Board Meeting

January 4, 2006



Board Attendees:  Kelly Small, Chet Oberhelman, Paul Santos, Chris Johnson, Gary Patch, Lynn Jones, Jonah Mytro

Other attendees:  Judy Katalina, Dave Castanon


Minutes from last meeting were accepted.


Treasurer report- No report


Registars report- Currently 1208 members.  We are behind about 80 memberships, however, Judy is still waiting for Rick Pierce memberships which should bring us up.  We are even with last year.


TD report- About 15% of tourneys are being cancelled.  The fill rate is about 88%.


Referee report- Chris Johnson stated that the referee training class held by Steve was one of the largest attended and was a very good class.


NERVA report- Championships have been confirmed for New Orleans.  No other significant news.


Ratings report- Women's ratings are taken care of weekly, men's are being done about bi-weekly which is vastly improved. Men's ratings committee has been much more aggressive about write-up Judy suggested adding the website address for the online ratings sheet onto the bottom of the tourney write-up sheet.


Newsletter report- No report


Web editor report- Tom is working on the scorekeeper and second referee accreditation tests for championships.  It should be up and running within two weeks.  The website was down for a day, but it was corrected.


GRC report- Yankee Volleyball business cards are completed.


Old/New Business:


Championships-  Scheduled the last three weeks in May prior to Nationals. There will be maximum and minimum ream ratings.  Monogrammed prizes will need to be ordered by February.  Prizes will be given to 1st and 2nd place.  Registration deadline is March 27th.  Chet will email final details.


Regionals- National mapping.  1st place will receive $200 for Nationals.  There must be four team members on the winning team that are going to Nationals.


Ratings- It was discussed whether additional raters should be added to any of the ratings committees.  The board agreed that the current committees are sufficient- no changes will be made.  Dave discussed the issue of online registration and the fact that the online registration will be National ratings- which is by team and not individual.  Yankee will need to address the issue of the difference between National and New England ratings.


Next meeting:  February 27th @Lora Loyall's in Acton @7pm.