Yankee Board Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2005


Board attendees: Judy Katalina, Paul Santos, Lora Loyall, Lynn Jones, Debbie Finnigan, Helen Taylor

Other attendees: David Castanon


Minutes from last meeting were accepted.


Treasurer's report:

No report.


Registrar's report:

Membership numbers are 70 ahead of last year.


Ratings report:

New ratings will be posted after Nationals.


Web editor Report:

Tom sent a report by e-mail.


The web page passed it's 10-year anniversary this past winter.  One of our first main pages was the Spring 1995 schedule, still available for old times sake at http://www.yankee.org/schedule/sp95shed.html.


The home page has over 166K hits on it, with the 90K from the original site added in, we're up over 200K total hits on the home page alone in those 10 years.


Work on the referee tests for the 2005-06 season has begun.  Again this year we'll be hosting the other USAV regions and the PAVO boards.  This year it will also be easier for PAVO referees to gain access to the test, so we should see even more use.


Work on the summer schedule page is just starting.  I'm targeting Patriots day for its release.


A member suggested that prizes be given to teams based on their standings at the end of the year (as recorded on the Yankee Tournament Results Page).  The board discussed this but decided not to do this.


Motion: NERVA should give $250 stipend to each team at a regional that finishes in the top two at their level.

Only the NERVA board members present voted: 3 for (David, Judy, Lora); 0 against.

3 in favor; 1 abstain.



Old/New Business



The picnic will be held on June 19 at the Hudson Elks. Helen and Don Cohen will run K/Q tournaments with on-line signup.


The Yankee Annual meeting was held at 7:30 pm. Nothing new was brought up.


Voting for elections will be closed the day after the picnic.


Next meeting, Thursday, June 8, site TBD.