Board Meeting

June 9, 2007



Board Attendees:  Kelly Small, Chet Oberhelman, Lynn Kerr, Jonah Mytro, Jay Flynn


Minutes from last meeting were accepted.


Treasurer report-  Jay submitted an income statement.  Yankee is expected to break even this year once all expenses have been reported.  Championships ran at a substantial loss this year.  Yankee still has a surplus from last year.


Registrars’ report-  No report


TD report- No report


Referee report- No report


NERVA report-   No report.


Ratings report-  No report


Newsletter report- Jonah is working on the summer newsletter.  It should be out in the next two weeks.


Web editor report-  No report



GRC report-  Scrambles were very successful this year.  They will be run again next year.



Old/New Business:


Voting: Ballots are expected to be counted within 10 days from election close.


Reminder that the new board will need to pass the minutes of this meeting and Jonah will add new members to yankee board email group.




Fall draft and fall meeting: August 23, 2007.  Meeting at 6:00pm and 7:30 draft.






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