Attendees: Jonah Mytro, Samantha Lampert, Daniel Chen, Jeffry Powell, Chuck Blake, Mark Archibald, Jeff Sinnamon

Confirmed No: Lynn Kerr

Guests: Ed Mercorelli, Tom Olson 8pm

Monday, September 29, 2008

Start time: 7:00 pm

End time:  8:30 pm


LOCATION: Lasell College, Athletics Center


Approval of August Minutes

Motion to Approve: Jeff Sinnamon, Jonah Seconds

For: Jonah, Jeff, Daniel, Chuck, Jeffry, Jay


Abtain: Sam, Mark Archibald




·         Treasurer Report – None were received from Dori

·         Registrar’s Report – None from Judy

·         NERVA Report - None

·         Ratings Report

    • Both men and women’s committees are sending emails instead of mailing letters
    • Mark is suggesting that we find a way to make down-rates instant

·         Blog Report

    • 1,000 Unique visitors in September
    • Since January, 9,000 visits to site

·         Newsletter Update

    • Another email newsletter this week
    • One will go out each month
    • 40-45% open rate

·         Web Editor Report

    • The schedule is up and was posted to the site over Labor Day weekend for the fall tournaments. Thanks go out to Jim Cirillo for all of his assistance and to Mark Archibald for getting the info together and verified quickly.
      • TD's were kept abreast of the progress for that
      • New TD's have been sent instructions for the on-line registration system.
    • Steve is talking with another region about that region possibly making use of our accreditation tests.
    • Other than that, pretty quiet on the front. Lots of hits and activities for tournaments and new players as is usual this time of year. If anything, slightly more than previous years.

·          GRC Report

    • Nov 1, Dec 4 are the 2 upcoming scrambles

·         Bylaws Committee Report

    • Need to have recommendations in place to board by February 15


Old Business:


·         Yankee Yearbook

    • Ed Mercorelli presents idea to have a Yankee Yearbook
    • See handout Proposal
    • Next step – do more research and judge membership interest via a poll
      • Discuss poll results at next board meeting

·         Budget

    • Have not gotten financials, should have a draft by next meeting

·         Board Member Photos on website

    • Jonah will follow up with Tom Sweeney

·         Nationals Mappings

    • Discussion of Sander’s emailed comments
      • Jonah will discuss with Dave to make a request to USAV to better enforce the levels of Nationals coed

·         Rick Pierce Awards

    • Will set the committee at next meeting
      • Mark will ask last year’s winners if they would like to be on the committee
    • Nominations will occur during November
    • Rick Pierce tournament is Dec. 13

·         Storage Facility

    • Has been closed down.
    • All Yankee items that were in storage are now in Jonah’s basement

·         At a recent tourney, TD arrived about 5 minutes before start of a friendship tournament

    • Tourney started about 30+ minutes late
    • This may have interfered with time allotted for playoffs

·         Discussion of Yankee Rules Documents

·         Jeff S. motions to add Yankee scrambles to the Yankee list of tournaments that are slotted pre-draft.

    • Jonah seconds
    • For: Unanimous



New Business

·         None