March 6, 2007

Board Meeting



Board Attendees:  Kelly Small, Jonah Mytro, Paul Santos, Lynn Kerr, Jay Flynn, Chet Oberhelman

Other Attendees:  Tom Olson


Minutes from last meeting were accepted.


Treasurer report-            Jay reported Yankee has a surplus from this year and previous years.  The majority of this years surplus will be used to finance the Yankee picnic and Championships.



Registars report:            Judy reported we have 1909 adult members which is 125 more than last year.  Judy also stated that she will be stepping down as ratings chair.    


TD report-                      Paul is working with Chet on the Championship schedule.  Some of the levels and dates were switched to obtain optimal entries.  Paul will have Tom Sweeney post the schedule on the website.


Referee report-               No report


NERVA report-               No report


Ratings report-               The ratings freeze became effective March 1, 2007.  The only players that will be re-ratable are those joining Yankee after March 1st.  Paul is appointing two new raters:  Mark Archibald to mid-level and Jeff Sinnamon to lower level.


Newsletter report-           Jonah is working on the newsletter and expect to have it complete about one month prior to Nationals.


Web editor report-         


Roster/Registration System:

The biggest news was the new Roster/Registration system.  This was pretty much a merger of the Yankee Roster system and the NVC Registration/Roster system.   This took several months of work in conjunction with Jim Cirillo and now our system allows captains to register for a tournament and enter an initial roster.  Then the TD's can go in separately and denote which teams have completed the registration (paid) and review the rosters for their tournaments.  The captain can then update their roster at their leisure.  Then a day before the tournament, the TD can pull up the rosters for their tournament on a web page and they can see if there are any issues for each team.  They can then print and post these rosters directly from the web.


Advantages to the new system:

*Captains can enter in their roster at any time for any Yankee tournament.

*An interface that quickly shows captains how many teams have registered for each tournament.

*A lot less paperwork for TD's and standardized rosters at all tournaments. 

*Captains find out about any issues with their roster immediately, not when they walk in the gym.  *If by chance they enter their roster way in advance and something changes (ratings change), the TD will spot the issue at least a day before the tournament and will hopefully notify the captain.

*Future expansion.  

 **e-mail reminders to captains if they've not verified their roster in "X" days.

 **Possible tie in to results page for next year.  Td's would have to spend less time noting results.

 ***Don't know if would be useful for ratings, but we could find out when/where a particular player played.



The new system was not without hiccups in it's first week.  I was really pushing to get the system up and running for the first weekend of March.  It was a relatively quiet weekend and a natural break by the month.  However, the system probably would have been better off with another week of testing.  We ended up with a number of fixes for the system that folks found for us in the first day or two, but after that the problems due to the new system stopped coming in.  There were about 4 or 5 problems, most dealing with team rating issues.  The oddest one was a bug that changed the gender of all new women into men. 


Referee Tests:


I just created the annual report for the on-line test system for the National folks.  More tests this year than in the past, especially so for the PAVO/NCAA side of the shop.  Roughly 1,000 PAVO tests, just under 5,000 USAV tests and another 1,000 Scorekeeper tests have been taken for the season.


Accreditation Tests:


In preparation for the championships, I just turned on this years accreditation tests for scorekeepers and second referees.


Website Problems:


The website went down and out on at least 5 separate occasions from 2/28->3/4.  Each time it was down for at least an hour.  After several talks with the support folks, I think they've found and fixed the problem.  If we have further problems, I'm going to be looking into moving the site to another ISP. 


Upcoming Events:


Yankee BBQ registration.  I'm happy to run the on-line registration again this year for the bbq, I'll just need details as they become available.


Elections.  I've talked to a couple of the board members about this already, but I am happy to put the on-line voting system back up for this years elections.  Once I get the info on who's running and their position statements, I'll need about a week to get it up and going.  If there are any, will need the verbiage for any bylaw changes too and any explanatory message that goes along with them. 


GRC report- The first scramble in February had 35 Men and 50 women.  The response was great and some people actually had to be wait-listed.  It ran very well with no problems.  To prevent last minute cancellations, Jonah may implement a 3-Day cancellation policy.  A Yankee clinic is scheduled to run March 11th.  There are 40 people currently signed up.







Old/New Business:


Yankee Picnic:  Chet stated that there will be a 4’s competition this year in addition to the K&Q.  There will be two levels for each tourney.  Don Cohen will be TD for the K&Q. 

It was decided that, due to liability issues, babysitting will not be provided.  No pets allowed.  Lynn will be contacting Tom Sweeney about the raffle, obtaining prizes and checking people in at the gate.


Champs:           New balls for prizes and shirts are to be ordered for Champs.  The rule for correct number sizes on the shirts will be enforced.  No late starts will be given in advance.


Elections:          Gina Golden is heading up the elections and will be tallying the vote as she is not running again.  Chris Johnson and Paul Santos are also on the election committee.  Nominations will close April 17th and voting will be available online and via paper ballot at Champs from April 18th through May 31st.  Jonah will be updating the board job descriptions on the website.  The ballots will also include a proposition for yankee board members to receive a stipend.

The annual membership meeting (which must take place prior to the close of elections) will be on

April 10th at 6:30pm at Lasell College. 


Surplus of Funds:           The board discussed possible events to utilize the surplus funds from Yankee, but decided to table the discussion until the new board is put into place.


Disciplinary Action:        A violation of the Code of Conduct by a member was brought to the board’s attention.  The matter was discussed and appropriate action was decided upon and taken.





NEXT MEETING:            April 10th at 6:30pm at Lasell.