November 14, 2005

Board Attendees: Kelly Small, Chet Oberhelman, Paul Santos,Chris Johnson, Jonah Mytro, Gary Patch, Lynn Kerr, Lora Loyall
Other attendees: Joe Loyall, Tom Olson, Dave Castanon

Minutes from last meeting were accepted.

Ref fees: Judy and Art were not happy, but the board still feels it was necessary. It is doubtful that there will be another fee increase next session.

Treasurer report- Lora handed out draft income statements for 2005. The picnic was 33% of yankee expenses, 20% was subsidizing tournaments.

Registars report- Judy sent report via email. Membership is 750 which is up 50 from last year.

TD report- Tournaments not filling.
October - 13 not reported 3 cancelled. Those that did run were about 86% full.

SPRING DRAFT: January 5th/ Lasell @7pm

Referee report- No report

NERVA report- National meeting in October. Next year will be mandated online registration. It will cost 3% per member if we accept payment online. We will need to plan for this next year and decide how we want to handle the process. Nationals would like Yankee to create a National Collegiate membership to encourage college club teams. The collegiate membership fee would entail a certain number of tournaments at a discounted collegiate membership rate. The membership would be for the team- not as individuals. (Dave suggested we use a league membership form). Yankee will decide the cap on number of tournaments and membership. New Orleans is still unofficially the site for Nationals. The convention center should be open in March. Most of the hotels were not majorly effected by tsunami.
An official announcement will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

Ratings report- Women's rating letters are going out every 7-10 days.
The board discussed the ratings issues - especially the men's.
Lynn suggested that the raters be listed on the write-up sheet at tourneys.
Tom Sweeney is working on an online write up sheet.
Chet suggested posting all the write-ups from tourneys online with a notation as to whether the person was re-rated or not. Kelly stated that it might be too personal to have it posted when the ratings committee disagreed with an uprate. Paul took Chet's idea under advisements.

Newsletter report- No report

Web editor report- Scorekeeper tests are now online for all regions. Paul is working with Tom regarding a website update.

GRC report- Chet has gotten a lot of feedback from his think tank that he established on new GRC initiatives.

New Business:

Rick Pierce- Chet received a few names for the Rick Pierce. The committee consists of Kelly Small, Chris Johnson and Katie Horn.

Spring draft- January 5th/Lasell @7pm.

Chet motions for championship.
Motion passed by all members. Chet will be the TD championship director. Championships will be over three weekends. Certified scorekeepers and accredited downrefs will be required.

Ref increase- None for next session.

Tom Olson stated that Yankee should change the rule regarding men playing in women's tournaments and should be allowed since the women can play in men's. Paul clarified the reason the women are allowed to play in men's tournaments is to enable women more opportunities to play as in many areas there is not always the opportunity for women to play.
Tom requested that women no longer be allowed to play in men's tournaments. No board member made a motion to change the rule.

Next meeting: January 5th/Lasell @5pm