Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yankee Board Meeting


Attendees: Judy Katalina, Lynn Kerr, Samantha Lampert, Krissy Norrman, Sander Gates, Jeffry Powell, Mark Archibald

Guests: None

Start time: 7:40pm

End time:  8:20pm


LOCATION: Clark U., Southborough


Approval of August Minutes

Motion to Approve: Jeffry Powell

Second:  Judy Katalina

For:  Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Lynn Kerr, Krissy Norrman, Samantha Lampert

Against: None

Minutes approved.



·        Treasurer Report –  Income statement handout for review

·        Registrar’s Report – Status quo

·        NERVA Report –  Status quo; nationals location has not been released yet

·        Ratings Report – New five year list is updated

    • Men –  Status quo
    • Women – Status quo

·        Newsletter Update –  Live by EO September

·        Web Editor Report – New website is up

·        GRC Report – Status quo


Online Business (Discussed via Email):



Old Business:

·        Post-draft update

o       Smoother than last year

o       Updates from last meeting regarding 2010 Nationals New England Finishes review for possible remapping

§         Will remap women’s B to 3B and 3B-

§         Sander is still going to gather information on the higher level coed team’s ratings

·        Mileage reimbursement

o       Checks were received

·        2010-11 Budget Presentation

o       See handout

·        2011 Elections

o       Nominating committee; board members will reach out

·        Rick Pierce Committee

o       Jeffry, Sam and Judy


New Business:


·        Passing of Nancy Sullivan

o       Board will name the women’s C championships in her name, as well as give a sportsmanship award that day

·        Executive Session


For Next Meeting:


Next meeting dates and locations:

Thursday October 21, 7:30 at LSHS

Wednesday December 8, 7:30 at Acapulco’s in Sudbury