Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Meeting convened at 7:37


Board attendees: Judy Katalina, Ann Riedl, Lora Loyall, Joe Loyall, Paul Santos, Debbie Finnigan, Helen Taylor, Brett Crandall

Other attendees: David Castanon, Steve Webster, Zack Reeves


Minutes from last meeting:

Minutes accepted with no changes.


Treasurer's report:

Dori has been out of town, but Lora has put together an estimate based on Decemberís finances and what Dori could remember and conveyed to her by e-mail. We have about $22K retained earnings and an estimated $11K referee stipend payment. There will be about 1800 members by the end of the year and Lora estimates that Yankee will have an estimated $45K at the end of the year. This means we have sufficient budget for the end of the year party for the Yankee membership.


Registrar's report:

We have lots of one-day memberships, whereas in previous years many of them would have joined (as full members) for championships.


TD report:

There have been quite a few cancellations. This canít have been due to people playing outdoors because the weather has been lousy. We discussed why tournaments are canceling. Itís possible that people just do other stuff this time of year and in previous years we havenít tracked it because we were running championships, not regular tournaments. Brett suggested that we adjust the skeleton for the spring season and Paul suggested that we look at the number of tournaments offered per day.


Referee report:

Steve gave kudos to Glenn for doing such a great job this year. Things are going very well.


The number of referees is down a little. Steve has weeded out some, especially referees that havenít been refereeing. Steve is having some meetings to see how we can do things better. He keeps tinkering to try to get more and better referees and welcomes suggestions.


There hasnít been one piece of feedback on the web from TDs. We might get more if we made it available to players. David suggested that we put another field in the TD report that goes directly to Steve instead of to the list.


Glenn will serve as assignor again next year. Next year, Yankee and Juniors need to get together to coordinate the big JO weekend (second weekend of March). This year we staffed it with federation referees.


This winter we saw a reduction in the number of people that followed through and became referees after taking clinics. Fewer people signed up and from this smaller group fewer followed through. All sports are hurting for referees.


NERVA Report:

David is going to the National meeting in a few weeks.

Several of the Naitonals tournaments are oversubscribed. Nationals is looking for suggestions as to how to cut back, especially the BB level. One possibility is by adult membership (we are in the top five). We dominate the oversubscribed levels (we have 40% of BB entries) so wil probably not get all our teams in. Another possibility is to go by history, but this is unlikely.


We like the per membership level idea (would be adult membership only). We would need to get the number of bids ahead of time. David is soliciting ideas. He will push for the membership level idea and thinks he will get it.


Ratings report:

Judy has a pile of writeup sheets. She is going to go through it and send out information to the committee. We need to add some people to the ratings committee and probably revamp it over the summer. We are taking nominations for new committee members.


Newsletter Report:

For the new edition of the newsletter, Dale needs the summer schedule. He should get it off the web. Joe will compile an article describing changes in the rules and policies for this past year for the edition.


Web editor Report:

Some TD's have been slow to send in Tournament results, and in some instances have not sent in any. Tom has been taking a laid back approach and has sent mail to each TD when a report hasn't come in after a week. If they send in the report after that great, if not, heís just been dropping it. Probably averaging 1 tournament every two weeks that falls into the bucket of not ever getting reported. Given that it's the end of the year and there arenít any quals/champs, Tom thinks we shouldnít do anything about it this year, but a gentle reminder at the Fall Draft would probably be good.


A new referee rating page has been set up for TD's to rate referees if they so wish.  That went up a month or two ago.  As reported above in the referee report, TDs havenít been using it.


This yearís referee tests are under development.  Again this year we'll be doing the PAVO and USAV tests.  The Form A test should be up and running in early July.


The Summer schedule is up on the web, although a lot of the TD's haven't developed their schedules yet.  In past years they've been in by mid-April, Tom doesnít know what's going on there.  So far there are 6 groups worth of listings on the page. There has usually been 10-11 on the page by now in the past, and it generally tops out around 15-18 groups.  Maybe everyone is waiting for everyone else to establish their schedule before they do theirs?


Glenn Corwin supplied Tom a list of folks eligible for the BBQ/Picnic.  Tom is targeting getting the registration page up and running by mid-May at the latest and maybe sooner.  His plans for the process are that the person registering fills out the web form and gets an e-mail form sent to them. To verify that the person is who they say they are, they then need to forward that form to someone, probably Tom unless somebody else wants to put the list together. 


GRC Report:

We need to get a budget together, decide what scrambles we want to run, and order T shirts, prizes, and volleyballs.



Old/New Business:

The main item of new business is planning for the year end Yankee picnic. It will be held June 19 at the Hudson Elks. It is at the intersection of 495 and 85. It has lots of parking, is gated (so we can regulate people coming in), and has a huge field that we could exclusively use. It has a pavilion with bathrooms and a bar. We will have a caterer and Jason Alexander has volunteered to be the DJ for the day.


We need a flyer, which Patty Desmaisons has offered to help with. It will also serve to announce the annual meeting.


We discussed whether we want to run tournaments and decided to run some king and queen tournaments. BSSC has 18 nets that we can use and we will include on the flyers to ask people to bring nets. Weíll stop the tournaments for the meal.


We will allow guests, but limit it to one adult guest ($5 per guest) and kids under 12 free.


We will send the flyers mid-May. Weíll open the gates at 9 am; start the K&Q tournaments at 10 am; have lunch from 12:30 pm to 2 pm; and hold the annual meeting at 1 pm.


Susie Sweeney has volunteered to run a raffle. Everybody who comes in gets a set of raffle tickets, which they can put into the pot in front of the prize they want.


Helen will get a couple of kiddie pools to hold drinks and ice. Debbie will bring the ice. Lora and Joe will take care of making sure there are drinks all day. Brett will be in charge of the tournaments.


A second item of new business is to appoint someone to be Vice President, replacing Ann who is moving to Colorado. We discussed some nominees. If a current member is appointed to the vice president position, then someone will need to be appointed to fill that vacancy. Appointment is by majority vote of the board. Joe will send out the list of the top vote getters from the last election.


The next meeting will be the annual meeting at the Yankee picnic, June 19.