Attendance: Samanatha Lampert, Jeffry Powell, Jay Flynn, Jonah Mytro, Mark Archibald, Chuck Blake (7:20), Daniel Chen (7:40)

Confirmed No: Lynn Kerr, Jeff Sinnamon

Guests: Krissy Norman, Shirin Samadani, Katelyn Hill, Tom Olson, Chet Oberhelman (7:20)

Start time: 7:00 pm

End time:  9:00 pm


LOCATION: Lasell College, Athletics Center




  • Treasurer Report – presented by Jay from Dori
    • Expecting loss less than $10,000 this year
    • Still in line for this year’s budget
    • See Handout
  • Registrar’s Report
    • 5% full year membership over last year at this time
  • NERVA Report - None
  • Ratings Report
    • Women’s rating committee decided to have presence at all board meetings
  • Blog Report
    • Stats available upon request
  • Newsletter Update
    • Nationals and pre-summer newsletters coming soon
  • Web Editor Report
    • Accreditation tests are humming along. To date: 239 R2, 233 SK, 1 week left
    • Work has begun for the 2008-09 on-line referee tests
      • PAVO Form A live on 7/1, USAV tests on 10/15
    • Summer VB Schedule is posted
    • Yankee Picnic registration opened early last week
  • GRC Report
    • Last Scramble started closer to 10am; 1st reverse co-ed that filled
    • Will do 2 per season next year
  • Bylaws Committee Report
    • Tabled work to the summer


Old Business:


  • Approval of past minutes – via email
    • Lynn Kerr motions to approve minutes
      • Jonah seconds
        • For: Lynn, Jonah, Jay, Mark, Dan, Sam
        • Majority: Motion Passes


  • TNT Vacations Presentation – Katelyn Hill
    • Affinity Opportunity
    • Jay will look into tax implications
    • Board will discuss over email or at next board meeting


  • Alternating Term Ranges for Board Members (Lynn)
    • Sam shared some of the EM from Tom Sweeney
    • Would take a lot of logistics and bylaw adjustments


  • Minimum Points per Team is 160 for a full day tournament
    • Is there a hard-fast rule for reimbursement? (Kevin Cummings)
    • There is not; we’ll keep it on a case-by-case basis


  • Picnic
    • Email/Newsletter/Blog/Snail Mail Postcard re: Yankee Picnic as the official yearly meeting of the general membership
    • Yes, we will advertise as such
    • Jonah will talk to Lynn about postcards (she did them last year)
    • Chet still looking for a DJ


  • Registration Fee Increase
    • From Judy: 
      • Next step is for David Castanon/NERVA board to figure out the split, what part of the $35/40 goes to the department and what part to the overhead acct.
      • RE: Yankee board deciding on the registrar allocation. 
        • All registrar fees will be coming out of the overhead acct not the departments so David C/NERVA board makes the decisions on the Registrar stipend.
        • Jay/Jonah agree Yankee determines what part of the registration is divided out
        • Must vote and decide on this by next meeting
        • Discussion of type of rate increase per membership to registrar
        • Online membership fee was increased to help cut credit card costs
        • Paper membership fee was increased work for the registrar


  • Ratings Sheet Updates
    • Ratings sheets will go to head raters instead of to the registrar
    • New form is online already and updated to include mailing addresses
    • Reminder from Daniel that TDs should be sending in cover sheets to registrar showing total 1 day and new memberships
    • At next Draft, review TD procedures


  • Regionals and Prize money distribution
    • Matt Manne’s EM re: prize money at the MB Regionals
    • All 3 eligible teams finished 5-3
    • The team that got the money finished ahead of the others on Point Differential
    • Would look at doing a play-off game next year if team’s finished with tied records; would have to work out the details of timing and work team situations


  • Yankee Prizes
    • Look at different prizes for next year; color, style, etc.


  • Champs Format
    • Jay heard a lot of negative feedback on the format at the coed and the MA/AA
    • Darcy Duke’s feedback
    • 1 game at a time; random draw
    • Chet thinks that there is no way to seed teams
    • Tom’s suggestion for next year is to move toward a format a bit more like Nationals


  • Scorekeepers/R2 test
    • There was no penalty for teams that had not passed the tests because the tests got online later than expected because of the database crash


New Business:


·         Mark Archibald has been appointed the new Tournament Coordinator starting on Sep 1, 2008.

o        There is a tournament coordinator stipend

o        Table stipend discussion until the next meeting


·         To add to Board Calendar:

o        September – discussion of women’s B, men’s BB nationals mapping

o        More distinctly define Libero uniform rules and share with referees if it is not aligned with USAV

o        R2/Scorekeeper tests online before April 14 (Jan 1st???)

·         Women’s Rating Committee comments on recent issues

o        Explained that they plan to have representation at all future meetings.

·         Tom Olson

o        Where did the $250 prize money for winning team’s going to Nationals?

§         Would recommend upping it to at least $500

o        Is there a Yankee policy on work teams for playoffs?

§         This is set by TDs

o        Request to add MVP to Regionals

·         Guests Leave

o        EM from member regarding a past player sanction

§         Jonah will respond (Sam will forward EM)

o        Ratings Situation Issue