Yankee Board Meeting

Monday, October 1, 2012


Attendees:  Sam Tarnauskas, Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Dave Mello, Mark Archibald, Corrinne Archibald

Confirmed No: Samantha Lampert, Lynn Kerr, Krissy Norrman

Guests:  None

Start time: 7:00 pm

End time:  8:00 pm




Approval of August Minutes (online)

Motion to Approve:  Mark Archibald

Second: Jeffry Powell

For:  Lynn Kerr, Sam Tarnauskas, Mark Archibald, Krissy Norrman, Judy Katalina, Jeffry Powell, Dave Mello, Sam Lampert, David Mello

Against: None

Minutes approved.



  • Treasurer Report – No Change
  • Registrar’s Report – One Day memberships this year will be $25 and upgrade will also be $25
  • NERVA Report – Nationals shortened weeks where levels will overlap. Fri-Wed. More discussion at National meeting. Men’s PVL will be played at Juniors nationals.
  • Ratings Report – Both Committee to re-evaluate needs and possibly add new raters.
    • Women – Wendy Kwong and Dana Levit stepped down from the committee. Tracy Schaller to become co-chairperson.
    • Men – No raters present at a tournament on Sept 30th where there were a couple new players
  • Social Media – Facebook page getting likes. Judy forwarded email to the board. Jeffry Powell to inquire about guidelines for posting to the page.
  • Web Editor Report – Status Quo
  • GRC Report – Do we have a committee this year? What are our needs and goals for this committee?


Online Business (Discussed via Email):

  • Krissy - Proposal that we subsidized the one day membership and keep it at $25 this year

·        Krissy motions to keep one day membership at $25 and $25 for the upgrade

o       Judy seconds

§         In Favor : Mark, Jeffry, Sam T, Lynn

§         Opposed : None

§         Abstain/didn’t vote: Corrinne, Sam L, Dave


Old Business:

·        Budget – To approve/discuss

o       Judy motions to approve

§         Sam T seconds

·        In Favor : Unanimous

·        Opposed : None


·        Sanction/Punishment Consistency

·        Sam T – setting up doc and will pass along when ready. JP to provide Sam with past data

o       Need sanctions at tournament properly filled out on the sheets, refs and TD’s should monitor this.


·        Mobile friendly Yankee.org page updates – Jeffry will talk to Will. Dave will talk to a co-worker that may be able to help.

·        Rick Pierce Award leg work, as RP will be Nov 17

o       Committee formed consisting of Corrinne, Sam T, JP, (Judy) and previous years recipients (Joe Federline and Angela.

§         Collect nominations

§         Post on BAVP

§         Send note on what the award is about.

o       Judy to order awards

·        Nationals Mappings -  discussion on who NE teams did- Upper level not as well, Lower levels did fine.

o       Judy – tracked rosters

o       Mark commented that a few teams from other regions had significantly stronger teams that wouldn’t fit in NE mappings.

§         Judy to provide that input to nationals



New Business:

·        Dave mentioned having a certified Sports Chiropractor at tournaments.

o       Suggest a volunteer be at the Astley Tournament on Oct 20

·        Regarding Sam L – if we need to replace Sam, what is the next step.

o       Judy to speak to Sam L for input.

·        Draft went well

o       No new requests for td’s

§         Judy indicated that Scottie Wright was looking to draft at regis. He has not yet contacted Mark about it

·        Tournament Cancellations

o       Mark – should TD’s be expected to do more to fill tournaments?

·        Date for Spring Draft – Late November – TBD


For Next Meeting:

  • Rick Pierce Committee Update


Next meeting dates and locations:

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, November 7, Clark U. Satellite Campus, 7pm