Yankee Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 24, 2010


Attendees: Samantha Lampert, Jeffry Powell, Judy Katalina, Sam Tarnauskas, Dave Mello, Lynn Kerr, Mark Archibald, Krissy Norrman, Sander Gates

Confirmed No: None

Guests: Daniel Chen

Start time: 7:45 pm

End time:  9:30 pm




Approval of May Minutes

Motion to Approve: Judy Katalina

Second:  Mark Archibald

For:  Jeffry Powell, Samantha Lampert, Judy Katalina, Krissy Norrman, Mark Archibald, Sander Gates, Lynn Kerr

Against: None

Minutes approved.


Official welcome to new Board Members:

Vice President Jeffry Powell, Treasurer Sam Tarnauskas,  At Large Dave Mello

What is Yankee…


·        Treasurer Report – Profit and Loss Statement Review (Sept 2010-Aug 2011)

·        Registrar’s Report – Handout of 2010-2011 Break-down

·        NERVA Report – First meeting of the season is in October

·        Ratings Report – Status Quo; Men added 2 new raters

·        Newsletter Update – Status Quo

·        Web Editor Report – Status Quo

·        GRC Report – Need to set committee


Online Business (Discussed via Email):


Old Business:

·        Elections Review

o       Need to look at ways to increase interest

o       Need to prep for this year’s elections

·        Draft Review

o       Finishing up tomorrow or Friday

o       Will get to webmaster by early next week

o       19 total TD’s drafted this year

o       Are we starting to get too many sites?

§         Discussion

·        No new increases in pay this year

o       Championships $500

o       Picnic $300

o       Newsletter $1,000 or 1,700?

o       Tournament Director $1,000

o       Webmaster $2,000

·        No new rules to bring to attention of membership

o       Judy will double check with Steve Webster

·        Presidential appointments

o       Set Committees

§         Grassroots: Sam T., Krissy, Lynn, Chet, Jeffry

§         1 Scramble scheduled for the Fall session

·        Sam L. will help Krissy generate players for the scramble

·        2011-2012 Budget

o       Reviewed handout

o       Memberships are $45/50

§         One day is $25, with a $20 upgrade

·        Online Tournament Registration and Payment Investigation

o       Discussion started for online tourney team registration and pay

§         Tabled

·        Social Media

o       Should we be doing more?

§         Tabled

·        Special Tourneys

o       Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Tournament

§         Mark motions to allow a new special tournament on the draft

·        Seconded: Jeffry

o       For: Unanimous

o       Against: None


New Business:

·        Newsletter

o       Sander will put together a newsletter calendar

§         First Newsletter will be out end of September

·        First articles to Sander by Sept. 15

o       Board members will help provide content

§         Judy – President’s Corner

§         Sam L– Yankee Spotlight (photos, video, etc)

§         Mark – Tournament Updates

§         Others will determine their topics

·        Executive Session regarding Nationals


For Next Meeting:

·        Nationals Mappings

·        Draft Changes

·        Online tournament registration

·        Social Media

·        Newsletter calendar review and topics


Next meeting dates and locations:

Sam L. will put together a survey of some dates.