Yankee Board Meeting

Monday, March 5, 2012


Attendees:  Krissy Norrman, Jeffry Powell, Lynn Kerr, Mark Archibald, Sam Tarnauskas, Judy Katalina, Samantha Lampert, Dave Mello

Confirmed No:  Sander Gates

Guests:  Chet Oberhelman, Will Nikula

Start time: 7:30 pm

End time:  8:45 pm


LOCATION: Clark University Satellite Campus, Southborough


Approval of January Minutes

Motion to Approve:  Krissy Norrman

Second: Jeffry Powell

For:  Jeffry Powell, Lynn Kerr, Mark Archibald, Sam Tarnauskas, Judy Katalina, Samantha Lampert, Dave Mello, Krissy Norrman

Against: None

Minutes approved.



·        Treasurer Report – status quo

·        Registrar’s Report – 100 ahead of last year this time

·        NERVA Report –

·        Ratings Report –

·        Newsletter Update – No issue was sent since the last meeting

·        Web Editor Report – Yankee.org is set up and ready to host the registration starting at champs; will be a separate link from the regular tournament registration

·        GRC Report –


Online Business (Discussed via Email):


Old Business:


·        Election Committee Updates

o       Sam L is going to create an elections tutorial to make it easier for the election committee each year

o       Sam L will send election info to Sander for inclusion in next newsletter

o       Annual Meeting of the Membership April 1 at SDVC, 1pm

§         Jeffry will put Constant Contact email together

·        Championships updates

o       Registration site will get posted asap

·        Draft Rules/Updates/Changes

o       New TD attendance at “training” during championships, before they can draft

§         Mark will announce on BAVP

o       Regionalizing or cutting down CT draft picks

§         See handout, 3 of 11 tournaments drafted filled this year

o       Number of picks per person

·        Total teams per site and total picks per TD/site

o       Tabled

·        Yankee Picnic Updates

o       June 9 (This is a change from what was previously booked)

o       Dave Mello will be 2nd picnic coordinator

·        SEO for Yankee.org update

o       Have moved from page 5 to page 1 of google search

o       Can do more if we want to, but will hold up for now

·        Stipends for Regional Winners going to Nationals

o       Team must have 5 players from their National’s team roster and any non-Nationals roster players must be equal to or lower in rating than the highest rated player on the team’s National’s roster to be eligible for the stipend

·        Grassroots

o       NECVL recruiting

o       Yankee 101 is outdated

o       New team incentive

o       Should run 2 scrambles next year, there have been requests

o       Increasing number of women’s C+ level teams allowed in skeleton to match the men’s

·        Nationals Update

o       Yankee has no tourney registration responsibilities except to verify rosters after teams have been registered

o       Need links to 2012 Nationals to be updated on Yankee.org


New Business:


For Next Meeting:

Annual Meeting of the Membership, April 1st at SDVC

Next meeting dates and locations:

            Monday, April 23, LSHS, 7:00pm