Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Meeting convened at 7:21


Board attendees: Judy Katalina, Lora Loyall, Joe Loyall, Paul Santos, Debbie Finnigan, Helen Taylor, Lynn Jones

Other attendees: Glenn Corwin


Minutes from last three meetings:

Minutes accepted with no changes.


Treasurer's report:

We made $31K last year revenue, with $38K expenses. Lost about $7K.

Judy estimates we have about $20K of retained earnings.


Registrar's report:

Judy will e-mail a registrar report, which will be added to the minutes.


TD report:

No report.


Referee report:

We discussed whether we should continue the referee recruitment package this year. We offered one last year, but there weren’t many new referees. Joe will ask Steve what he foresees for new referees and what he is going to do for referee recruiting this year and we will revisit the issue next meeting.


We discussed whether we should offer alternative tournament formats (different referee staffs). If Steve wants, we can offer it again in the Spring, although there was no interest in it last Spring when it was offered.


Steve needs to instruct head referees to make the judgment whether pursuit is safe for the facility they are in and whether it can be used for each specific tournament. Joe will ask Steve whether he agrees that the head referee and the tournament director make the decision at the beginning of the tournament whether pursuit is allowed. Once Steve approves this, then he can notify the referees and Judy will notify the TDs.

(Followup: Joe notified Steve and Steve approved this.)


NERVA Report:

No report. No rule books yet.


Ratings report

All the summer ratings finally went out. Not sure whether the men went to the BAVP. Women’s ratings went out on time. Men’s went out late.


We need some new ratings folks at different levels. The board appointed Debbie Finnigan to be one of the lower level women raters. The board appointed Paul Santos to be the new men’s ratings chairperson.


Debbie asked what happens when there are two raters at a tournament and they disagree about what rating a new person should be. The person stays at the rating they are at.


Newsletter Report:

Joe solicited for articles for the newsletter. Lynn said she would ask her mother to write an article about Nationals and Lynne would provide some pictures. Joe will also ask Steve Webster if he will write an article about new USAV rules and will send a note to Brad Frost and Ken Duarte to see if either of them will write an article about Bay States.


Web editor Report:

Tom sent a note prior to the meeting.


“In the last part of August the Front Page Server extensions on our site became corrupt after I used (and found a bug in) our ISP's provided password changing software.  What that meant is I could update one page at a time via ftp, but could not update all of the pages that I'd made changes to with the press of one single button.  It also meant that the look/feel of the site changed back to standard vanilla html.  That took about two weeks to track down with the support people at our ISP, and the site has been fine since.  This all was fortunately cleared up just before the schedule went out.


Other than that hiccup, the site has been fine since.  The Yankee Fall schedule is up and running.  I've just received directions from 2 of the 3 new sites and will be adding all of them this weekend.  The referee test A & C are both up and running and being used by the majority of the regions, plus all of the PAVO referees for form A.  The scorekeepers test C is under development and should be up in a few more weeks.


Over the past few months we recently broached the 200K hit mark for our home page.  We've 135K on the current page, and had 90K on the old home page.”


GRC Report:

There will be a scramble on October 9 at WNA. There are already a few checks in. Shirts have been ordered. Debbie is going to get some Moulton SuperTouch balls for the tournament. She’ll get some small prizes, such as water bottles. She’ll also get a referee count to Glenn this week.


Old/New Business:



Judy got no bad feedback from not having championships. A lot of tournaments got cancelled at the end of the season. Lynn got a little of negative feedback. Tom got a few negative comments.


Paul said we have a lot of four court facilities and suggested we could try to have a shortened championship season as a few people have proposed. Judy thinks it’s an organizational nightmare. Paul is going to look at putting together a proposal to see if it can be done. The four court facilities are Endicott, Lincoln-Sudbury, Bryant.


Picnic wrapup:

This was the first real board meeting since the picnic. It was great; great weather; the raffle was good; the location was good; and the King/Queen was good. We need to be more careful about getting nets there and getting them up early. There was a lot of good feedback and wishes from folks that we would have it again.


The facility complained about us bringing in our own soda. Judy will work with them to figure something out. This time we kicked them an extra $250.


We might consider providing babysitters.


Don Cohens email:

Paul talked to Don after the draft.

1. Centralized tournament registration. Yankee reimbursing TDs will not work because of 1099s. TDs wouldn’t like it. Don still would like it but understands it might not work. Paul will talk to him again.


2. Championships held over 2-3 weeks. Paul is looking into it.


3. Draft via e-conference. Judy still prefers face to face. Joe suggested we could use Webex.


4. Registered teams having priority entry into tournaments. TDs can do this on their own, but according to its R&P, Yankee does not dictate how teams are chosen.


Appointing VP/At Large:

Paul Santos was nominated to fill the Vice President vacancy left by Ann’s departure. All voted in favor, except Paul who abstained.

Kelly Small was nominated to fill the At Large vacancy left by Paul’s ascension to Vice President. All voted in favor.


Barfly tournament:

Joe read a note from Dave Blickstein suggesting a new tournament format he calls “Barfly.” Joe will respond to Dave to tell him that he can run the tournament if he drafts it and gets the Tournament Coordinator’s (Paul Santos’) approval. Since Yankee doesn’t subsidize tournaments, we can’t really help him find a gym. He will have to acquire a gym, etc., but other TDs might be able to help him find a gym.


High performance subsidy:

Joe read a note from Tim Byram asking whether Yankee could subsidize High Performance. Judy explained what High performance is: it’s a JO program in which the cream of the crop of kids try out and if they make the roster, go to Colorado Springs to train for the National team. New England has been bad at promoting this. We’ve put one kid forth. However, this is not Yankee’s purview. This is NERVA’s job. Joe will respond to Tim and tell him he needs to propose it to NERVA, which means to David Castanon.


Debby asked whether she could allow a male rater to play for free at the scramble if they will come and play to be available to re-rate players. The board agreed


Next meeting, November 10, location TBD.