losing money, but all of the money from championships is not in yet. The only thing not paid out yet is the referee payments for championships.It looks like we will lose $9-10K this year.This is good since weíve had retained earnings in previous years.


Registrarís report (Judy)

        We are currently at 1923 members. Last year finished at 1703. This is 220 members ahead of last year and we will probably pick up a few new from Nationals and the remaining championships. This is the biggest jump weíve had in years.

        The registrar is still having problems getting memberships from one tournament director. They are coming in up to 3 weeks late. This TD is on probation from his previous offenses and had promised to correct it as part of his probation. He is in violation of his probation and, as a result, will be sanctioned for a year. Debbie, Judy and Art will come up with a set of rules for TDs and punishments for violations.


TD report (Deb)

        Reports are coming in. Things are fine. When we have final numbers, Deb will put together another report. We need to look at doing more coeds next year and see if maybe they should count differently toward the skeleton. Coed B had the biggest jump in number of championship entries this year.


Ratings report (Ann)

        There will be a big list of rerates for the summer. The ratings committee will meet to go over all the ratings sheets. Judy and Ann are currently compiling all the ratings sheets.

        We discussed expanding the ratings committees. There are currently 10 women and 9 men raters. However, the number of tournament sites keeps increasing and we want to try to get more coverage at tournaments. People should e-mail nominations to Judy.


Newsletter Report

        Still looking for a new newsletter editor. Tom Farmer has two names that he will pass on.

        We discussed whether we need to keep a paper newsletter. We believe that we still have some members that do not have e-mail and web access. One suggestion was to have an option on the membership form for people that want to receive the newsletter by mail. The secretary read the by-law requirements for a newsletter. Judy will check with Dave and Tom.


Qualifier/Championship Report (Judy)

        Tom Sweeney has done a great job with qualifiers. There are two weekends of championships left.

        The way we do championships next year will be discussed and decided on by next yearís board. Tom Sweeney will compile information about this yearís qualifiers and championships.


Old Business


Nationals report

        There are 65 teams going this year, which is a record. No region has ever sent this many. Judy has had to create and mail a lot of membership cards. Many people did not cut them out of the newsletter. Josh is going to put membership cards on the web next year.

        Judy has had some inquiries from people about doing things at Nationals that are not legal, so she will have to be watching.


Election report

        Paul Bradford (election committee chair) sent out an e-mail about votes coming in. He has received 185 or so.


New Business


        Tom had a team that misbehaved at a Menís C+ qualifier. The team refused to work and one of the players cursed Tom (who was TD). The team eventually came back and worked and Judy and Tom have both talked to the team. Tom doesnít think the team should be punished any further. Judy thinks that the team knew that it had to work, but thought it had been shafted by the referees and chose to leave. Judy asked whether we should allow the team to play in the Menís C+ championship.


Motion (Art/Joshua)

Put the team members on probation for the remainder of the calendar year.

For: 6 (Judy, Art, Joshua, Joe, Debbie, Ann)

Against: 0

Motion passes.


        Our qualifier rules for disqualified teams are different from what is written in the Yankee Rules & Policies. In the Yankee R&P, we should clarify the verbiage of the 2nd and 3rd sentence of item 3 under Tournament Format. We decided to table this for the new board, which should review the full R&P.


        At a recent Coed/Reverse C, both semifinal teams split 1-1. Both teams wanted the same net in the deciding game. The TD let them play on the same net, one after another, and made the work teams stay and work with their teams. Art believes that formats should be more standard and that the Yankee Board should tell the TDs how they should break ties. We discussed whether this would be opening a can of worms. For example, would we need to enumerate all possibilities and what about differences in facilities (e.g., whether nets can be lowered)?


Motion (Art/Joshua)

Formats for deciding games in playoffs for Coed/Reverse should be standardized.

For: 2 (Josh, Art)

Opposed: 4 (Joe, Judy, Deb, Ann)

Motion fails.


        Grass Roots committee T-shirts. We need to order them in June. Ann thinks we should have numbered shirts. Judy thinks we will have 180 jackets left and we can give them to new members that join at scrambles. Judy and Debbie will decide how many numbered T-shirts we need.


Meeting ended at 9:16 pm.