Yankee Board Meeting

Thursday February 19, 2009


Attendees: Jonah Mytro, Samantha Lampert, Lynn Kerr, Jeffry Powell, Mark Archibald, Daniel Chen, Chuck Blake

Confirmed No:  Jay Flynn, Jeff Sinnamon

Guests: Chet Oberhelman (8pm arrival), Krissy Norrman, Tom Olson

Start time: 7:30 pm

End time:  9:00 pm


LOCATION: Lasell College, Athletics Center


Approval of January Minutes

Motion to Approve: Jeffry Powell

Second:  Mark Archibald

For:  Jeffry Powell, Mark Archibald, Lynn Kerr, Samantha Lampert, Jonah Mytro

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·        Treasurer Report

    • none

·        Registrar’s Report

  • Current memberships – 2,046 (with 2 weekends left til the end of the month)
  • 2008 memberships numbers at the end of Feb 08 was 2,006
  • Championships:
    • Be sure to advertise that only full members can play champs...no one day, no college club discount.

·        NERVA Report

    • None
    • 2010 Bid Report:  2 major issues were union issues and hotels
      • Have achieved and extra $5 per room
      • USAV is not giving much feedback yet

·        Ratings Report

    • M: Went out this afternoon

·        Blog Report

    • Traffic is down; new updates are 2009 Nationals, Scrambles, and ratings updates

·        Newsletter Update

    • 3 were sent out recently; scramble, Nationals, Jan/Feb schedule

·        Web Editor Report

    • None (See meeting notes below)

·        GRC Report

    • Scramble coming up on the 28th

·        Bylaws Committee Report

    • None


Old Business:


·        Election Committee

o       Jonah will have committee together before the next meeting

§         General Meeting of the membership at Board Meeting on April 20

§         Nominations close 1 week later

§         Ballots are “mailed” out on the 27th.

§         Picnic will be 5 weeks minimum from that meeting.

§         Voting closes at midnight on the day of the picnic


·        Needs to be updated and followed up on by Mark and Sam:

o       TD Weather/Cancellation Policies

§         TC should make sure all sites have a cancellation policy

§         TC will remind TDs to follow their own procedures

§         ‘Acts of God’ Rule

·        If a Tournament Director has to cover expenses when they cancel a tournament mid-day for safety issues or ‘Acts of God’ they can appeal to the Board for their operating loss. 

o       Sam motions the above

o       Jeffry 2nds

§         For: Unanimous

§         Motion Passes

·        Job Description Recommendation

o       For each Yankee appointed position there should be a job description given to all new appointees

o       Board members will write their own and send to Sam, Jeffry will write the At Large, Sam will write up the appointed positions

·        Ratings Suggestions

o       Being locked into a rating without a rater present

o       Ratings Freeze Concerns

§         After ratings freeze, all new players stay instantly re-rateable

§         Suggestion, join by March 15 you can be frozen if you are watched by a rater? Suggestion: perhaps give the instant re-rate in effect after 2 weeks? Suggestion: appropriate level rater can “turn off” the re-rate flag?

§         Krissy will follow up with Judy to investigate further and then follow up with Jonah

·        Discuss Rick Pierce Award Criteria

o       Moving to next meeting

·        Decide on Nationals Gifts

o       Moving to next meeting

·        Jonah left

·        TDs Frequently Canceling Tournaments

o       Typically related to facilities

o       Suggested that we add a rule, given a percentage, if a certain site cancels more than that percentage the site might move back to probationary.

·        Member Concern

o       Proposal that limits Tournament Directors at Yankee Tournaments to not being TD, Ref (Head Ref sometimes) and player. It seems to me that it's excessive when somebody tries to do all three functions, and typically they can't focus on all three so TD role usually suffers. Or quite possibly the reffing role can be interrupted to deal with a TD issue. Basically, when I've seen somebody try to perform in all three roles, the tournament suffers and the players get a sub-par tournament.
I would suggest that Yankee set up a rule that a TD can be allowed to either play, or ref, but not do both at a tournament he or she is the Tournament Director for.

o       Sam Motions: A Tournament Director may only hold one other position while running a Yankee tournament; either referee or player, but not both.

o       Jeffry seconds

o       For:  Sam, Jeffry, Mark, Chuck, Lynn, Dan

o       Against: None

·        Friendship Tournament Format after Jan 1st.

o       Shared email from Dave Castanon

o       Led to discussion of refereeing

§         Suggestion to send an email out to membership about Referee Care Package

o       Lynn will put up a poll on the BAVP to ask the membership opinions

·        Charity Fundraiser Tournaments

o       There has been an increase in the number of these attempting to run

·        Discussed via Email: Nationals Ratings, Direct Competition with Yankee Tournaments, Webmaster Hire and Pay Approved, Website TD Reporting Form was spammed and then upgrades were made by Jim and Tom to lock it down

·        Championships

o       Still working out the schedule; we lost some gym space

o       Prizes: Chet got quotes; discussed more via email.

·        Yankee Picnic Committee

o       Our primary date choice was June 6, but that has already been reserved at the regular site; looking at alternate date and alternate site on same date

§         Will decide via email post-meeting

o       Still working on putting a committee together

·        Webmaster

o       Tom has resigned since the last board meeting

o       The board has appointed Mark Moline the temporary new webmaster.

o       **Since meeting, Will Nikula has been appointed the new webmaster. (added by Sam post-meeting)

·        Budget

o       See handout

o       Jonah motions the board to accept his budget proposal

§         Jeffry seconds

·        For: Unanimous

·        Budget approved


New Business

·        TD’s have requested that a rater attend their tournament because there are a large number of new members. 

o       Suggested that Yankee provides a stipend to raters driving to tournaments to rate new members if there are no raters playing in that tournament.


For Next Meeting

·        Ratings Format Discussion

o       (Per Email Sam has saved)


Next meeting date:  March 30, 7:30 at Lasell