Yankee Board Meeting

Sunday June 07, 2009


Attendees: Jonah Mytro, Daniel Chen, Lynn Kerr, Jay Flynn, Chuck Blake, Mark Archibald

Confirmed No:  Samantha Lampert, Jeffry Powell

Guests: Judy Katalina, Don Cohen, Cathy, Patty + Bob DesMaisons, Krissy Norrman, Tom Olsen, Bruno T., Sander Gates, Sean Czarniecki

Start time: noon (12:32PM)

End time:  1:06PM


LOCATION: Yankee Picnic


Approval of April Minutes

Motion to Approve: Jeffry Powell

Second:  Jay Flynn

For:  Jeffry Powell, Samantha Lampert, Jay Flynn, Jonah Mytro, Lynn Kerr

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·        Treasurer Report

    • $17,000 surplus before Champs/Picnic (no final number yet)
    • 5/22 $32,000 rev; costs $36,000- $37,000 sent Thursday  (ref, td, gym fees)
    • 12/31/08 stipends sent (Mark A asked)

·        Registrar’s Report

  • Handout:  Full 2276,   One day 300, 1041 females, 1234 male
    • X stand for coach/referee
    • ? stand for players (missing rating)
      • Bob ask if these are instantly re-ratable
    • Bermuda was okay from Dave C (to pay through NERVA)
    • States are college

·        NERVA Report (Jonah)

    • Nationals Meeting Update (USAV/Fees, etc)
      •  Fees are not going up
        • We had heard USAV wanted an increase of $10.
        • This has been delayed a year.
    • 2010 did not go to Boston; official announcement is not made yet due to phoenix contracts
    • $25,000 difference with Phoenix and Boston
    • Bermuda dropped women’s team due to funds
      • Dropped with Men’s as well.

·        Ratings Report

    • Men’s
      •  Last of the champs received today; within 2 week for end of the year
    • Women’s
      •  Krissy already sent summer

·        Blog Report

    • Summer tournaments/outdoor tournaments
    • 50-100 to the blog; 30-40% through Yankee; 60-70% through Yahoo!/Google

·        Newsletter Update

    • 3 sent: nationals, voting,  picnic
    • Next Tuesday for 14th end of voting Sunday
      • 30% open, 40% click through, 2700 signed for newsletter (Most from Registration forms)
      • 2-8 signup per week from web site

·        Web Editor Report

  • Will has been working on voting, championships and picnic
    • Krissy suggest getting email from members, 60-65% signup online, People are not putting email on membership, Krissy suggest a way to push online signups

·        GRC Report

    • Can we use the summer to try and build a more automated Cats N’Dawgs system?
      • Kathy/Patty question whether it should be Yankee or not.
        • discussion

·        Bylaws Committee Report

    • Bylaws changes are on the current ballot.
      • Saw online; some bylaws should have been more flexible (Sean Czarniecki)
      • If these are rejected; think about make making the transition easier
      • Tom O. comment should go 21th century; everyone should have access to computer.


Old Business:


·        2010 Bid Update

o       $1500 Expense Reimbursement to Jay Carroll (Jonah: when USAV came up for reception/visit, Jay spent $1500 himself. Jonah wants to reimburse only if receipts from hotels, etc…)

§         Jonah Motion: reimburse up to $1500 if receipts.

·        Jay seconds

o       Unanimous: Lynn, Mark, Chuck, Jay, Jonah, Daniel

§         The bid package is being kept by Yankee; the bid package can be re-use.

·        Discuss Rick Pierce Award Criteria

o       Lynn still reaching out to previous winners and get their input

o       Not ready; next meeting

·        Championships

o       Teams with rosters that would disqualify them from playoffs were allowed in

§         Roster deadline isn’t until the day of.

o       Who should work playoffs

§         Playoff works: 3rd play works, Most TD use either 3rd or Last

o       Round Robin Format, No late starts

§         Round Robin Format (Jonah/Jay correction statement below is backwards)

§         National B level and above: uses the round robin format

§         Nationals below has similar to Yankee format pool

·        Don asks how does teams get ranking?

·        Patty D. likes the round robin format

·        Bob D. suggests that random draw results be done ahead of time so that teams are notified ahead of time.

o       MVP Voting

o       Jay wants to talk about scenarios

o       At the discretion of TD, +5 team can play in pool; not in play-offs

·        Roster System

o       Need to include a “Played” Flag so we know who is re-rateable and who is not

·        Elections Update

o       Election closes June 14th

o       Plans already underway to make the online voting better for next year

§         Jonah corrected email

§         Anand, about people not getting voter ID (Nationals and California)

§         Elizabeth Wright has flyers for Voting Information

·        Separate membership category for seniors, per Bob Request

o       Jonah is still talking with Dave.

o       Bob suggests a Nationals only NERVA membership

·        Set Fall Draft Date

o       Defer to the new board

·        Discuss any major pay increases for next year

o       (Refs, stipends, etc)

o       Invite Ref. Coordinator to August Meeting to discuss upcoming rule changes

o       No new request from Steve; but last time Steve has a schedule of increase.

o       Bruno asks for discussion about gas/mileage from TD point of view


New Business:


o       Chuck getting a new rater from RI


o       Jonah wants to thank the old board.


For Next Meeting:


Next meeting date: August 4, 7:30 PM, LSHS