Yankee Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Attendees: Jeffry Powell, Judy Katalina, Chet Oberhelman, Krissy Norrman, Samantha Lampert, Sander Gates

Confirmed No:  Mark Archibald, Daniel Chen, Lynn Kerr


Start time: 8:00 pm

End time:  9:30 pm




Approval of March Minutes

Motion to Approve: Judy Katalina

Second:  Lynn Kerr

For:  Jeffry Powell, Samantha Lampert, Judy Katalina, Lynn Kerr, Mark Archibald

Against: None

Minutes approved.




·        Treasurer Report – Judy will go over financials with new treasurer and report again next meeting

·        Registrar’s Report – Increase of 175 members over this time last season

·        NERVA Report - None

·        Ratings Report – Status Quo

·        Newsletter Update – Status Quo

·        Web Editor Report – Committee is put together to review and update content

·        GRC Report – Survey results; suggestion for a one-day fundraiser tournament; volunteer clinicians to go to leagues


Online Business (Discussed via Email):

·        Discussed possibility of adding player positional information to member list; All question marks on the ratings list are re-ratable

·        NVC

·         First timer membership fees

·        Instant re-rates for new members

·        Shorts vs. pants

·        Referee issue

·        8 team tournament format

·        ShopNERVA.com

Old Business:

·        Up-dated Yankee Rules Document presented for review.

·        Back row attack rules for coed play

o       Clarification

§         No Back Row Attack = Follows USAV rules = Every male attack on a women’s net must have upward arc regardless of court position

§         Back Row Allowed = on a women’s net, all men are considered back row players

·        Injury related ratings issues

o       Any player that requests and is granted a down rate; is instantly re-ratable at the end of any tournament for the duration of the season.

·        Are accredited scorers/R2s list getting posted online?

o       Not this year for the public; it is accessible for TDs and some board members

·        Volleyball theft situation

o       Judy motions to suspend player/thief from Yankee until January 1; he will be reinstated if he presents a new ball to the Board to replace the stolen ball.

§         Sam seconds

·        In favor: Unanimous

·        Nationals teams with player rating exemptions due to recent re-rates ability to participate in Regionals

o       Sander motions that the player up-rating exemption for Nationals does not mean an exemption for Regionals

§         Judy seconds

·        In favor: Krissy, Judy, Sander, Mark

·        Against: Chet, Sam, Jeffry, Lynn, Daniel

·        Abstain:

o       Does not pass

·        Championships

o       Will be making adjustments for number of teams and court space next week

·        Postcards

o       Will include:  Picnic Info; Voting online for NERVA bylaws information; Voting online for  Yankee bylaw changes; Annual Meeting of the Membership at the picnic

o       Will be sent May 13

·        Stipends

·        TD Issues

o       TD not confirming teams early enough

o       TD not sending in membership paperwork

o       Assumption tournaments went well


New Business:

·        If TD wants to sell some numbered shirts at Championships; they can request them from Chet.


For Next Meeting:

·        Pro-rating one-time membership fees


Next meeting date and location:

Wednesday, May 19th; Clark University, Southboro Campus