Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Meeting convened at 6:00 pm

Board attendees: Judy Katalina, Lora Loyall, Joe Loyall, Paul Santos, Helen Taylor, Lynn Jones


This special meeting covered only business needed to be addressed for the Fall tournament draft.


We constructed the draft skeleton.


We discussed an e-mail sent by Don Cohen and specifically a part about central tournament registration. We weren’t sure whether he was advocating a mandatory or voluntary thing and whether he was advocating Yankee handle registration and money collection for all tournaments. Joe took an action item to e-mail Don and ask him to be more specific about his centralized registration idea.


We decided to forego the referee bonus this year, which means that tournament directors will have to pay a bit more for referees this year, $10 per referee.


Motion: That we subsidize the first two drafted 10 team Women’s C- and the first two drafted Women’s C tournaments to fill their gym for the Fall Session. (Judy/Helen)

All in favor.


Next board meeting 9/14 @ 7pm, either at LS or Judy’s house.