Yankee Board Meeting

Monday December 21, 2009


Attendees: Samantha Lampert, Judy Katalina, Chet Oberhelman, Sander Gates, Daniel Chen, Krissy Norrman, Jeffry Powell, Mark Archibald

Confirmed No:  Lynn Kerr

Guests: David Castanon, Corinne, James

Start time: 7:15pm

End time:  9:00pm


LOCATION: Acapulco’s Sudbury


Approval of November Minutes

Motion to Approve: Judy Katalina

Second:  Jeffry Powell

For:  Judy Katalina, Sander Gates, Jeffry Powell, Samantha Lampert, Krissy Norrman

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·        Treasurer Report

    • None; Judy requesting a report for the next meeting

·        Registrar’s Report

    • 150 more members than last year at this time

·        NERVA Report

    • USAV asking increased fee of $10; discussion follows

·        Ratings Report

    • None

·        Newsletter Update

    • Quick December Mini Issue went out

·        Web Editor Report

    • None

·        GRC Report

    • 8 Paypal registrations for CT Scramble
    • Sander will contact the local YMCA’s to try and generate interest


Online Business (Discussed via Email):



Old Business:

·        No longer have a ratings freeze date

o       Judy will get this updated on the website and emailed out to BAVP

o       Sander will include this information in the next newsletter

·        NEWVA Senior Classic Update

o       Team is organized for Winterfest

·        Winterfest – Mark Archibald is TD for all tourneys

o       Promotional Items + potential raffle

o       Prizes – Lucky Dog is providing long sleeve Ts

o       Yankee Promotional Table Coverage – Mark, Chet, Sander?, Krissy?, Deb.O?

o       Winterfest has special hotel pricing

·        Eastern Zone Open Update

o       None

·        Connecticut Tournaments

o       Discussion of CT tourneys instigated by email from Steve Cribbin

o       Brainstorming how to run more tourneys around Hartford

·        TDs – drafter versus random person running tournament

o       There have been 42 different TDs this year, but only 16 drafted tournaments

·        Drafting Selection Process Review

o       Will review the new draft process later; after collecting more feedback

·        Uniform Number Waiver

o       USAV needs centered; Yankee waives this to 4 + 6” where placement does not matter


New Business:

·        Scrambles

o       Strictly a grassroots recruiting method

o       Currently too expensive, how do we cut costs

o       Tabled for next meeting; need to look at advertising, cost cutting, ˝ clinic – ˝ play day; different populations

·        Member Issue – discussion

·        TD Issues

o       Judy will contact TDs; likely with a form TDs must sign after reading all pertinent tournament management information

·        Need to include a Tournament Coordinator Section for general updates at future meetings

o       New Draft – Round One took a  week and a ˝, round 2 took 3 days

o       What we had was posted and dates were fixed this morning

§         Other issues need updating and fixing

o       There are a couple of unclaimed tourneys – first come, first served

o       There’s also an extra weekend to fill because of the holidays.

·        USAV Discussion

o       Dave will be talking with other regions and juniors


For Next Meeting:


Next meeting date and location:


Tentative:  Tuesday January 26th Cambridge

Tentative:  Monday, February 22nd