Yankee Board Meeting

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Attendees: Jeffry Powell, Daniel Chen, Judy Katalina, Chet Oberhelman, Krissy Norrman, Lynn Kerr, Samantha Lampert

Confirmed No:  Sander Gates, Mark Archibald


Start time: 7:45 pm

End time:  9:00 pm


LOCATION: Clark University MetroWest Campus, Southborough


Approval of February Minutes

Motion to Approve: Jeffry Powell

Second:  Judy Katalina

For:  Sander Gates, Jeffry Powell, Samantha Lampert, Judy Katalina, Daniel Chen, Lynn Kerr, Krissy Norrman

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·        Treasurer Report - None

·        Registrar’s Report – 150 above last year

·        NERVA Report – Review their bylaws (not edited since 1988)

·        Ratings Report

    • Confusion with girls JO ratings; Judy will look into it
    • Ray Oh added as a new men’s rater

·        Newsletter Update - None

·        Web Editor Report - None

·        GRC Report

    • Add a how-to-join-Yankee presentation to the Yankee homepage
    • Chet researching recruiting; some suggestions he’s collected include
      • Make legal t shirts available for purchase
      • Cats N Dawgs
      • Expand to weeknights
      • No presence at the development leagues and practices to recruit members
      • Getting higher rated players helping out at scrambles
      • Invite high school/college teams
      • Lower cost of tournaments
      • Contact local Y’s and fitness centers
      • Make more appearances at JO tournaments
      • Offer training to lower level players to get them into tournament play
    • Next scramble, March 20 in CT


Online Business (Discussed via Email):

·        Championships and Regionals guidelines confirmed and sent out via BAVP and on the Yankee website

·        Discussion on Nationals Waivers

o       Board will discuss as situations come up

·        NERVA department head’s meeting; options for moving forward presented in regards to USAV fee increases


Old Business:


·        Championships

o       255 openings, 150 registered

·        NERVA/USAV fee increases

o       2 options:

§         Break-away from NERVA, and adult volleyball would be separate; dual membership

§         Stick with USAV and put up with the increase

·        NERVA decided if we do this, that we’ll stage the increase over 2 years.

§         Board will recommend sticking with USAV and subsidizing year

·        We discussed that we would pick up 1/2 of the increase next season and not subsidize the season after. 

§         NERVA looking for ways of building community across adult and JO tourneys

·        Email sent from member saying there is more of a demand for men’s B and B+ tourneys as everything through the end of spring is full and have waitlists.

o       Judy will talk with Mark about adding a few more tournaments on weekends that are full and have large wait lists.


New Business:

·        Picnic

o       Catered, Tournament, Raffle, each tourney level has its own TD

o       Judy has requested all board members attend (June 13)

o       Deposit submitted for space; Chet will get caterer, Sam will buy Raffle prizes; Judy will get drinks and snacks

o       Post cards sent May 13 (Judy), Online registration by May 1


For Next Meeting:


Next meeting date and location:

Tuesday, April 27 LSHS