Yankee Board Meeting

Monday September 21, 2009


Attendees: Samantha Lampert, Jeffry Powell, Judy Katalina, Daniel Chen, Sander Gates, Chet Oberhelman, Krissy Norrman, Mark Archibald

Confirmed No: 

Guests: Jay Carroll

Start time: 7:45 pm

End time: 9:15 pm


LOCATION: MIT Conference Room


Approval of August Minutes

Motion to Approve: Judy Katalina

Second:  Mark Archibald

For:  Mark Archibald, Jeffry Powell, Judy Katalina, Samantha Lampert, Sander Gates, Krissy Norrman

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·        Treasurer Report

    • See handout
    • Judy motions to pass the 2009-2010 Budget as presented
      • Chet seconds
      • All in favor: Unanimous
    • Budget approved

·        Registrar’s Report

    • Ready to start collecting memberships

·        NERVA Report

    • None

·        Ratings Report

    • Currently updating the .csv/.pdf files of ratings
    • Mens
      • Nothing to report
    • Womens
      • Looking for a new upper level rater

·        Newsletter Update

    • Only had 2 people show interest
    • Sander Gates has been appointed newsletter editor

·        Web Editor Report

    • None

·        GRC Report

    • None
    • Assign Board Members to attend the fall scrambles


Online Business (Discussed via Email):

·        College Club Membership

o       Criteria: It must be an organized club/varsity team from a college. It should not just be a bunch of guys that happen to all go to the Harvard business school. If you have any questions on their validity check with me.

o       Cost: $75 per team and each member of the team must fill out an application with rating. Even if they are playing the 2nd of their tournaments and have already paid the $75 to another TD they must each fill out an app. I'd suggest having them fill this out before they come!

o       Tournaments: For $75 each team is allowed 3 Yankee tournaments. I will send a weekly list with the number of tournaments they have played in.


Old Business:


·        Jay Carroll’s Presentation: Eastern Zone Volleyball Invitational

o       Registration Thursday, April; Play Friday through Sunday; at Convention Center

o       40 Courts; capped at 300 teams

o       See handouts

§         From Yankee – looking for assistance in planning, coordinating, running the tournaments

§         Single Gender, USAV rules and ratings

o       Discussion tabled until we hear from NERVA

§         Will talk about blocking that weekend in the draft

·        Review Draft

o       Pre-round, done online worked well; came into draft with skeleton complete

o       In the future, it would be nice to start earlier and perhaps complete entire draft online

o       Should keep discussing the format

§         Example idea: set out the schedule in advance and invite tournament directors to pick them

·        Registration and Collecting Correct Membership Email Addresses

o       Make it clear to members why we need their email addresses

o       Email sent to BAVP, Sander will put in Newsletter, Email sent to TDs; Judy will double-check registrations for missing data

·        Tournament Coordinator Stipend

o       Sander motions $1000

§         Judy seconds

·        For: Unanimous

·        Abstain: Mark Archibald

§         Motion Passes

·        Championships Review and Planning for next Championships

o       Answering Chet’s questions

§         Will do random draw in advance

·        Discuss Nationals Mappings

o       Sam will solicit feedback

o       Jeffry will look at how we placed on USAV website

·        Grassroots committee

o       Creation of a College Recruiting Team

§         Will look at College Women’s Senior Classic

o       JO’s and College Non-Varsity Athletes

§         Tabled until next meeting

·        Set Fall Meeting Dates and Locations

·        Rick Pierce Award Criteria

o       Nominating Committee: Chet, Krissy, plus both of least one of last year’s winners (Krissy and Chet will invite them)

§         We’re looking for a long-time Yankee member, that you’d love to play with, against and as a friend.

§         Invite all the candidates to the ceremony and give a blurb about each of them and present the award to the winner.  Invite the Pierce family and let them have the opportunity to bring in their scholarship award winner. 


New Business:

·        Picnic Date

o       Chet will confirm Sunday June 13

For Next Meeting:

·        Rick Pierce Award Criteria

·        Set Date for next draft and any new procedures

·        For Championships and Nationals Mappings – Ratings Freeze

o       Options: No freeze, but give Nationals approve date; track total number of tourneys played


Next meeting date: Monday, October 19th, 7:30 at Clark University Satellite Campus; in Framingham

1671 Worcester Road, Framingham (near the Sheraton), Krissy will send directions


Tentative:  Tuesday:  November 17th; TBA 7:30

Tentative:  Monday December 21 TBA 7:30

Tentative:  Tuesday January 26th

Tentative:  Monday, February 22nd