Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Board Attendees: Judy Katalina, Ann Riedl, Lora Loyall, Joe Loyall, Brett Crandall, Debbie Finnigan, Lynn Jones, Paul Santos, Helen Taylor

Other Attendees: David Castanon, Steve Webster


Meeting started at 7:07


Secretary Report

·        We reviewed the minutes from the last meeting. Accepted with one revision to correct the spelling of the bookkeeper’s name.


Treasurer's report

·        Lora handed out some graphs of how the income was spent last year. She projects income for 2003-2004 to be approximately 11K, estimating a 5% growth in membership which is in line with recent years membership growth.

·        David explained the membership numbers. In 1996, we broke out the Maine and JO Boys and Girls. After 1997, there are only Yankee members counted. Prior there were completely different numbers that included Maine and JOs.

·        NERVA is being audited by the state.


Registrar’s report

·        Nothing’s changed.


Newsletter Report

·        Joshua doesn’t want to do it. Dale Wiggins has expressed interest. Joe needs to talk to Dale about it. Let him know what he needs to do. Plan to do a newsletter with a specific deadline, plus live links to the living things (e.g., schedule) on the website.

·        This first issue will have to have information on Rick Pierce nominations.

·        Need to send a postcard to all the membership to indicate that we are going to do an electronic newsletter. They will need to return it if they want a paper copy.

·        We will put an electronic link on the website to contribute to the newsletter and also solicit inputs for the newsletter on the BAVP.



·        Newsletter editor: Currently $300/issue. New stipend: $350/issue. Shoot for 4 issues/year.

·        Referee assignor: Currently $1000/Yankee, $500/NERVA, $500/Girls JO. NERVA shouldn’t pay for any, since they don’t run tournaments. Girls JO runs about 20 tournaments/year. Yankee runs about 200 tournaments. Yankee will pick up the NERVA part. Suggestion $3000: $2250 from Yankee, $750 from Girls JO.


Motion (Judy/Ann)

Yankee raises their Referee Assignor stipend to $2250.

9 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.

Motion passes.


Motion (Judy/Debbie)

Yankee raises the newsletter editor stipend to $350 per issue.

9 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.

Motion passes.


·        Bookkeeper: Currently $1500 total. $500/Yankee, $500/NERVA, $500/Girls JO.


Motion (Judy/Paul)

Yankee increases their portion of the Bookkeeper stipend to $750.

9 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.

Motion passes.


·        Qualifier and champ TD stipend is tabled until we determine how we are going to run championships.

·        Registrar and Officials chair are NERVA, so were not discussed.


Referee Report:

·        Judy handed out a summary sheet of the referee pay proposals that had been presented. These include proposals for an across the board increase in pay, a pay increase that would be phased in over two years, a pay increase partially subsidized by Yankee based on the amount of tournaments worked, and a proposal to pay referees based on their ratings.

·        We discussed what effects an increase in referee pay would have on tournament fees, considering all other costs including increases in facilities costs. We discussed what incentives we are trying to give referees, e.g., to become better and to work more Yankee tournaments.

·        We discussed whether higher rated referees should be paid more or whether all qualified referees working at a particular tournament should be paid the same. Based on this discussion, we eliminated the ratings based pay proposal.

·        We discussed the Yankee subsidy proposal (Judy’s proposal). Based on the number of Yankee tournaments last year and number of referee assignments, the cost to Yankee for the subsidy would be $6000-$8000. We will phase it out and raise the referee base pay later, so that referee pay would never go down. This proposal would be presented to referees as a raise to their base pay, with Yankee picking up part of it.

·        We discussed the thresholds for receiving the extra pay incentive. Judy’s proposal had larger referees that work more games receiving more extra pay. Steve suggested a lower threshold for the number of games worked. David suggested that the threshold be lowered for the National and Junior National referees, since they are not as available to work Yankee tournaments in the first half of the season because of their other commitments. He suggested that the threshold be 8 for Regional and Provisional referees, and 4 for National and Jr. National. There are 93 total referees, 12-15 of them are National referees.


Motion (Judy/Ann)

Go with Judy’s proposal, with the following changes: Jr. National and National referees working up to 4 tournaments and Regional and Provisional referees working up to 8 tournaments will get $10 extra per tournament at the end of the season, paid by Yankee. Above those plateaus, referees will get $15 extra per tournament. All referees will get $18 per match overtime and $18 per hour overtime (over 9 hours, paid in half hours).

9 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.

Motion passes.


TD report

·        The tournament draft is September 5 at Lincoln Sudbury High School. A subcommittee of Judy, Debbie and Paul will work on the skeleton prior to the draft meeting.


Ratings report

·        Brett will be the new Men’s ratings chair. Paul Santos will be added to the middle ratings committee. Eric Corl will be added to the low level ratings committee.


GRC Report

·        We have had a number of people offer gym space and plan to run two two court scrambles during the Fall season, probably at LS and WNU. We might run another one at Lincoln, RI.

·        Yankee is planning to spend $7K for GRC for the year for 5 scrambles. New members that sign up that day will get a jacket. We will charge $15 for the tournament. $26 if people join as full members on the same day. At scrambles, Yankee covers the gym space, insurance, T-shirts, referees, and prizes.


Old/New Business-

  • TDs need to give their cancellation policy at the draft. These will be put in the schedule. Joe will send out a note to TDs reminding them to send him their contact and cancellation information.
  • We discussed changing the personal ratings to coincide with tournament names. Having the two be different doesn’t seem to be popular, but many people are still using the old names to refer to tournaments anyway.


Motion (Lora/Paul)

Change the tournament ratings back to match the individual ratings.

9 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.

Motion passes.


  • We tabled discussion of championships for next year.
  • Debbie read her late policy proposal. We debated the policy. Some people thought the policy was too strict.


Motion (Ann/Judy): The TD late policy is as follows: Ratings sheets, membership forms/money, and the TD report must be in the registrar’s hands by 6 pm on the Wednesday after the tournament.

1st offense: e-mail from registrar.

2nd: Letter from the board.

3rd: Possible sanction from the board.

9 for, 0 against, 0 abstain.

Motion passes.


  • We tabled reviewing the Yankee Rules & Policies.
  • We discussed the number of teams allowed at levels for the upcoming draft and whether women should still count as a whole point toward Coeds. Decided to count each gender as a half point towards Coeds.
  • We discussed the 10 foot attack at Reverse Coed B- level and above. The 10 foot attack used to be allowed in USAV. The "Reverse (Mixed-Six Rules)" section was added to the Yankee Rules & Policies to remove the 10 foot attack from the lower levels for safety. USAV rules no longer allow the 10 foot attack on the women's net at any level, so that section, which was originally intended to remove a USAV allowed attack from some tournaments, now has the side effect of adding it to tournaments in which USAV does not allow it.


Judy said that we should, when possible, comply with USAV rules of play and therefore we should remove the 10 foot attack section. Brett mentioned that the popularity of Coed at the higher levels indicates that people want to play this format as we offer it. Paul thinks we should poll the membership and see what they want to play. Joe agreed that we should try to abide by the rules of play of USAV whenever possible, but removing the current rule now is not a good idea because we will step into a storm of controversy because of the current BAVP discussions.


There are many people, many on the Yankee Board included, that believe that we should adhere to USAV rules as the default, with deviations only in rare occurrences. Joe pointed out that this current discussion is similar to ones in previous years in which people wanted to offer variations on tournament formats. One happened a few years ago, when non-Yankee-sanctioned tournaments were being run that mimicked the format offered by local leagues (coed on a men’s net, minimum of two women). 


Joe proposed that we change the wording of the Yankee R&P to enable minor variations on tournament formats as long as they are drafted and approved by the Yankee Tournament Coordinator. Joe explained that this makes the default the USAV rules, i.e., currently no 10 foot attack, but does not take it away from the membership, since TDs can still offer the format, as long as they draft it and it is noted in the schedule.


Judy worried about a large number of tournament variations, with crazy rule changes. We decided that, since TDs need approval, we could limit it to a few minor variations.


Motion (Joe/Judy)

Remove the section on "Reverse (Mixed-Six) Rules" from the Yankee Rules & Policies. Add a section 10 to the "Tournament Format" section that states “10) Tournament Directors can run tournaments with alternate formats or minor deviations from USAV rules if (a) they get advance approval from the Yankee Tournament Coordinator and (b) all participants are notified of the format in advance.”

6 for (Judy, Ann, Lora, Joe, Debbie, Helen).

0 against.

3 abstain (Brett, Lynn, Paul)

Motion passes.


  • Since conceivably 10 foot attacks can now be offered at any level tournament, we also decided to change the section of the Rules & Policies to prohibit all the points to be used on one gender in Coed and Reverse Coed. The rule now states, “The aggregate of either gender’s rating cannot be more than 2 points above the tournament level.”
  • Another item in the Yankee Rules & Policies, that of the inconsistency in the wording of item 3 under “Tournament Format,” was tabled by the previous board for this board. Joe suggested a rewording. He will fix it and send it around to the board for their approval.


Next meeting, October 22, Location TBD but probably LS.