Yankee Board Meeting

Tuesday August 04, 2009


Attendees: Samantha Lampert, Jeffry Powell, Judy Katalina, Chet Oberhelman, Krissy Norrman, Mark Archibald, Daniel Chen, Sander Gates

Confirmed No: 

Guests: Will Nikula

Start time: 7:30 pm

End time: 10:00 pm



Approval of June Minutes

Motion to Approve: Mark Archibald

Second:  Jonah Mytro

For:  Mark Archibald, Jonah Mytro, Daniel Chen, Chuck Blake, Jeffry Powell, Jay Flynn, Samantha Lampert, Jeff Sinnamon

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·        Welcome to New Board/Board Member Roles and Obligations/NERVA vs. Yankee

·        Treasurer Report

·        Registrar’s Report

·        NERVA Report

·        Ratings Report

·        Blog Report

·        Newsletter Report

·        Web Editor Report

(Daniel arrived, 8:18pm)

·        GRC Report

·        Bylaws Committee Report

o       Section III, Article IV

o       Referee and Registrar


Online Business (Discussed via Email):


·        Need to move Constant Contact off of Jonah’s credit card

o       Daniel motions to prepay Constant Contact, via check for 1 year of service

§         Judy Seconds

§         For:  Jeffry, Daniel, Mark, Sander, Judy, Krissy, Lynn

§         Against: None

·        Majority: Motion Passes

·        Part of a net system was broken at the Yankee Picnic

o       Jonah motions Yankee Replace the Broken Part ($67)

§         Jay Seconds

§         For:  Jonah, Jay, Mark, Chuck, Daniel, Jeffry

·        Majority: Motion Passes

Old Business:


·        Review Yankee Appointed Positions and Stipends

o       Sam handed out written job descriptions

o       NERVA level stipends (referee assignor, registrar, bookkeeper) moving out of our budget and into NERVA

§         Yankee sets stipends:  Newsletter editor, Webmaster, Tournament Coordinator, Championship Coordinator, Picnic

§         Will look into a job description and stipend for Tournament Coordinator

·        Assign Sub Committees

o       Grassroots Chair is Daniel, Chet will assist

·        Set Fall Draft Date and Meeting Dates and Locations

o       Draft: Wednesday Sept 2, 7:00 LSHS

o       Monday, Sept 21, Cambridge site TBD, 7:30

o       Will set up future dates before the next meeting

·        Set Draft Format

o       Skeleton

o       Format

§         Fantasy?

§         Fantasy with reshuffle after skeleton?

§         Old way?

§         Old way with reshuffle after every round?

§         Old way with reshuffle after skeleton?

§         Judy motions to go back to the old way with a reshuffle after every round

·        Jeffry seconds

·        For: Krissy, Sam, Jeffry, Judy, Mark

·        Against: Chet

·        Abstain: Sander, Daniel

o       Motion passes

·        Will not reshuffle after the skeleton

o       Automatic 1 pre-draft pick per tournament director

§         Special Tournament TD’s are excluded from this

§         Probationary tournaments don’t count

§         You only get this benefit if you submit your tournament request ahead of time

·        Registration and Collecting Correct Membership Email Addresses

o       Make it clear to members why we need their email addresses

o       Will table this for more discussion later

·        Roster System and Marking Players as having played

o       You are re-ratable until you play; but we’re not tracking that well

o       If you didn’t have a ratings freeze, this wouldn’t be a problem

o       Judy will work on a solution for tracking players until they have played

·        Discuss any major pay increases for next year

o       None, but will review and perhaps just adjust the tournament coordinator stipend

·        Any rule changes for the upcoming season?

o       There are none.

·        Need a new Newsletter and/or Blog Editor

o       Krissy motions to get rid of the blog

§         Judy seconds

§         For: Chet, Daniel, Krissy, Sander, Mark, Judy

§         Against: None

§         Abstain: Sam

·        Motion Passes

o       Sam will email out to the BAVP to find someone to be the newsletter editor

New Business:


For Next Meeting:

·        Rick Pierce Award Criteria

·        Winter Grass Volleyball via Wendall Chin/Darin Yee

·        Championships Review

o       See Chet’s Notes

·        2009/2010 Budget Proposal/Approval

·        Discuss Nationals Mappings

·        Complete Board Appointments

·        Jay Carroll’s Super Invitational Tournament

·        Grassroots committee

o       Creation of a College Recruiting Team

o       JO’s and College Non-Varsity Athletes

·        Registration and Collecting Correct Membership Email Addresses


Next meeting date: September 28, in Cambridge at 7:30