December 6, 2006

Board Meeting



Board Attendees:  Kelly Small, Paul Santos, Chris Johnson, Gina Golden, Jonah Mytro, Jay Flynn

Other attendees:  Tim Strazzerre, Ben Reed


Minutes from last meeting were accepted.


Treasurer report- Jay has been unable to get a response from Dori.  Yankee has extra funds- about $16000 even after championships.  Jay will attempt to contact via phone.


Registars report- None


TD report- 42 tourney report forms/running at just under 90%.  230 spots filled out of 334.  No tourneys cancelled through November.


Referee report- Steve Webster is holding a meeting and training camp for referee advancement.   There was an incident at WNA regarding a player and referee.  Steve is waiting for all reports of the incident before action will be taking.


NERVA report- No report


Ratings report- Ratings are being taken care of weekly to bi-weekly. 


Newsletter report- Summer newsletter has had about 1440 views.  The winter one as had a 1000.  Another newsletter will be out in January and another in the summer.  Jonah is looking at having some kind of contest as an incentive to read the newsletter. 


Web editor report- Sent via email from Tom; Just received a copy of the scorekeepers test from the national office today (Tues 12/5) so will be "webifying" that over the next few weeks for use by our region and most of the others across the country later this month.


o    The new on-line roster page seems to be going well and is being used heavily.  The folks at BSSC were not receiving the e-mails due to a spam filter but that has since been fixed up.  We also encountered a few coding bugs with the system in the first couple of weeks, but I think they've all been squashed.


    In the meantime, I've been working with NVC's webmaster, Jim Cirillo to hopefully super-size the system.  If we can work out the kinks, captains will be able to enter their rosters at any time, then TDs will be able to log into a page and verify the rosters for an upcoming tournament and mail them to themselves.  More info in early January.


o    Due to a system upgrade at home, I had to buy a new copy of FrontPage and have asked to be reimbursed for that. 



GRC report- Scramble at CCRIL successful.  10 team tourneys.  5 women's team and 5 men's.  LSHS scramble successful- some people had to be turned away as registration was over.  About 15 new members joined for the year.  We are running 3 more in 2007- February 10th (BRYANT), 24th (WNA)and March 17th (SDVC).  Jay suggested that if you are a member and bring a new member to yankee the existing member gets to play for free for the day.  Yankee is being listed in New England Sports Magazine.  Clinic is scheduled at Lasell on March 11th- Fee will be $10 or free if they join yankee for the year.   Jonah suggested using post cards to promote Yankee.



Old/New Business:


-Championships- Will be held in May.  The coed B needs to be expanded.  We need more lead time for prizes this year. 


-Yankee picnic- The picnic will be June 7th at Hudson Elks.  The committee is in place for the picnic.


-Gary Patch resigned as member-at-large.  Jay nominated Dan Willett.  Chris Johnson:  Mark Archibald, Natalie Dales, Brian Kangas .  Jonah will be contacting Dan Willett first and then Chris' suggestions, in order.


-USAV uniforms- The rule needs to be more stringent.  Too many players are not complying with the uniform rule.  TDs should be reminded that if they are drafting a USAV tourney that the uniform rule will be strictly enforced. 


-Judy night was a success.  120 people in attendance.  Cost was $1700


-Rick Pierce award will be on Saturday unless both recipients are playing on the Sunday.


-3 tourneys only for new people/Site approval/Unique TD for each site/Reg and checks in mail by Monday following/Review TD guidelines


-Jonah made motion for all board members to be reimbursed for mileage to meetings.  Motion passed.


Next meeting will be January 3rd @Lasell @6:30.