Yankee Board Meeting

Wednesday November 18, 2009


Attendees: Samantha Lampert, Judy Katalina, Lynn Kerr, Mark Archibald, Chet Oberhelman, Krissy Norrman, Sander Gates

Confirmed No:  Jeffry Powell, Dan Chen

Guests: Chuck Blake

Start time: 7:30 pm

End time:  9:15 pm




Approval of October Minutes

Motion to Approve: Jeffrey Powell

Second:  Lynn Kerr

For:  Judy Katalina, Sander Gates, Lynn Kerr, Mark Archibald, Jeffry Powell, Samantha Lampert, Chet Oberhelman, Krissy Norrman

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·         Treasurer Report

·         Registrar’s Report

·         NERVA Report

·         Ratings Report

·         Newsletter Update

·         Web Editor Report

·         GRC Report


Online Business (Discussed via Email):


·         Reminder, TDs must be Yankee members

·         The USAV rule for the use of adjustable ref stands has officially been waived for all NERVA/Yankee tournaments.

·         Next year’s USAV membership fee increase of $10

o   Exploration of different options for dealing with this

o   Need to keep brainstorming all the little details


Old Business:

·         Tournament Site Conditions (Chuck Blake)

o   Puddles on courts is creating liability

§  TDs will be made aware

o   Sites that have ‘drips’ will not be eligible to host championships

·         Juniors ratings (Chuck Blake)

o   Whenever a junior (over 2000 of them) plays in Yankee they get a rating if the registrar is notified

·         Ratings Freeze

o   Some discussion

o   Judy motions That Yankee does not have a ratings freeze.

§  Krissy seconds the motion.

·         For:Chet, Krissy, Lynn, Judy, Jeffry

·         Against:Sander

·         Abstain: Sam, Mark

·         NEWVA Senior Classic Update

o   Under 25 Scramble brain storm

·         Winterfest updates

o   Judy will run Saturday

o   Jason Phillips will run Sunday’s coeds

o   Sander will get it into the newsletter

·         TD/Player issues

o   Discussion

·         Member complaint that Yankee takes too long to process membership checks

o   Have processed checks on a monthly basis in the past

o   Will likely move to every 10 days

·         Beanpot

o   Discussion

·         Pending Legal Issue

o   Discussion


New Business:


For Next Meeting:

·         Scrambles – Expense vs. Membership


Next meeting date and location:



Tentative:  Monday December 21 Acapulco’s -Sudbury 7:00-7:30ish (No Lynn)

Tentative:  Tuesday January 26th Cambridge

Tentative:  Monday, February 22nd