Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 15, 2004


Meeting convened at 7:10


Board attendees: Judy Katalina, Ann Riedl, Lora Loyall, Joe Loyall, Paul Santos, Debbie Finnigan, Helen Taylor

Other attendees: Tom Sweeney


Minutes from last meeting:

Minutes accepted with no changes.


Treasurer's report:

Still have money.


Registrar's report:

Had a fabulous February. Almost caught up to where we were last year.


Paul asked how much of a spike we get from championships. Judy said not much and she expects we will get more registrations this year without championships.


Judy had looked to get an idea of who hasnít renewed this year. There are about 750 people from last year that havenít renewed (meaning that we have about that many new members). She saw a lot of younger members, some that moved, and a few that she doesnít know what happened to them.


TD report:

Paul has taken over. There are lots of requests for expansions and additions, which is good as long as they fill. Things are going great.


Referee report:

Glenn says that NOVA is doing great. For the first time in history, on the big juniors weekend, all referees were assigned. TDs are being very cooperative with referees.


Coed and UVolley at Nationals need to have a certified referee on their roster. There are going to be a number of referees out there (including Judy, Patty and Bobby Desmaisons, Chris Johnson, and Patty Lavoie-Beebee).


NERVA Report:

Davidís out of town. Nationalís entries are coming in slowly. Deadlines are this Friday for UVolley, Coed, and Menís 30/35.


Ratings report:

Everythingís going fine. No real new ratings since 2/24.

Some discussion on the BAVP about why we have ratings frozen if no championships.


Newsletter Report:

New newsletter is out.

Joe will get a list of things Dale needs for the next newsletter and send it out.

Make a page of rule changes in the newsletter and on the web.


Web editor Report:

USAV tests are cranking through, doing 2-3K per month.

Already have the summer schedule up, BSSC, Quarter Keg, and some folks in Connecticut.


GRC Report:

Everything went well at the scramble. There were some complaints about Brettís team being too strong. Ann wants to try to have a mentor player for each team, because there were a couple of teams that had nobody higher than C. Those teams didnít have as much fun.


Old/New Business:

Ghost player. Judy motioned that we accept the new wording. Ann seconded. All in favor: unanimous


New business

Ann is moving away. Need to appoint a new vice president at the next meeting.


We discussed the non-sanctioned tournaments, mostly charity tournaments being run lately. We decided to contact TDs running charity tournaments, remind them that they can go through the draft, in the fall they donít need refs, can add tournaments afterward, and encourage them to get sanctioning for their tournaments.


Joe will write a note about how TDs who go through the system help support Yankee and those that run charity tournaments endanger them. If people want to support charity they can make a donation. Encourage the Yankee membership to support the Yankee organization, which is a non-profit.Encourage the membership to encourage the TDs that are running charity tournaments to do so through the Yankee. Mention the charity tournaments that are drafted (e.g., Rolf/Amy Anderson and Brenda Freese).


We discussed the Annual meeting and whether we should have a summer party. Judy will put out a message to the BAVP to see if she can get some interest and volunteers. If weíre going to do it, we need to grab a date soon. Tom suggested the Hudson Elks, Hudson MA, which he said has a lot of space, a covered pavilion.

The party would be free for members, $5 for guests.

We wonít provide alcohol, Judy will check with Dave to see whether people can bring their own.

Tentative date is June 12.


Next meeting will be Tuesday, April 27 at a restaurant.


Meeting adjourned at 8:08.