Yankee Board Meeting

Tuesday December 2, 2008


Attendees: Jonah Mytro, Samantha Lampert, Jeffry Powell, Chuck Blake, Jay Flynn, Jeff Sinnamon, Daniel Chen, Mark Archibald

Confirmed No:  Lynn Kerr

Guests: Mark Robarts, Judy Katalina, Tom Olson

Start time: 7:15 pm

End time:  8:00 pm


Followed by Yankee Draft


LOCATION: Lasell College, Athletics Center


Approval of November Minutes

Motion to Approve: Jeffry Powell

Second:  Lynn Kerr

For:Jeffry Powell, Lynn Kerr, Chuck Blake, Samantha Lampert, Jonah Mytro

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·         Treasurer Report

    • None received from Dori.
    • Jonah will follow up this week

·         Registrar’s Report

    • 1053 full memberships compared to 993 last year
    • TDs are doing great at getting in memberships quickly and accurately
    • 35% are signing up offline

·         NERVA Report

    • None received from Dave

·         Ratings Report

    • Re-rates came out this week
    • Men’s raters have changed

·         Blog Report

    • 6-800 people per month

·         Newsletter Update

    • Working on December’s now

·         Web Editor Report

    • Accreditation tests are in final review stage and will be online by mid-December
    • Getting USAV Scorekeeper tests online in December as well
    • Hoping to have Draft schedule live by 12/15

·         GRC Report

    • Will be a scramble this coming Sunday

·         Bylaws Committee Report

    • Nothing to report


Old Business:


·         Finish Scheduling Board Meetings through August

o        Jan 15, 7:30

o        Feb 19, 7:30

o        Mar 26, 7:30

o        Apr 20, 7:30

o        May/June TBD

o        Bounced Checks as Member Misconduct

§         Has been handled

·         Player Misconduct

o        Jonah got incident reports from all involved parties

o        Recommends probation through the end of the 2008-09 season; Jonah will send him a letter

§         Board discussion that Jonah’s suggestion is too lenient

§         Will suspend until end of January 2009; followed by 1 year probation ending Dec 2009

·         Board discussion of Mileage reimbursement fees

·         Suggested modifications to Draft Procedures

o        Add AF tourneys into 2nd half of year?

o        Remind TDs rules and expectations

o        Lower WC- and MC- Skeleton to 10 teams, from 15

·         Unsanctioned Tournaments

o        TDs cannot run un-sanctioned tournaments; Yankee will hold TDs responsible

o        Jeff motions to amend Yankee rules to state in accordance with USAV rules that Yankee Registered Club teams and Tournament Directors who run indoor 6s tournaments will be sanctioned at discretion of the Yankee Board

§         Jonah seconds

§         For:  Jeff, Jonah, Daniel, Mark, Jeffrey, Chuck

§         Abstain: Samantha

·         Set Election Committee

o        Jonah will do that this week

·         Championships

o        Chet will be the Championships TD

o        Will set dates and locations by next meeting

·         Check in with Rick Pierce Committee

o        Julie Robarts will present the awards

o        Multiple nominations have been received for both genders; polling closes tomorrow

·         Website Re-design

o        New look/feel/functionality for 2009-2010 season

o        Will start planning at January meeting

·         Nationals Mappings

o        Jonah will look at last years finishes and recommend changes to Dave at NERVA


New Business

  • 2010 Nationals Bid
    • Jonah met with Jay to get an update.
    • Yankee has to resolve an issue of “Good Standing” as a non-profit with the State of Massachusetts
  • Draft Format
    • Use “fantasy football format”
    • Go down and back through the random draw for turns
    • Reshuffle after the skeleton has been completed
  • Skeleton Make-up
    • Suggestion to reduce the number of C- level tournaments from the skeleton was discussed


For Next Meeting

            Discussion of Ratings Format