Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yankee Board Meeting


Attendees: Judy Katalina, Chet Oberhelman, Krissy Norrman, Mark Archibald, Daniel Chen, Lynn Kerr, Samantha Lampert, Jeffry Powell

Confirmed No: Guests: Grayson Vanderlinde, Corrinne Chapin

Start time: 7:15 pm

End time:  9:15 pm




Approval of June Minutes

Motion to Approve: Judy Katalina

Second:  Chet Oberhelman

For:  Judy Katalina, Chet Oberhelman, Lynn Kerr, Jeffry Powell, Daniel Chen, Mark Archibald, Krissy Norrman, Samantha Lampert

Against: None

Minutes approved.



·        Treasurer Report –  Status Quo; 2009-2010 Profit-Loss Statement coming out next week

·        Registrar’s Report – Status Quo

·        NERVA Report –  Varied membership levels idea was shot down at national level, national membership levels are going up $10; Yankee planning on subsidizing $5 this year to slow the increase; need to start getting the word out now

    • We set up with National office to be able to pro-rate 1 day memberships one time.
    • Sam motions to increase one day member ship fees to $20.
      • Judy Seconds
      • For: Unanimous
      • Against: None
      • Motion Passes

·        Ratings Report

    • Men –  status quo
    • Women – summer re-rates sent to registrar
  • Sander arrives

·        Newsletter Update –  one will come out this month

·        Web Editor Report – none

·        GRC Report – have ideas, need time, money and follow through; Judy will send out an email to last year’s one day members after the Fall Schedule is out.


Online Business (Discussed via Email):



Old Business:

·        2010-11 Presidential Appointments Completed

·        Championships Final Report

o       Advanced Random draw to determine start time worked great

o       Can nationals teams with exceptions play at nationals?

o       Out-of-region teams at our regionals;  should they be allowed to play, make play offs, win the money

o       Can a local team be allowed to use out of region members, what’s the percentage of locals that must be on a team

o       Some wait-listed teams were not allowed to play.

o       Is there a possibility of setting up Pay Pal for championships and regionals

·        Bylaw voting results

o       27 members voted; unanimous passing

·        Re-rates of females playing in men’s tournaments

o       If you bring a new woman into a men’s tournament, they remain re-rateable until they play in a woman’s tournament.

·        Discuss any pay increases for next year

o       Refs, Stipends, etc.

o       All status quo

·        Invite Referee Coordinator to August Meeting to review any upcoming rule changes.

o       There are none; the rule book is the same as last years

·        Discuss continuing Scrambles into 2010

o       12/7/2008 LSHS
13 full year membership
12 one-day
90 players
(13 new male players to yankee (not on 5 year list))
(2 new female players)

o       1/9/2010 Scrambles at CTSC
 2 new full year memberships
 28 one-day memberships
 60 players

o       3/20/2010 Scrambles at CTSC
 8 new full year memberships
 17 one-day memberships
  49 players

o       Are there ways to cost cut the scrambles?

o       Is there a way to run it better?

o       How do we advertise it better?

o       How do we funnel the members into local leagues?

§         Krissy and Judy will run 1 scramble at LSHS in November

·        Draft dates, scheduling and details

o       Email out to TDs and BAVP about online draft on Aug 23rd.

o       Using Google Docs for TDs to see what all the picks are.

o       New TDs are currently allowed to run 3 tournaments a session

§         Mark suggests dropping this to 1 tournament

o       Request received to run age group tournaments

·        2010 Nationals New England Finishes review for possible remapping

o       Lowest level women’s teams were not maxed out and still did well

o       Only level that may need remapping is women’s B

§         Judy will bring to David Castanon that we suggest 3B and 3B- or leave it alone.

o       Judy will reach out to USAV about the higher level coed team’s ratings with more information gathered from Mark and Sander

·        Winterfest

o       Growing. There’s not room for Yankee to take courts.

o       Yankee will still find a way to be involved and will need volunteers.

o       MLK Weekend.

·        Don questions rating minimum for playing

o       Bringing -12 teams into tourney should not be allowed

·        Mileage reimbursement

o       Sam will create a Google Doc for all of last years and this year’s meetings.

·        Executive session to discuss player issues:

o       Bounced checks

o       Judy will send reminder to Fall TDs to report Yellow and Red cards issued at tournaments

o       Player Behavior Issues at Nationals


New Business:


o       Set Board meeting dates through December.


For Next Meeting:

·        2010-11 Budget Presentation

·        Coed Nationals Mappings

·        2011 Elections

·        Rick Pierce Committee


Next meeting dates and locations:

Wednesday September 15, 7:30 at Southboro (Krissy’s office)

Thursday October 21, 7:30 at LSHS

Wednesday December 8, 7:30 at Acapulco’s in Sudbury