Yankee Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Attendees: Judy Katalina, Chet Oberhelman, Krissy Norrman, Mark Archibald, Daniel Chen, Sander Gates, Lynn Kerr, Samantha Lampert, Jeffry Powell

Confirmed No: None

Guests: None

Start time: 7:30 pm

End time:  8:45 pm


LOCATION: Clark University, Satellite Campus Southboro


Approval of April Minutes

Motion to Approve: Judy Katalina

Second:  Lynn Kerr

For:  Jeffry Powell, Samantha Lampert, Judy Katalina, Lynn Kerr, Krissy Norrman, Sander Gates

Against: None

Minutes approved.



·        Treasurer Report – Status Quo

·        Registrar’s Report – 185 ahead of end of last year; Will bring break down of growth to next meeting

·        NERVA Report – Dave Castanon is at the annual meeting now; we’ll get an update when he gets back

·        Ratings Report – Men & Women – Have no new ratings going out until the summer

·        Newsletter Update – Champs results newsletter coming out next week

·        Web Editor Report – Voting and picnic registration went live last Monday; committee meeting in June to make some changes to the web site

·        GRC Report – Selling Numbered shirts at Regionals and Championships for $5 each


Online Business (Discussed via Email):

·        Regionals versus Championships and Nationals exceptions

·        Immediate re-rates during championships

·        Work team in finals

·        Mens BB


Old Business:

·        Bylaws voting – on the web now

·        Check deposits for Championships

o       Date of check depositing will be posted on the champs rules next year

o       Investigate PayPal for next year for Championships

New Business:

·        Pro-rating one-time membership fees; tabled until August

·        Championships/Regionals items to be considered for next year

o       Check cashing date posted on website

o       Team Registration site’s ability to verify Regionals ratings

o       One-day membership allowed at Championships

o       Prizes

o       Regional MVP

o       Regional forfeit policy

o       Play off work teams

o       DQ team procedure

o       No public list for the R2 and Scorekeeper

o       Last minute TD changes (TDs must be Yankee members)

o       Rating Freeze Causes and Effects

o       Referee Payment

·        Picnic Update

o       Daniel will take notes at the annual meeting

o       Chet and Lynn will run tournaments

o       Raffle

§         Krissy and Lynn will set up prizes

§         Mark, Judy and Kathy will hand out tickets

§         Must be present to win

o       NVC update

§         New ownership

o       Annual Meeting will be held during lunch

·        Discussion of AZ political issues


For Next Meeting:


Next meeting dates and locations:

Annual Meeting of the Membership, June 13th, Yankee Picnic

Tuesday August 10, LSHS