Yankee Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Attendees:  Sam Tarnauskas, Judy Katalina, Samantha Lampert (via phone), Jeffry Powell, Krissy Norrman, Lynn Kerr, Dave Mello, Mark Archibald, Corrine Archibald

Confirmed No:

Guests:  None

Start time: 7:00 pm

End time:  8:15 pm




Approval of June Minutes

Motion to Approve:  Lynn Kerr

Second: Sam Tarnauskas

For:  Lynn Kerr, Sam Tarnauskas, Mark Archibald, Krissy Norrman, Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Dave Mello, Sam Lampert

Against: None

Minutes approved.



·        Treasurer Report – See handout/email, Championships is our big loss center

·        Registrar’s Report – Status Quo

·        NERVA Report – Coming up Executive Board meeting this weekend

·        Ratings Report –

    • Women – Post-summer re-rates came out last week
    • Men – Looking for some new raters, post-summer re-rates came out 2 weeks ago

·        Newsletter Update – Bylaw change determined we don’t need an official newsletter, Jeffry is now dedicated person in charge of electronic updates to membership

·        Web Editor Report – Will Nikula will continue in this role

·        GRC Report – Do we need to continue to have a GRC? What would their goal be?  Do we take more active role towards a Stray Cats n Dawgs return?  Do we ask TDs to help and/or offer incentives?


Online Business (Discussed via Email):

·        Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Tournament

o       Review of validity and continued sustainment of all “special designation tourneys”

·        2012-2013 Profit/Loss Statement emailed out

·        Draft

o       Scramble will be Nov 18, just 1 Fall Scramble

o       Location-based site exclusions from draft based on distance between locations

§         Looked at sites and % filled and cancelled tourneys

·        Krissy motions that we test for one draft session any tournament site in Connecticut will be able to draft tournaments separately independent of the rest of the schedule and at the approval of the tournament coordinator.

o       Judy seconds

§         For:  Unanimous

§         Against: None

·        Motions passes, Mark will talk to affected TD


Old Business:

·        Facebook, YouTube

·        Mileage reimbursement, everybody get their checks

o       Corinne onto doc-Sam to make new worksheet.


New Business:

·        Present Budget – See handout from Judy (to approve/discuss at next meeting)

·        Set any presidential appointments

o       Jeffry designated Media Coordinator, there will no longer be a Newsletter Coordinator

o       Mark Archibald is new Head Men’s Ratings Chair

·        Notifications/updates on any rules changes

o       Judy will talk with Steve to send out any changes to membership

·        Any pay increases this season?

o       Judy motions: $1200 for the year for the Media Coordinator position and will handle all of Yankee Media as defined by Board

§         Sam T seconds

·        For: Unanimous

·        Against: None

o       Motion Passes

·        Sanction/Punishment Consistency

o       How do we keep better records of sanctions? Sam T will investigate further, Sam L will keep Executive Session and Public Session minutes and send out both to board.  Need to do better at collecting information about Cards given at tournaments.

·        Clarification on New TD Procedures

o       New TDs need to shadow a veteran tournament director before first drafting a tournament, and can draft one tournament in their first draft.

§         Needs to get on the website on the TD Handbook

·        Google Analytics on yankee.org performance

o       Dave Mello presented handouts

§         Data suggests that we should try to build a more mobile friendly page

·        Jeffry will connect with Will on this

·        Judy will talk Facebook with NERVA this weekend

·        Set next board meetings



For Next Meeting:

·        Rick Pierce Award leg work, as RP Tourney will be Nov 17


Next meeting dates and locations:

Draft is next Tuesday, August 21, LS, 7pm

Next Board Meeting: Monday, October 1, LS, 7pm

Following meeting: Wednesday, November 7, Clark U. Satellite Campus, 7pm