Yankee Board Meeting

Date:  Monday, August 6 2007

Start Time: 7:15pm

End Time: 10:30pm

Location: 29 Harvard St. Brookline,MA


Jeffry Powell, Jeff Sinnamon, Art Palmer, Lynn Kerr, Tom Sweeney, Dave Castanon, Daniel Chen, Samantha Lampert, Jay Carroll, Jonah Mytro, Mark Archibald, Chuck Blake


1.  Welcome to new members; Introductions; discussion of roles/responsibilities

a. Hardcopies of Bylaws printed and handed out

b. Review of Executive Board responsibilities


            c. Dave C. overview of NEVB (NERVA)

            d. 4 divisions

i. Yankee – Adult, Non-Maine vb population (2700 people)

                        ii. Jr Girls, Boys, Maine (3000, 250, 200 people)

            e. definition of New England – East of town of Fairfield, CT

f. Yankee vs. NERVA, run tourneys where it is desired that out-of-region teams join us.

i. then aim for nationals rules (NERVA) to be more universal


2.  Any “Old News” that the new board needs to be caught up on

            a. Picnic review rained, ended by 3

            b. Championships went well

c. Nationals – from crude observation, may have submitted teams at ratings which were too low (Dave)

i. We can change ratings levels for nationals based on last year’s performance (Jonah)


3.  Presentation of Financials

            a. From Dori through Jonah

            b. Yankee only – Non-profit goal is to break even in annual budget

            c. NE

                        i. USAV portion – insurance, per player fees, publications


4.  How to choose meeting dates and draft dates; rules/policies/methods

            a. Monday – September 10, Lasell Room 101, 7:30

            b. Monday – October 15, Lasell 7:30

            c. Monday – November 19, Lasell 7:30

            d. Monday – December 17 Board Meeting 6pm and Draft 7:30, Lasell


5.  AVP sponsorship/participation

            a. AVP 16th-19th

            b. Sponsorship tent in sponsorship village

i. Village open Fri 8am through Sun 1:30

ii. 2 people working in tent at all times

            a. giving away promotional NEVB, Yankee items

            c. 4 banners around facility

            i. postcards; business cards

            d. tshirt and hat giveaways (tshirt giveaways during finals)

            e. announcements over the weekend on loudspeakers

            f. 13,000-14,000 spent

g. giveaway VIP and gen.ad tickets to current members that sign up for Yankee Newsletter

h. prize giveaway after AVP for new Yankee newsletter sign ups

i. 20% discount if you buy tkts online using Yankee code; no rules to code usage

j. meeting next Wednesday pm, for people working event; jonah will be in contact


6.  Logo

            a. Working with Logoworks

            b. plea for feedback via new Yankee blog (Jonah)

c. potentially complete for use on Scramble T shirts or for Champs prizes; not rushing to complete before AVP


7.  Upcoming Draft: quick review of skeleton – make any adjustments if permitted that the last few years have proven necessary

**Are there any available statistics that can be presented?

            a. Where do the TD reporting stats go

i. buried in the database

ii. Tom will send out statistics in the next few days

            b. Overview of how the draft works (Jonah)

                        i. new in place last year was new probationary period for new TDs

            c. Lacking in communication about draft in the past? (Jay, Mark)

d. Expansion, new TDs need to be more overt, members need to express their desire for where they should expand (Dave)

            i. Should skeleton involve locations and levels (Dave)

                        a. aim  incorporation in spring skeleton

b. should look at location of members and eligible locations in their areas (Jeff S)

c. should/could we be reaching out to members to be new TDs at new locations (Jay)

            i. Do we have a need for new locations and TDs (Lynn)

e. Create a how to become a TD guidebook, hand out; give out at tourneys; announce in a timely fashion over emails,etc.

            i. Sam/Jonah will work together on this

f. Is there a desire/need for 2 day tournaments (Jay)

g. start a TD apprentice program (Mark)

h. Jonah, Mark, Sam will be at draft

i. ref rates will not go up for the fall (as we have not heard anything)


8.  Creation of committee to review and provide re-write suggestions for the by-laws if it is found necessary

            a. Suggestions for changes should be emailed to Sam

i. Voting, Elections – remove postcard/ballot make it all online

ii. Annual Stipends – for board, based on performance (jonah proposed last year)

                        iii. Newsletter – Electronic from quarterly newsletter

                        iv. Official Yankee communication

            e. COMMITTEE:  Sam, Jeff S; Art, Tom, Lynn, Mark

f. proposal new draft by next meeting; send out postcards giving notification; choose deadline for voting in February/March

            i. distribute information EARLY

            ii. based on vote bylaws will be revised and updated

g. Yankee Policies and Regulations

            i. Yankee rules show which rules we ignore, default is USAV rules

            ii. USAV rulebooks available after tonight’s meeting and at draft

                        iii. Update based on past Yankee votes


9.  Official means of Yankee communications

            a. Recent creation of Yankee newsletter and Yankee Blog, and creation of emailing list

b. BAVP – not the official Yankee communications option; cross-over but that is not Yankee

c. There is a Yankee Yahoo!group

d. (Jay) proposes a need for a layers of communication as not all communication can/should be electronic

i. Currently difficult to incorporate at the national level, but we should explore further (Dave)

ii. Newport only does website and email (Art)

iii. Idea proposed to send out postcard to all members after registration to mail us back if you want more snail mail. See community reaction (Sam)

a. postcards directing members to correct electronic locations is a valuable minor expense that we should continue (Tom)

            e. Monthly emails from the Board to the new email list (Jonah)

f. Jonah motions to purchase email list services through ConstantContact for $252 a year; Jeff S seconds

            i. What is the start of this year? (Dave)

                        a. Starting August 15, 2007 through August 14, 2008

            ii. 6 Yes, 1 No, 0 Abstain; Motion Passes

g. BAVP rants

i. rant@yankee.org and rave@yankee.org on Yankee website are now directed to Board@yankee.org

ii. board members should direct rants and raves from BAVP there

iii. if there is a need, board will discuss on Yahoo!group and respond with facts or information as necessary


10.  Yankee Registration System

            a. over 2 years; entering information online but still paying the way we are now

                        i. don’t want to take risk of CC collection (NE)

                        ii. insurance company is not yet ready for electronic signature (USAV)

                                    a. what we’re doing must work for minors as well as adults

b. print and sign code of contact; send in check to judy; all membership info is entered online

c. Yankee will continue to provide all the same information online; including ratings

d. Members will be immediately registered at a National level

e. You can still register at tournaments on paper

            i. or online at a tournament; and sign hand in a blank registration form

            ii. how do you match signature to online information? (Jonah)

                        a. Dave will look into this

            iii. how will TDs know who just pre-registered online? (Art)

                        a. Dave will look into this


11.  Yankee Tournament Registration

a. last year’s board agreed that the online tournament registration would be the official tourney control

b. online sign up does not hold your place, money does

c. TDs will be reminded to update; will discuss at the draft

d. Only TDs or web admins can change team captains

e. discussion of what happens when a TD gives late notifications to a team that is not-included in an invitational tournament

            i. there will be close monitoring of Beanpot and Rick Pierce

f. after all TDs have approved schedule; it will take about 1 week to get all info online and ready for tournament registration


12.  Rating System/Raters

            a. reading of Don Cohen’s request (via email) and proposal for how to change ratings

            b. lack of attending raters (Chuck)

i. need to have at least 4 active player/raters per level; head raters need to make better choices (Jonah)

ii. should be a rotation of head raters so that it cannot become personal (Jay)

iii. where do ratings sheets from each tournament go (Jeff S)

a.       to Judy then to ratings committee (Tom)

iv. how fast are ratings acted upon

a.       likely by end of week if TD info is in

b.       starting this year there will be a 2 week window for new ratings

c.       officially posted on yankee or ratings changes pages

v. number of raters should grow with percentage of participants at any level

vi. Jeff S passes motion to increase the number of raters to 5 (low), 5 (mid), 3 (higher level); Jonah seconds

            a. unanimous agreement

vii. people should be re-ratable until a rater sees them (Jeffry P)

viii. Suggested that raters attend a minimum number of tournaments

            a. put on agenda for discuss on next meeting



13.  Increase interest in weekend tournaments

**What is our role in helping to promote area leagues (BSSC, BVA, NVC, etc)

            a. will push off to discuss at next meeting


14.  2010 USA Volleyball Open

            a. Jay suggests that Yankee puts in a bid to bring 2010 open to Boston

            b. Some issues would be unions and hotel prices

                        i. local fundraising may help for both unions and hotels

            c. will help generate more interest and inspire increased membership

            d. will have $10,000 by February to help with the application process

            e. who does the bid? (Jonah)

                        i. it comes from our group (Dave)

                        ii. no information posted yet for applying for 2010

            f. if we can’t make it happen in Boston, could it happen in Providence or Worcester (Dave)

                        i. what about Hartford? (Lynn)


15.  Posting of Agenda/Minutes Online

            a. Start collection of old agenda items

            b. Lynn will contact Joe Loyall

            c. Jonah contact Kelly Small

            d. Dave will research was he has

e. Follow up and get posted online; include any past votes to help update agenda online since 2003


16. New Business

            a. grassroots committee – Dan, Jeffry P, Mark

                        i. help with scrambles, clinics, guerrilla marketing

                        ii. 2-3 per session

                        iii. lower and upper level clinics (1-2 each session)

            b. are there statistics on last year’s clinics and scrambles?

                        i. of those participants, how many become new members?

                        ii. how do we have follow-up and keep these people involved? (Art)

                        iii. committee can develop a follow-up plan for these participants (Mark)

a. scramble committee could help Captain future tourneys for these players (Art)

b. invite area clubs to come talk to players (Jay)

c. enable these players to be pro-active (Lynn)

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