LOCATION: Lasell College, Gym, Room 101


END TIME:  10:45

Next board meeting: 12/17 6pm at Lasell (Gym, room 101)

Followed by Draft 7:30


Attendees:  Samantha Lampert, Jonah Mytro, Jeff Sinnamon, Jeffry Powell, Mark Archibald, Lynn Kerr, Daniel Chen

Absent: Jay Flynn, Chuck Blake

Guests: Joe Martin, Mark Robarts, Jay Carroll, Chet Oberhelman, Hayson Group President/CEO Tracy West, VP John Slattery


Open Bid



·        Treasurer Report - None

·        Registrar’s Report

·        NERVA Report - None

·        Ratings Report

·        Newsletter/Email/Blog Report

·        Web Editor Report

·        GRC Report

·        Bylaws Committee Report


Old Business


·        Approval of past minutes


·        Jonah Motions that from here on out, all new Yankee Member sign ups are choosing to opt-in for Yankee newsletter


·        Championships


·        Rick Pierce


·        2007-2008 Budget Review


·        Stipend Adjustments – Effective as of Aug 1, 2007


·        Tournament Issues since last Board Meeting


New Business for Next Meeting


·        Discuss Change of Ratings Freeze

·        Newsletter/Blog stipend(s)

·        Hayson Group decision

o       Lynn will pass Board questions/answers to/from Jay Carroll until next meeting