Yankee Board Meeting

Monday March 30, 2009


Attendees: Jonah Mytro, Samantha Lampert, Jeffry Powell, Mark Archibald, Jay Flynn

Confirmed No:  Lynn Kerr

Guests: none

Start time: 7:30 pm

End time:  8:45 pm


LOCATION: Lasell College, Athletics Center


Approval of February Minutes

Motion to Approve: Mark Archibald

Second:  Jeffry Powell

For:  Jeffry Powell, Mark Archibald, Daniel Chen, Samantha Lampert, Lynn Kerr

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·        Treasurer Report

    • $27,000 surplus so far this year, which will be used toward Championships and Picnic

·        Registrar’s Report

    • 2189 full members, 3.5% above this time last year, 1 day members doubled in March from Feb.

·        NERVA Report

    • None

·        Ratings Report

    • None

·        Blog Report

    • Jonah shared handout/graphs

·        Newsletter Update

    • Scramble went out last week; unfortunately the same day the scramble sign up page went down
    • Another will come out this week
    • About 2,800 people signed up

·        Web Editor Report

    • Duties taken over by Will Nikula

o       Having just taken over the position, so far the only tasks I have had to perform were Championship information and scheduling, and a couple minor rules updates.

o       I have been working to consolidate the information needed for the position from Tom Sweeney, Jonah, and Jim Cirillo.

o        I’ve also been working to familiarize myself with the Yankee web site, as parts of it live on three different servers.  I have a few ideas for some possible improvements but would like to wait until I’m more settled into the role before bringing the ideas to the Yankee board.

·        GRC Report

    • 50-60 registrations for the next scramble

·        Bylaws Committee Report

    • Board will review suggested changes for a membership vote alongside the election voting
  • Daniel Arrives


Old Business:


·        Election Committee

o       Jeffry Powell will head committee, made up of Anand Mehta, Melissa Bilodeau, Steve Webster

o       Responsibilities of committee include:

§         promoting elections to yankee community

§         overseeing the election committee to make sure we are on schedule

§         sending out postcards to yankee membership promoting the election

§         gathering nominees statements and pictures

§         keep website updated regarding election process

§         gathering nominations

§         promoting deadlines and voting process

§         counting votes

§         Schedule for Election :

·        March 3rd - start promoting elections to yankee (describe what the job entails, board meetings, tasks, etc)

·        March 27th - nominations open up and we begin accepting for all positions (prez, VP, sec, Treas, at large positions)

·        April - postcards are sent to Yankee community promoting elections and voting

o       Post cards will be sent IMMEDIATELY, to give 14 days notice of April 20th meeting.

·        May 1st - Nominations close

·        May 2nd - Voting opens up - voting occurs online or via paper ballot at the picnic (if a member requests a paper ballot via the mail, we are required to send them one - last time no one requested a paper ballot.)

·        June 7th midnight - voting closes

·        June 12th - Election committee will meet and count ballots some time before this date and declare winners for each position.


·        Yankee Job Descriptions

o       Sam is putting together the final edits

·        Discuss Rick Pierce Award Criteria

o       Moving to next meeting

o       Take some time to reach out to previous winners and get their input

·        Decide on Nationals Gifts

o       Discussion regarding all opportunities/benefits to Yankee members that are available, how it is also a promotional opportunity, and a way to bring members together at Nationals

o       Jonah motions to give out nationals gifts (long sleeve dri-fit)

§         Mark seconds

§         For: Sam, Jonah, Jay, Dan, Mark

§         Abstain: Jeffry

o       Jay will get a price quote

·        Discussion of New Rule passed at last meeting

o       A Tournament Director may only hold one other position while running a Yankee tournament; either referee or player, but not both.

o       Discussed, but no motion to re-vote or change the new rule.

·        Championships

o       Online registration is working

o       Registration and Checks are coming in consistently

o       Balls and prizes ordered

·        Yankee Picnic

o       Waiting on confirmation of reservation for June 7th. Should hear on Tuesday (CONFIRMED!-added post-meeting by sl)

o       Will post on BAVP for committee members/helpers


New Business:


o       Email from Judy

o       Expansion of Tourney 2 weeks ago

o       Minutes Posting

o       Championships Prizes Bidding

o       Details of Webmaster Position


o       Beanpot update

o       Did not fill

o       USAV uniform rules were broken

§         Jonah will talk to Steve Webster


o       2010 Bid

o       USAV information

o       Have the hotel pricing and facility fees that we need/could possibly achieve

o       Should hear during Nationals this year where it will be next year; now we wait


For Next Meeting:

When Lynn is around we will discuss the Rick Pierce Criteria more.


Next meeting date:  Annual General Meeting of the Membership - Monday April 20, 7:30 at Lasell