Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2004


Board attendees: Judy Katalina, Paul Santos, Lora Loyall, Joe Loyall, Brett Crandall, Lynn Jones, Kelly Small, Helen Taylor

Other attendees: Glenn Corwin, David Castanon


Minutes from last meeting:

Minutes accepted with a small correction.


Treasurer's report:

No report.


Registrar's report:

Membership numbers are running ahead of last year. TDs are doing well getting information in.


TD report:

There have been many requests for changes and we have had many tournaments cancel. Paul thinks we ran too many tournaments too early in the year, partly because we have so many more TDs.


More nonsanctioned tournaments are starting to crop up. Maybe resurrect the note about why folks should play in Yankee tournaments and why TDs should get tournaments sanctioned. Joe will dig up the note and send it to Judy.


Paul expressed concern over the costs of some tournaments. Weíre still less than other regions. New Jersey is $160; Maryland is $200 (with certified R2s). There are many issues: gym costs, how many teams you get, where the money goes (e.g., fund raisers). There are several new tournament directors so we probably need to take a look at it and remind folks to try to keep costs in line. We need to think about this.


David suggested that we might establish a maximum fee. Anybody that wanted to run a tournament above that price would have to petition. It would keep folks from locking in the date at the draft and then jacking up the price.


We tabled this issue.


Referee report:

There are a couple of upcoming clinics. Steve announced them on the BAVP.

We discussed the referee incentive package and whether we should have it again this year. Joe read Steveís note. Judy would like to see NERVA pick it up. David says NERVA will pick this up.


NERVA Report:

David went to Colorado for a two day National meeting. They have committed to doing an electronic registration system. Theyíve contracted for it, but it wonít be mandatory. The Olympic committee no longer provides them with database software, so they have an old database. They also believe that they lose 20% of membership fees each year (registrars that send them in after April). They think they will do better by cutting out the regions and getting closer control of the membership. This will happen over the next couple of years.


Nationals. Expect to overflow some divisions this year. Nationals are moving to a smaller location. Have eliminated some divisions this year. They thought about how to accept teams in oversubscribed divisions, need to accept in groups of 6.


Agreed upon: Teams from a region will be based upon past participation. They will eliminate teams in a round robin, until they are down to the limit. We will lose one, then not lose another one until everyone else has lost one. This way it benefits the regions that do a lot of recruiting and submit a lot of teams. This got approved for one year.


We need a system to choose who goes if everyone canít go. Judy suggested that we cut the teams with the lowest overall rating. We need to publish this policy so that teams can tell beforehand. We need to vote on this at the next meeting. David thinks itís only going to be Mens A that is affected, so we only need to worry about Menís A level.


Judy suggested that we subsidize two 10 team Menís A or A/AA tournaments at the draft that we can use as National qualifiers if we choose to.


Judy and David will look at how NE teams finished in Nationals and see how the ratings mappings worked last year and whether there needs to be an adjustment this year.


Ratings report:

Paul and Judy are the ratings chairs as of last meeting.

There was a recent team with a number of underrated players. Judy and Paul got their ratings straight and Judy will send letters.


Newsletter Report:

Joe talked about it. Dale has had some trouble getting articles from some people. Lynn canít get her mom to respond to her request to write an article about Nationals. Newsletter will be out in a couple of weeks.


Web editor Report:

No report.


GRC Report:

Successful scramble in October. Debbie will be looking to run some in the spring.


Old/New Business



Do we need to revisit the skeleton? There were several tournaments cancelled early. Paul thinks we saturated September and early October.


Had a lot of TDs that changed their minds and said donít want to run C- but want to run B. We need to make sure that people arenít drafting skeleton tournaments and then changing them later.


Joe will write a note describing the alternative referee formats and send it to the YankeeTDs list to say these are available prior to the draft. If they want to use an alternative format, it must be drafted that way.


Paul will come up with a skeleton.



Paul hasnít work it out.

Lynn e-mailed 40-50 people. 10 got back to her. Only 1 said he/she wanted championships. No one wanted championships bad enough to run them.

Limit number of teams in late April and May, reduce the number from the normal draft number.

Paul will add this to the skeleton.



The only date Hudson Elks offered was Fathers day. Judy will go back and ask for another available date and then ask people not to run doubles tournaments that date.


Next meeting, Thursday, January 20, site TBD.