Yankee Board Meeting

Thursday January 15, 2009


Attendees: Jonah Mytro, Samantha Lampert, Lynn Kerr, Jeffry Powell, Mark Archibald, Daniel Chen, Jeff Sinnamon

Confirmed No:  Jay Flynn, Chuck Blake

Guests: Chet Oberhelman

Start time: 7:30 pm

End time:  9:30 pm


LOCATION: Lasell College, Athletics Center


Approval of December Minutes

Motion to Approve: Jeffry Powell

Second:  Lynn Kerr

For:  Jeffry Powell, Lynn Kerr, Chuck Blake, Samantha Lampert, Jonah Mytro, Mark Archibald, Daniel Chen, Jeff Sinnamon

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·         Treasurer Report

    • Got the 8/31/08 (Yankee/NERVA Year-End) financials from Dori.
    • We had a $12K loss last year. Some items to note:
      • Memberships were up over previous year, but one-day memberships were down.
      • We paid $5K to Hayson Sports Group for US Open Bid
      • Scrambles were run at >$5K loss.
      • Championships came in at, but they are generally a loss-leader as well.
      • Jonah requested YTD Financial from Dori for this meeting (9/1 - 12/31/08),
      • NERVA has $165K in cash. Yankee's portion of that is roughly $80K. So we still have plenty of reserves for a rainy day.
      • Look at proposed budget to determine where we’d like to distribute some “extra” money.

·         Registrar’s Report

    • None

·         NERVA Report

    • None

·         Ratings Report

    • New Women’s Head co-raters
      • Wendy Kwong, Krissy Norrman
      • Helen resigned

·         Blog Report

    • 3,200 new visitors since September

·         Newsletter Update

    • 3 email blasts since last meeting, 2,266 subscriptions

·         Web Editor Report

    • The Spring 2009 schedule was done and posted in record time
      • Tip of the hat in Mark’s direction.
    • The scorekeeper accreditation test are completed, but not yet opened up to the general population. Another region is currently using them, and more regions may be coming on board to use them primarily for their JO kids.
      •  Steve Webster is working on the content of the R2 accreditation tests and once complete, it will take about a week to get those live too.
    • Continued maintenance/updates of the site and supporting test takers and other web visitors as necessary.
    • Upcoming events:
      • Completing the work of the accred tests and making those live
      • Working with Chet for the Yankee/NERVA Champs signups
      • Updating the Scramble page as necessary to get Daniel’s sign up work going

·         GRC Report

    • Added a last minute cancellation fee for scrambles
    • Last scramble was at LSHS, 60 men, 30 women
    • Next one in CT in Feb
    • Will start each scramble with a refereeing refresher.

·         Bylaws Committee Report

    • Sam will be emailing out the proposed changes in the next week
    • Board will give feedback and get it posted online


Old Business:


·         Unsanctioned Tournaments

o    Rules have been amended to state: in accordance with USAV rules that Yankee Registered Club teams and Tournament Directors who run indoor 6s tournaments will be sanctioned at discretion of the Yankee Board

·         Election Committee

o    Asking members of the ratings committee

o    Jonah will have committee together at the next meeting

§  General Meeting of the membership at Board Meeting on April 20

§  Nominations close 1 week later

§  Ballots are “mailed” out on the 27th.

§  Picnic will be 5 weeks minimum from that meeting.

§  Voting closes at midnight on the day of the picnic

·         Championships

o    Chet has mapped out the schedule; will email out

o    Similar registration process as last year

o    Judy has offered to help with prizes

o    Will still do balls for MVP prizes

o    Has received complaints about format; re-examining but will likely stay with the same ‘random’ format

·         Website Re-design

o    New look/feel/functionality for 2009-2010 season

o    Jonah will talk with Tom

·         Nationals Mappings

o    Jonah needs to talk with Dave Castanon

o    April 1 is Nationals Office deadline

§  Ours will likely be mid-late March

·         Good Standing Issue

o    Has Yankee been able to resolve this yet?

o    It is a NERVA Issue, Dave must handle it.

·         USAV

o    Shuffling their feet on the 2010 paper

·         Last Draft Review

o    We changed the format, how do people think it worked?

§  Use “fantasy football format”

§  Go down and back through the random draw for turns

§  Reshuffle after the skeleton has been completed

o    Input from Jason Phillips shared

o    Overall, we didn’t like the new format and will likely go back to the old way before the next draft

·         Yankee Approved Tournament Sites and Rules

o    Yankee reviews sites to meet USAV specs and safety issues

·         Rick Pierce

o    Committee received about 12 nominations

o    Julie Robarts’ suggested that in the future we further define the voting criteria

o    Darcy Duke and Josh Wachs won the 2008 awards presented by Lynn and Julie, in the presence of Jeffry Powell and Brian Kangas at the Rick Pierce.

·         TD Weather/Cancellation Policies

o    TC should make sure all sites have a cancellation policy

o    TC will remind TDs to follow their own procedures

o    ‘Acts of God’ Rule

§  If a Tournament Director has to cover expenses when they cancel a tournament mid-day for safety issues or ‘Acts of God’ they can appeal to the Board for their operating loss. 

·         Sam motions the above

·         Jeffry 2nds

o    For: Unanimous

o    Motion Passes

·         Job Description Recommendation

o    For each Yankee appointed position there should be a job description given to all new appointees

o    Will discuss at next meeting

·         Yankee Picnic Committee

o    Chet will start getting the committee organized

o    Looking at dates

·         Order Championships and MVP Prizes

o    Will work out budget and get prizes ordered


New Business

·         TDs Frequently Canceling Tournaments

o    Typically related to facilities

o    Suggested that we add a rule, given a percentage, if a certain site cancels more than that percentage the site might move back to probationary.


For Next Meeting

·         Ratings Format Discussion

·         Discuss Rick Pierce Award Criteria

·         Job Description Recommendation

·         Decide on Nationals Gifts

·         Ratings Suggestions

o    Being locked into a rating without a rater present

o    Ratings Freeze Concerns

·         TDs Frequently Canceling Tournaments

o    Typically related to facilities

o    Suggested that we add a rule, given a percentage, if a certain site cancels more than that percentage the site might move back to probationary.