Yankee Board Meeting

Thursday April 30, 2009


Attendees: Samantha Lampert, Jonah Mytro, Daniel Chen, Jeffry Powell, Lynn Kerr, Jay Flynn

Confirmed No:  Mark Archibald, Chuck Blake, Jeff Sinnamon

Guests: Jay Carrol, Anand Mehta, Bob DesMaisons, Tom Olson

Start time: 7:30 pm

End time: 


LOCATION: Lasell College, Athletics Center


Approval of March Minutes

Motion to Approve: Jay Flynn

Second:  Mark Archibald

For:  Jeffry Powell, Mark Archibald, Samantha Lampert, Jay Flynn, Jonah Mytro

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·        Treasurer Report-None

·        Registrar’s Report-None

·        NERVA Report-None

·        Ratings Report-None

·        Blog Report

    • Down 30%, 14,000 visitors, 20,000 page hits

·        Newsletter Update

    • Champs, Nationals

·        Web Editor Report-None

·        GRC Report

    • Scramble April 19, 7 no shows, 88 players
    • Next year maybe get higher level setters involved, so each team has that person there

·        Bylaws Committee Report

    • See later in minutes


Old Business:


·        2010 Bid Updates

o       USAV Visit – May 78

o       Mike Chandler, Dir. Of USAV Events will visit 3 hotels, convention center

o       Requesting $500 from Yankee to put towards the visit

o       Jay Flynn motioned to approve $500 for this

§         Jonah seconds

§         Unanimous Approval

·        Discuss Rick Pierce Award Criteria

o       Lynn still reaching out to previous winners and get their input

·        Championships

o       Online registration is working

o       Registration and Checks are coming in consistently

o       Balls and prizes ordered and arrived

o       Some events were moved around; we’re not being completely efficient with gym space so we’ll be taking a similar loss as last year

·        Yankee Picnic

o       Will get more information after Championships gets under way

·        Beanpot

o       Some suggestions and discussions for improvements

·        Nationals Gifts

o       It would be great if the members who can't/don't go to Nationals to have the opportunity to buy a shirt if they choose. I can't pretend to know how many people would take the option, but I'm certain I would, and it would help with the fundraising for Yankee. –Justin Seaman

o       Will have some extras to give out at picnic

o       Will try to let Yankee members pre-order shirts next year

·        Election Committee

o       Nominations accepted by Board as presented by the election committee, multiple nominations for all but one position

o       Committee will now inform nominees and ask for their acceptance

o       On May 15th, Statements and Pictures will be posted online

o       Jonah will announce to community when online voting is ready

o       June 7 (Yankee Picnic) is the final day of voting

·        Bylaws

o       Nay/Yay Voting and Discussion

o       Amendment 2

§         Unanimous

o       Amendment 1

§         Unanimous

o       Amendment 3

§         Unanimous

o       Amendment 4

§         Unanimous

o       Amendment 11

§         NOT going forward to ballot

o       Amendment 5

§         Unanimous

o       Amendment 6

§         Unanimous

o       Amendment 7

§         Unanimous

o       Amendment 8

§         Unanimous

o       Amendment 9

§         Unanimous

o       Amendment 10

§         Unanimous



New Business:

  • Separate membership category for seniors, per Bob Request
    • Has there been any follow up?
    • Jonah will check in with NERVA
  • Scorekeeper and R2Tests
    • Not required, only recommended for Championships this year as we did not have it completely ready in advance.


For Next Meeting:


Next meeting date: June 7, at the picnic, noonish.