Attendance: Samantha Lampert, Jonah Mytro, Mark Archibald, Chuck Blake, Daniel Chen, Lynn Kerr

Confirmed No: Jeffry Powell, Jay Flynn, Jeff Sinnamon

Guests: Bob DesMaisons

Start time: 11:40 am

End time:  12:00 pm


LOCATION: Annual Meeting of the Membership “Yankee Picnic”, Hudson, MA




  • Treasurer Report
    • No changes from last report
    • Waiting on Champs and Picnic Data
  • Registrar’s Report
    • None
  • NERVA Report
    • Nationals is in Minneapolis next year
    • Main report is that for Nationals, every team will be able to add 2 out of region players, provided the out of region players' teams are not playing at Nationals.  Thus, the rule will be extended from AA to A, B and BB.
      • We'll have to figure out a way of enforcing ratings.
    • Take a look at our finishes and see if we need adjustments on ratings for nationals.  Now is the time to do it, while it is still fresh.
      • Jonah will look at before September
  • Ratings Report
  • Blog Report
  • Newsletter Update
  • Web Editor Report
    • Work continues on the 2008-09 Referee On-line Tests for PAVO and USAV
    • BBQ registration was brought on-line and folks registered via it.  Tom sent signups to Chet, Sam and Lynn along with posting them to the web on a regular basis.
    • Summer volleyball schedule is posted.  We lost one TD from last year and a couple others are offering less tournaments.  We did pick up a couple of new ones, so I think the numbers of tournaments are equivalent.
    •  Championship Results have been reported and posted to the site.
  • GRC Report
    • Dan working on way to move scramble players into tournaments
  • Bylaws Committee Report
    • Choose date to work on this during the summer
    • Will talk ‘offline’


Old Business:


  • Approval of past minutes – via email
    • Jay Flynn motions to approve minutes
      • Mark seconds
        • For: Chuck, Lynn, Jonah, Jay, Mark, Daniel, Jeffrey, Sam
        • Majority: Motion Passes


  • Annual Meeting of the Membership, Mailed Invitations
    • Conversation via Email
    • Goal: Order 2200 black and white postcards by Wed (5/21)
    • Cost: $1000
      • $0.25 postage each, printing $135, handling fee $200
        • Includes a "rush" fee of $125
      • Jay motions to Approve Expense
        • Jeffry seconds
        • For: Jonah, Jay, Jeffrey, Lynn, Sam
  • TNT Vacations Presentation
    • Update from Jonah
      • Jonah will discuss with Kaitlyn over the summer
    • Update from Jay via email
      • The tax issues with the TNT arrangement are fairly insignificant.  There would be some tax on the income, but it would not jeopardize Yankee/NERVA's tax status.  It seems like a good idea to me to proceed.


  • Jersey Rule update – Daniel
    • Tabled to August meeting


  • Toll reimbursement request
    • Daniel: Request to add toll reimbursement to referee pay
    • Jonah: we will not make any changes now


  • Member Rant Email regarding ratings
    • Refer to email
    • Raters did not abuse power in disqualifying a team


  • Registration Fee Increase
    • No new news from NERVA/Dave
    • Bob DesMaisons: Recommendation to have a ‘seniors rate’ for those members that are ONLY playing at Nationals
      • Jonah will discuss with Dave


  • Libero Uniforms
    • Be more definitive and share with referees if it is not exactly aligned with USAV
    • Jonah will talk to Steve Webster to clarify
    • Head referee responsible for making the final decision
      • We will discuss more in September


New Business:


  • Plan out Fall Draft Date and 1st Fall Meeting
    • LaSalle, 7pm, August 20th
    • Draft to follow at 8pm
    • Invite Referee coordinator to August meeting to review any rule changes
  • Picnic Expenses Reimbursement
    • Sam and Lynn receipts to Jonah
  • Travel Reimbursement
    • After today’s are added, checks will be drafted
  • 2009 Pay
    • Stipends, Referees, Etc.
    • Tournament Coordinator stipend, tabled to August
  • 2009 Budget Input
    • Suggestions for 2009 Budget, so it is ready and presented to board in September
    • Jonah will email in July for review and approval at August meeting