Yankee Board Meeting

Attendees: Jonah Mytro, Samantha Lampert, Lynn Kerr, Jeffry Powell, Daniel Chen, Chuck Blake

Confirmed No: Jay Flynn, Mark Archibald

Guests:  Ed Mercorelli

Date:  Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Start time: 7:15 pm

End time:  9:00 pm


LOCATION: Lasell College, Athletics Center


Approval of September Meeting Minutes:

Motion to approve:  Mark Archibald (with minor edits)

Seconded:  Jay Flynn (with minor edits)

For:  Mark Archibald, Jay Flynn, Jeffry Powell, Samantha Lampert, Chuck Blake, Jonah Mytro, Lynn Kerr






  • Treasurer Report
    • Have not received reports from Bookkeeper
    • Expect to receive them in the next few weeks
  • Registrar’s Report
    • None received
    • Summer re-rates were not added to the membership lists, Sam will email Mark Archibald to follow-up
  • NERVA Report
    • None
  • Ratings Report
    • All re-rates were sent out on October 31
  • Tournament Coordinator Report
      • Some tournaments cancelled recently because of lack of teams or loss of gym
  • Blog Report
    • 80% of traffic is new visitors
  • Newsletter Update
    • Sent one last week, 1850 on list
  • Web Editor Report
    • We had an authentication problem with the on-line roster system for a couple of days. The ISP upgraded the web server and an unintentional consequence was that the upgrade changed the way username/passwords were handled by the TD's, effectively turning them all off. Jim Cirillo was able to right this in a couple of days and it only affected the TD's ability to update, confirm teams and mark teams as paid. Captains were still able to register and update rosters without an issue.
    • The Form C Exam for USAV Referees has been brought on-line, as has the Form A exam.
    • The on-line referee clinic that we and one other region use has been brought on line.
    • Work on the accreditation tests has been started by Steve Webster and Jim Mullen. Hope to have those up and going later this year.
    • Otherwise just the normal care and maintenance stuff going on for the site. No major downtime or other related issues.
  • GRC Report
    • Ran a scramble last Saturday, 4 men’s and 5 women’s teams
      • Had 5 no-shows
      • New Members: 8 women, 2 men
  • Bylaws Committee Report – Sam will help motivate committee to get this completed in December.
    • Must be completed by January to be ready for voting process


Old Business:


o       Next Yankee Draft and Board Meeting Dates through next summer

o       Moving December Board Meeting to Tuesday December 2, 7pm at Lasell

o       Draft Tuesday December 2, 8pm at Lasell

o       January Board Meeting – Thursday January 15, 7:30

o       At December Board Meeting – Complete meeting dates through Summer

o       Yankee Yearbook

o       Poll results

§         See handouts from poll completed via BAVP

§         70% of the people that voted are interested in the concept

§         Choose media and find the people to help to make a similar concept happen for Fall 2009, online

o       08-09 Budget

o       See Handout

o       Most of proposed budget is aligned, anticipate changes to the Championships expenses

§         Current Budget is pending review of last year’s final budget

§         Will vote to approve online or at next Board Meeting, after last year’s financials are received

o       Elections

o       Start thinking about election committee

o       Jonah will ask Ratings Committee members for volunteers for this committee

§         Get Tom Sweeney on the committee as he handles the online portion

o       Board Member Photos on website

o       Jonah will try to get this done

o       Membership Trends

o       Daniel’s research

o       Need to look at skeleton and perhaps decrease the amount of C- level tournaments that are mandated to be run

o       Suggestion to create a new position of Team Captain/Coordinator to help fill men’s and women’s tournaments and organize teams (like what Catz and Dawgz used to do)

o       Team Captains

§         How do we encourage people to be team captains and coordinate teams?

o       Next Draft

§         Look at option of having Accelerated Tournaments/friendship style in 2nd half of year

§         Brief TDs on rules and expectations

§         Stress the importance of getting team rosters submitted in advance to help out the Ratings Committee plan and watch players

o       Review Nationals Mappings

o       Out of Region Players at Nationals, Rules Clarification

§         Jonah will email with Dave and get a clarification sent out

o       Mappings

§         Jonah will send suggestions to Dave

·        Lynn and Sam will re-send past concerns received from some of the women’s teams to Jonah

·        Sam will email BAVP and ask for feedback

o       Championships

o       Format and Scheduling

o       Will be asking Chet to be the coordinator again

o       Rick Pierce Awards

o       Awards Committee is made up of Brian Kangas, Julie Robarts, Jeffry Powell, Jonah Mytro, Lynn Kerr

o       Headed by Lynn

§         Collect nominations and choose

§         Rewards, Presentation

o       Referee-Yankee Memberships

o       Reminder that referees should be Yankee Members

o       Edited Rules Document Change Suggestions

o       All positive feedback

o       Member Misconduct related to paying membership fees

o       Discussion of Yankee Sanctions on members who bounce checks to TDs

o       Board should be very supportive of TDs

o       Financials Publication

o       Request made to have a detailed financial and membership report published each year in a public venue.

o       Also to included a statement of any/all retained earnings, i.e. money in the bank.

§         Anybody that would like access to this information is welcomed to it by asking the Yankee Treasurer; it is public information


New Business: None

Next Meeting:  Website Redesign