Board Meeting

April 10, 2007



Board Attendees:  Kelly Small, Chet Oberhelman, Chris Johnson, Gina Golden, Lynn Kerr, Jonah Mytro, Jay Flynn

Other attendees:  Daniel Chen


Minutes from last meeting were accepted.


Treasurer report-  Jay requested  financials from Dori as did Jonah.  None were received at the time of the meeting.  No report.


Registars report-  Currently at 2078 adult members.  She stated that by the end of April she projects membership will be 250 ahead. 


TD report-  Paul will be stepping down as TD coordinator.  Nothing else to report.


Referee report- No report


NERVA report-   Steve did a comprehensive training program attended by 15 officials.  (Junior National Training Program)


Ratings report- Final ratings letters went out.  Only members joining after March 1st are subject to re-rate.


Newsletter report-  Jonah is working on the next newsletter.  It should be out in the next two weeks.


Web editor report-


o Development of the 2007-2008 Referee tests has just begun. It will kick into high gear in May, completing in June. Our contract ends with PAVO at the end of this season (4/15/2007). Steve Webster has or is negotiating a new contract with them to provide the FORM A Exam on-line again.

o The roster/registration page seems to be humming along relatively smoothly. I believe it's being used by all TD's at this point for roster submission and many are using it to also register teams for tournaments. A few questions fielded by TD's and captains, most were "learning curve" types of questions. Sam Lampert found a real bug which we'll have to fix over the summer as it's a biggy. If you modify a roster with new players on it, it retains any players who are on the 5-year list, but drops the newbie's. The newbie's can be re-entered by hand, but it's painful.

o BBQ question note: Susie needs a budgetary amount for the raffle in order to start buying. If we could that number by the 15th of April, that would be great.

o Just after the new roster page went on-line we had significant issues with the website crashing down around our ears. Those have been solved. Our ISP really doesn't have the horsepower necessary to run the new roster system and we've (Jim Cirrillo and I) moved that off to another site.


GRC report- Lower level clinic was held at Lasell. It was ran by Tom Wilson and was very successful.  We will continue to run the clinics annually and also run an upper level.  The last scramble was snowed out and was rescheduled to May 5th.  Jonah will repost reminding people.  5 women and 5 men teams.  Jonah wants to run 2 clinics and 2 scrambles each session.

Jonah is putting together a press release for championships next week.


Old/New Business:


Championships- Registration for Champs is behind from last year.  The people who ran the lower level teams and entered into championships are not doing it this year.  It also could be because the announcement went out late.  The deadline for registration will be extended to April 27th.  MVP prizes (balls) have arrived.  Jonah received a call from a photographer who is interested in taking photos that can be posted on the website.   The photographer would charge $200-300 per day.  We will have him take photos of both upper and lower level.


Picnic- Lynn will email Tom regarding the budget for the raffle prizes.  The board put a $1000 limit.


Elections- Jay Flynn nominated Craig Daniels for At-Large, Jonah nominated Mark Archibald for At-Large, Chet nominated Dan Chen, Deb Oberhelman and Jeffrey Sinnamon for At-Large.  Daniel Chen was at the meeting and accepted his nomination.  Jonah made a motion that the voting will consist of paper ballots at the picnic and online.  Jay seconded and all agreed.  Motion passed.


Nationals- About 65 total teams are entered from New England.  We discussed  National gifts.   Jay is going to look into the cost for dry-fit shirts and hoodies.


Yankee Website- Lynn suggested that a central place be used  as the “official” place for team registration next year.  Tom Sweeney needs to be present for the draft to explain the online registration process.  Lynn makes a motion that the yankee website be the official site for team registration.  Kelly seconded.   Chris and Jonah abstained.  Majority voted yes.


Promotion of lower level teams- Chet suggested in order to promote yankee vball participation if we delegate someone to help organize teams.


Code of Conduct- Chet was inquiring if certain derogatory comments would be considered an issue with code of conduct.


The issue of playing time was addressed.  Chris made a motion if a TD does not offer at least 160 points guaranteed per team then the tourney must be advertised as “modified”.  If the modification is done with less than 2 weeks notice, then the TD must give a full refund if any team chooses to withdraw.  TDs have the option to adjust the team fee with approval of the TD coordinator and Yankee president.  Chet seconded .  All in favor.




Next meeting:  June 9, 2007.  Fall draft and fall meeting: August 23, 2007.  Meeting at 6:00pm and 7:30 draft