Yankee Board Meeting

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Attendees:  Judy Katalina, Samantha Lampert, Krissy Norrman, Sander Gates, Mark Archibald, Sam Tarnauskas, Dave Mello, Krissy Norrman

Confirmed No: Jeffry Powell, Lynn Kerr

Guests: Corrine Archibald

Start time: 7:15 pm

End time:  9:00 pm


LOCATION: Clark University Satellite Campus, Southborough


Approval of October Minutes

Motion to Approve:  Judy Katalina      

Second: Lynn Kerr

For:  Judy Katalina, Lynn Kerr, Krissy Norrman, Sander Gates, Jeffry Powell, Samantha Lampert

Against: None

Minutes approved.



·        Treasurer Report – See handout

·        Registrar’s Report – 150 ahead of last year at this time, likely due to early JO coach registration

·        NERVA Report – status quo

·        Ratings Report –

    • Women – Newest women’s re-rates went out last week
    • Men – Men’s coming in the next two weeks

·        Newsletter Update – Sander is collecting articles by end of week for newsletter to go out beginning of next week

·        Web Editor Report – Have been working on SEO, and in a matter of days we've gotten www.yankee.org from showing up on page 5 of a google search for "boston volleyball" to showing up on page 1.  It shows up near the top of the first page for "boston volleyball tournaments".  We're still doing more research, and some changes we make may also take weeks to have an effect. Google Analytics is now live and tracking. 

·        GRC Report –

    • Cross-marketing partnership opportunities
      • BVA sent out an email highlighting Yankee
      • Also talking with BSSC
    • Senior Classic Update


Online Business (Discussed via Email):

·        Look at RCO rules/formats

o       Dave Mello polled many of the membership verbally

o       An electronic survey will be generated

·        Ghost Rule Clarity

o       Discussion and review of the existing rule


Old Business:

·        Rick Pierce Roundup

o       Change of guard

§         New TDs are running the Pierce and the Beanpot

§         Will help new TDs recruit out-of-region teams to these tournaments

o       Joe Federline and Angela Zachery won, an article will be in the next newsletter

o       BB/A tournament designation needs to be removed from the Yankee website

·        Gym Inspections

o       Waiting on Bryant, CCRIL, URI, Quincy, Emerson

o       Stonehill Ref Stands

Election Committee Updates

o       UP for re-election: Vice President, Treasurer, Dave, Krissy, Sander,

o       Committee: Wendy Kwong, Samantha Lampert, Glenn

·        Championships updates

o       Looking for facilities

·        Draft Changes

o       Recap

§         Went quickly, Coed reverse and reverse coed split may have proven difficult, face time spent with TDs was worth it

o       Online or Offline for next year

§         Offline

o       Any drafting rules changes

§         Discussion

·        Number of picks per person

o       Tabled

·        Outer reaches

o       Tabled

o       New Tournament Directors

§         Last meeting it was suggested that new TDs must shadow an existing TD for an entire tournament day before drafting, discussed again. 

·        Yankee Picnic Updates

o       Looking for a second coordinator

·        Updates on R1/R2 accreditation

o       Judy will follow up

·        SEO for Yankee.org progress update  

·        Stray Cats and Dogs assigned to draft (From Nov. meeting)

·        Executive Session:

o       Follow up on suspensions etc:  

o       Red/Yellow cards at the Pierce

o       Election Nominations


New Business:

·        Lack of coed C- tournaments on schedule

·        For next draft, increase to allow number of wc+ per weekend to 20


For Next Meeting:

·        Stray Cats and Dogs


Next meeting dates and locations:

Thur Jan 12 at Aculpulco's in Sudbury, Please RSVP early.